Australian Open 2022, all Italians in the qualifying draw. 17 Slam – Ready to go to OA Sport ৷

With the draw formality of the Australian Open draw, let’s take a closer look at the 17 representatives of the Italian tri-color on the Melbourne stage who will try to cross the cadet part of the Grand Slam game in the Southern Hemisphere. Will be redeemed for men in 2021: It was played in Doha, due to Covid-19, and only two of the nine reached the second round, and no one advanced to the third round. Among the women, however, Errani and (for the second time) Kokiretto crossed over to Dubai.

The order that is followed is not the scoreboard, but the ranking of the players in the race on January 3.


Australian Open 2022, Qualifying Draw. Azjurri draw: Caruso and Koboli are present in the starting 11

Sing Federico
153rd in the world, 28th pick. Particularly active in 2021, he played well in the first half of the year with a second-round top in the ATP 500 in Barcelona, ​​but, if we exclude qualifiers for the final and ATP in Toddy’s Challenger. 250 in San Diego, not published at the same level in the second part. There are Germans from Faenza for twenty-nine years Tobias Kamke: 1-1 against Challenger Level, but the only 35-year-old former World No. 64 to win fast.

Salvatore Caruso
Number 157 in the world, 29th pick. After a very difficult first half of 2021 (only in Australia and to a certain extent, in Monte Carlo), he regained some confidence with some challengers, even if he could not change the season. His first-round opponent is Slovenian Blaze RollaHabitual at the Challenger stage: There are three comparisons, with Italy leading 2-1, but it was Rola who won the only match in China to play fast.

Alessandro Giannesi
Number 185 in the world. In fact, out of any consideration of 2021, he seems determined to end his experience in Melbourne immediately for two reasons. The first is related to the fact that he now plays very little at a fast pace (Grand Slam qualifiers and more), the second is the opponent, the 25-year-old Swiss. Mark-Andrea Hussler. Interestingly, the latter follows him in the standings at number 186, but he has better adaptability at faster speeds. No precedent.

Gian Marco Moroni
197 in the world. 2021 in Rome for the locals in Chiaroscoro: a Challenger win in Milan, a final in Como, but many other results never went beyond the quarter-finals. In this case, the Indian caught a 23-year-old blue fish Ramkumar Ramanathan, With which he lost in the Antalya 2 Challenger in early 2021 in the tie-break of the third set. He was one of the two to win a game in the 2021 Totally Negative “Aussie” campaign (in Doha). He is on the spot with three Italians (Caruso and Arnaboldi among others).

Franco Agamemnon
Number 201 in the world. Special story (and with a low n, forgotten by the Argentine registry office): Grandfather, in the late 19th century, moved to Argentina in search of fortune, with Franco instead taking the opposite path. Always with a double passport, he chose to represent Italy and in 2021, between the ages of 27 and 28, he made an unexpected jump, rising to nearly 500 positions in the standings with 5 wins and 4 ITF (Future) finals and two success challengers. Prague 3 and Kiev. There is no precedent with checks Vit Kopriva.

Thomas Fabiano
Number 204 in the world. Thirty-two-year-old from Puglia, after virtually stopping the whole of 2020, fought to make 2021 a year to find out the coups that had made him famous in the previous two years. Some flashes in the qualifiers in Miami and Monte Carlo, then only a semifinal in the very first and second rounds of the Barry Challenger at the end of the year. It will be difficult for him with the Brazilians Thiago Seboth WildNot dealt with yet.

Flavio Cobli
Number 205 in the world. He is one of the most attractive youngsters in the Italian scene, able to go from 886 number in March 2021 to the first 200 people at the age of 19. Stefano’s son, in 2021 he won an ITF tournament and reached two Challenger finals, but even after not winning the next one he finds himself in the ultimate continuity of his results. He won at the ATP level in Parma with American Marcos Giron. He is against Australia in Melbourne Andrew HarrisWhich provides about 200 seats compared to him.

Lorenzo Gustino
Number 207 in the world. The 30-year-old from Naples has been slightly positive this season, having won more than two matches in the same tournament on just three occasions and taking home three in one, in the semifinals (Challenger) in Bucharest he has traveled around 150, now he is out of 200. Australian with opponent in the first round Jason KublerProud of the previous 2-1 gap, which is far from the time though (2010, 2012, 2014) and dating with the future.

