A “third way” is possible in the Ukraine war

Nowadays I have finished reading an interesting booklet, “Liberalism and Catholicism”, By Roberto Marchesini, published by Sugarcoedizioni (2021). The text notes that liberal ideology, which seems to have won the battle against communism, seems to have lost much of its appeal. Indeed, according to Marchesini, liberalism has shown the people a less friendly and inviting face, which is more in line with its ancient adversary. The book is a sharp critique of liberalism, an ideology that some Western worlds still cite.

In an interview published in 2006, Dr. Alexander SolzhenitsynNobel laureate in literature: “Unlimited human rights without any moral restraint, enjoyed by our cave ancestors when nothing prevented him from stealing a juicy prey from a lucky hunter, perhaps he had intercourse with a club.”. The interview was resumed by the Deputy Director of La Verita, Borgonovo, with these words the great writer intended to emphasize a necessity. “Third position”. Of course, Borgonovo wrote, “There is no nostalgia for the Soviet Union that sent him to Gulag, but neither is the fanatical and critical adherence to the Euro-Atlantic model of liberal democracy.”. (Francesco Borgonovo, Francesco condemns the binge of the missile but this time the media turns off the microphone, 25.3.22, La Verita)

Continue quoting reporter Solzhenitsyn: “The current Western democracy is in a serious crisis and it is difficult to predict how it will emerge. For us, however, the right way is not to follow other people’s models, but to follow people’s physical and moral well-being, without deviating from the essential democratic principles..

Naturally, Borgonovo noted that this moral well-being inevitably went through the defense of traditional values, the preservation of faith, the awareness of Russian “differences” and originality.

After all, Nobel laureates explored this theme in famous university lectures HarvardWhich meant: We reject communism, but do not throw ourselves into the arms of a system that is only seemingly free and pure..

Perhaps because of these very useful ideas for promoting the “end of history,” Borgonovo noted, Solzhenitsyn was largely forgotten in the West a few years after leaving the Soviet Union.

The reflection of unforgettable dissent should serve as a lesson, showing that one’s search “Third way” It is possible and probably mandatory.

Trying to imagine what Solzhenitsyn might say today about the war in Ukraine is certainly useless and ridiculous, but perhaps phrases like Borgonovo’s report could include him. “Not at all”Suspicion of being with the great enemy of Zarwadi.

However, at the moment there is not only moral support for Ukraine, let alone the supply of an unconditional weapon. The values ​​that must be upheld must respect freedom, democracy and, above all, peace.

Here the Holy Father Francis emphasizes peace with great balance and clarity. “Pontiff, with humble determination, did not limit himself to opening the ‘Third Way’: he spent it personally and with courage to find it.”.

Speaking to Pope Francis Zellensky, he also avoided portraying Russia and Vladimir Putin as embodiments of absolute evil, unlike Biden who defined him as a criminal terrorist or our de Mayo, an animal (it would be interesting) after these statements. Understand what kind of dialogue can be done).

Borgonovo noted at this point that Solzhenitsyn and Pope John Paul II, and therefore Bergoglio himself, rejected the bizarre schematic nature of binary thinking in order to pursue a path of dialogue. Borgonovo Specific Attention: “It’s not an opportunistic, cowardly, cowardly choice. In fact, it’s the direction most concrete realism dictates.”.

And the pope’s reality was revealed when Francis said he was ashamed of the states that wanted to spend 2 percent or per thousand on arms. So the real answer is not another weapon, or other sanctions, not another military alliance, but another method, a different way of governing the world, which does not show such teeth now. Excluding power struggles is a different way of establishing international relations.

Pope Francis’s message struggles to reach its destination, as most Italian newspapers and media, as they have done Holiness of the Hour Lady of Russia and Ukraine, They decided to shut up. Therefore, Borgonov wrote, “As long as we talk about zero-cost rights or minority protections that fit the definition of ‘committed’ capital, all is well. However, if the theme of peace, which can harm the interests of many, is presented precisely, even the ‘progressive’ pontif is not digestible.

In Libero de Ogi, Andrea Morigio was interested in the theme of peace, underlining Pope Francis’ words: “I was embarrassed when I read that a group of states have committed themselves to spending 2% of GDP on arms purchases …”. Morigi also highlighted the lack of media interest in various powerful states, from Mario Draghi to the Pope.

Morigi added a detail, adding that there seems to be a fear of God’s judgment in Russia at the moment, not only the Catholic Church, but also the Orthodox, who seem to have alienated Moscow’s patriarchy. Georgian Metropolitan Joseph Shemokmedi has accused any bishop who supports Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine of sedition.

Meanwhile, there is always Libero, a Form, Where only the concept of war is highlighted (Threat of self-destruction. “Only but very risky war.”) For Catholics. The question is facing the threat of self-destruction “Just fight” For Catholics. Is it possible to protect yourself in the face of unjust aggression? Yes, as long as there are well-established conditions for success, as explained by Catholicism of the Catholic Church At 2309. If you are at risk of further damage, it is best to discuss a respectable surrender to save what can be saved. In practice, the use of weapons should not be encouraged “Evil is more serious than evil.”. In addition, problems arise with modern methods of destruction, such as nuclear missiles. In short, before organizing armed resistance, it is necessary to ask whether there will be a nuclear, bacteriological increase.

Therefore, even the traditional Catholic doctrine of “just war”, which dates back to the time of St. Ambrose, St. Augustine or St. Thomas, must deal with new situations and the possible consequences of a conflict that is not its own. At a time when we are certainly not foolish to expect a unilateral disarmament, which would be tantamount to suicide, the ruling pope writes in Brothers All World that for peace, integral human development is necessary. And in the case of just war, we cannot argue with the standards of the past.

Naturally, Libero’s card specified that both the Castronsian bishop and the military chaplain continued their work, not an expulsion. The intention does not seem to be to deny or oppose Catholicism of the century.

Antonio Socio speaks on the same subject, (“What happens when the pope sends Madonna for peace”, 25.3.22 Libero). “Unnecessary genocide”. No one listened to him and it was a murder. Today, as no one listens to Pope Francis, the media has, in fact, silenced him. Socci recalls the arrival of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 and her prophetic message being passed on to three children. It deals with the meaning of the work of holiness to our Lady which the Pope will do today It is not a magical gesture, but one of faith, love and hope Of course we do not know what will happen after this sanctification, because no one can enter into God’s sovereign freedom.

Socci refers to other acts of holiness performed by the church in the past and refers to extremely dangerous events where catastrophes came close, such as 1983 and 1984, the most dangerous years, including the explosion of the Severomorsk arsenal. North Sea. The Libero Reporter quotes military historian Alberto Leoni.

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