An infographic on the dog’s family tree and evolutionary history

The Evolutionary process It started millennia ago and has had results An ancestral wolf to be man’s best friend It has been a long and winding journey Even today we have not been able to rebuild Unanimously and completely. Almost all researchers agree that this complex but effective path is known as domestication: the wild ancestor of domesticated dogs is the gray wolf (Canis lupus) Has a long history The relationship between humans and dogs There is leadership today More than 400 different varietiesWhich has been grouped A beautiful infographic Made by French artist Alice BouchardonHowever, Much remains to be discovered When, where and above all, it all started from a specific wolf population.

The painting was created by artist Alice Bouchardon
In the picture: The painting was created by artist Alice Bouchardon

A wolf Completely different Compared to those we see today, people have already come to the Paleolithic era more frequently, 40 thousand to 33 thousand years ago. We talked about it in an episode of it Meet Kodami Also with Paula Valsechi, Professor of Zoology and Applied Ethics at the University of Parma. Although every year New and interesting theory They try to polish, correct or reverse what we know about the evolutionary history of dogs. According to a recent study published in PNAS, for example, Dogs were domesticated in Siberia about 23,000 years ago, When humans and wolves were isolated due to the extreme cold of the last ice age. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true love begins! All current varieties And the American invasion, which almost happened 15 thousand years ago.

Another DNA-based study of 27 ancient dogs reveals just how complex and intricate this story is. There were already at least 5 different genetic lineages 11,000 years agoIt all started by evolving from a single pet process A population of wolves is now extinct. Previous research published in this study is questionable Science Which in 2016 suggests that dogs have been hunted instead Two processes of domestication Separately, a happened In Asia One Europe or the Near East.

Where it all started, Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
In the picture: Where it all started, Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)

More meat on the fire Instead, a very recent study where researchers traced the genomes of Japanese wolves (Canis lupus hodophilax), A subspecies of the gray wolf that inhabited the Japanese archipelago And which became extinct about 100-120 years ago. The genome was then compared to the current dog, however, It is not shared equally by all races: Oriental dogs, such as Akita and Shiva Inu actually share 5% of their DNA With extinct Japanese wolves. Western breeds, on the other hand, such as the Labrador Retriever or the German Shepherd, share some Much less.

Most likely, researchers suggest that the Japanese wolf himself Crossing with the first oriental dogThen these, moving, crossed over to the West again, thus leaving their DNA inside Much more mixed form The wolf genome. Despite the puzzle, there is still a long way to go It has changed us and their lives foreverIt all boils down to the beautiful portrait of Alice Bouchardon The wonderful and intricate diversity achieved so far.

Today, more than 400 recognized dog breeds are derived from wolves
In the picture: Today, more than 400 recognized dog breeds are derived from wolves

We can appreciate All race groups are recognized todayPass through toy dogs, working breeds and retrivers, from terriers. They are represented in the illustration The main form of the skull That we can distinguish between dogs today: Mesocephalus, delicocephalus and brachycephalic. Starting from the center of this family tree, the gray wolf, Origin of everythingWithin a few thousand years he moved forward, definitely with human hands, everything Incredible diversity From the mighty Rottweiler to the brave little Yorkshire Terrier that is the size, color, and motif of today’s dogs.

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