Andrea Pellegrino
Number 218 in the world. The 24-year-old, born in Bisceglie, won first of two Roman Challengers at TC Gardens last year, then got stuck in a great series of defeats interrupted by two “frogs” in the first round: the Lisbon and Naples finals. Challenge with the French Constant Lestienne Repeats itself in the first round of the Grand Slam qualifiers for the second time in a row: at the US Open it ended 7-5 4-6 6-0 for Transalpine.

Andrea Arnabold I.
Number 251 in the world. The 2021 has come to an abrupt end with the Milanese, who turned just 34 years old, losing to Russian Pavel Kotov in the final of the Forli 3 Challenger. For the rest, the little satisfaction offered by a vintage has basically left him where he was at the end of 2020. The comparison is really complicated for him: Japanese Taro Daniel He has already won three games in 2022 and has probably never been better than he is today The previous five (3-2 Daniel, two in 2012, two in 2013 and one in 2020).

Filippo Baldi
Number 369 in the world, play with the protected rankings. As the 26-year-old candles went out (January 10), he returned to the field in June 2021 after a long break for surgery on his left shoulder. Since his return, however, he has not been able to create any real intensity by reaching the quarter-finals in Bar বারa, where he has stopped to retire against Andrea Vavasori for a back problem (now resolved). Moldovan Radu AlbotHowever, managing is a complex adversary.


Australian Open 2022, Qualifying Draw. Italians draw: Errani, Travisan and bronze start

Martina Travisan
Number 112 in the world, second seed. It came from a 2021 where, up to Roland Garros, he won two games. In the finals of the year, he reached a final at Carlsruhe 125, a win at the ITF for $ 80,000 in Valencia and another at চ 25,000 in Funchal, Portugal. Nevertheless, Roland Garros lost his quarter-final points in 2020, dropping him from the top 100. He never faced the Romanians Irina Fetkau. If he is good he can try to get into the draw.

Sara Errani
Number 121 in the world, ninth pick. In Melbourne, in 2021, he was close to the second round, defending nothing against Su-Wei Hussey, who returned to the limelight with rage from Taipei. Subsequently, the season continued and the long-awaited double-digit rankings were never confirmed. Taipei returns to destiny, because this time there is no confrontation Su-Jiang ZhangITF is known worldwide for up to $ 25,000, but WTA has never been recorded in the world.

Lucia Bronzetti
Number 148 in the world, 26th pick. After entering the WTA world in style, where he has already shown that he knows how to stay with the three quarter-finals to reach 2021, he started the year by fighting without hesitation with the returning Sophia Kenin. French Amandine laughs This is not an irresistible obstacle, and moreover, depending on the commercial type in front of him, he can turn a blind eye to a qualification.

Elizabeth Coquiaretto
Number 156 in the world. After stopping in Bucharest and in the middle, there was an operation on the knee that had been hurting him for a long time, we will finally see Marchisiana on the field. Earlier, he reached the semifinals in Guadalajara. To him Melbourne means 2020 Rod Laver Arena with Angelic deals. This year is his debut with the Spaniards Lara AruabarenaWho beat him to qualify in Monterey, but has already dropped out of the K200 ৷

Lucrezia Stefani
Number 177 in the world. 2021 is a tough growth for him, who has jumped 200 places through two ITF wins of $ 25,000 and other strong results. Where he was able to play at the WTA level, and ended the year by winning his first match in the Major Circuit against Mandy Minella of Luxembourg in Kurmayeur, did not make Jasmine Paulini’s life easier. His opponent is Belarusian Olga GovartsovaNow an experienced: intercourse is not exactly lucky.

Federica de Sara
Number 203 in the world. At the age of 31, he saw 2021 as the best season of his career, which saw him play in the WTA 250 at Gdynia and come close to qualifying for the US Open, when his path was blocked by the Romanians. Elena-Gabriella Russ That was playing very well then. For him there is no precedent with the opponent that touches him so much, the British Harriet Dart, against whom he started, but disadvantaged. If he loses it, the chances will skyrocket.

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