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We were already anticipating the occasion of the first season Bridgeton, This is a series where every detail of the set is taken care of to the smallest detail and even season 2 is no exception. So here are the curiosities and details about the adventures starring Anthony Bridgarton and Kate Sharma.

Curiosity about Bridgeton Season 2

  1. The color palette of Anthony Bridgarton’s clothing this season is dark, reflecting how seriously he takes on the task of finding a mate. But during the season, she lets herself go a bit, her clothes become lighter and less stiff, and she begins to dress more like her father Edmund.
  2. Kate Sharma’s outfits will also be heavy and bold at the start of the season. But if she lets go, her clothes and hairstyle will soften.
  3. Shorer’s Chris Van Dussen has decided to leave Anthony’s sideburn, saying he is no longer the first season’s womanizer. This year she is trying to be better and find the right partner.
  4. Linguist Jane Karen listens to all the actors during the scene so that everyone’s pronunciation is correct and it seems as if they all come from the same background. He described the Bridgeton accent as “posh and natural.”
  5. Penelope Featherington’s costume for the Diamond Ball is inspired by a famous costume worn by Kylie Minogue on the trip. The singer’s costume, embroidered with blue and silver stars, was designed by John Galliano.
  6. To create the Philippa Featherington Diamond Ball costume, the costume design team used 14,000 crystals and 4 gold shades.
  7. Each episode of Bridgeton uses an average of 90 costumes, sometimes even more. Only 146 have been worn in the first episode of this season.
  8. The production team wanted to pay homage to the film My beautiful lady 1965 when he created the Royal Horse Race this season.
  9. When Julia Quinn wrote the scene of the famous Pal Mall in the book That discount loved meInspired when he was a child playing croquet at his grandparents’ house, with his sister.
  10. The show’s sustainability coordinator, Georgina Musgrove, observes and advises on how to reduce the environmental impact of production, from recycling to waste management to food scrap.
  11. There are several paintings on the wall of Kate Sharma’s bedroom at Lady Danbury’s house, including pictures of horses and lions hunting each other. Set decorator Gina Cromwell chose the pieces to pay homage to the dynamics between Kate and Anthony.
  12. Choreographer Shawn “Jack” Murphy used a mix of ancient and modern choreography for the dance scene. She usually gets only three hours to choreograph their dance scenes with the lead actors. In the first season, Phoebe Dinever learned 4 dances in one day.
  13. The emotional dance between Kate and Anthony in Hearts and Flowers Ball is based on an 18th-century dance called Alemanda, which incorporates many hand movements that Murphy thought were a sensible meaning.
  14. Cinematographer Jeffrey Zur took inspiration from such films Atonement, arrogance and superstition And Barry Lyndon.
  15. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Scenes from Aubrey Hall were originally shot in Rotham Park at Potters Bar The Royal Races were shot in the Royal County of the Berkshire Polo Club The only dance shot on site was by Lady Danbury in the first episode and it was shot at Sion Park Conservatory. The exterior of Lady Danbury’s home was illustrated at Bath’s Holburn Museum. This season you can visit Hampton Court Palace, Wilton House, Old Royal Naval College, Rangers House, Windsor Great Park, West Wycombe, Rest Park, Ivingho Beacon, Wilton’s Music Hall, Goldsmith’s Hall, Lancaster House, R. Royal Artillery Barracks, Petworth House and St. James Church Piccadilly.
  16. Each actor has his own horse on the set, and stable manager Steve Dent has tried to give each actor the same animal since last season, seeing the bond that was formed between them.
  17. Jonathan Bailey mounted a Spanish Phrygian named Jack. A Spanish bay named Simone Ashley’s Nirvana.
  18. All draw horses from the first season were used in the second. More than two and a half hundred cars have been used this season.
  19. Although they look real, the flowers you see on the set are fake, to keep them fresh during long hours of filming.
  20. The ceremony food is a mixture of real and fake food. For the dance, manager Lisa Heathcote had to create food that looked authentic for a period of time, but it lasted a long time without spoiling, which is why most of the food you see is inedible. Heathcote also had fun adding pop colors, such as yellow fruit and rambutan (similar to lychee).
  21. In the eating scene, the food on the actors’ plates is usually edible and very light, like raw vegetables, so they can be eaten repeatedly.
  22. Heathcote makes sconces as authentic and short as possible for the time being and also creates a gluten-free version. Actors will also be seen eating lavender shortbread biscuits and gram biscuits. The tea in the show is the real tea, usually PG tips or twinings.

Its the second season Bridgeton Debut Netflix Friday March 25.

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