Basilicata, Green Europe: “Regional waste strategies are ‘leaking’ everywhere”

“The expansion of special waste platforms (see oil extraction sludge) in the rural areas of the Guardia Perticara (Potenza) municipality will certainly not lead to the desired direction of waste reduction as suggested by the environmental revolution. With the Guardia Particara’s approval for the expansion of the special waste platform, the Bardi Council has set a more negative record in terms of the environment. Giuseppe DiGilio, regional coordinator of the Basilicata in Europa Verde, and Donato Letieri, a national executive member, backed him in a note.

Approving an increase in landfill utilization, moreover, relative production of leachate, with a mortgage for the next 12 years to dispose of another 500,000 cubic meters of special waste, is, in our opinion, not the best way to revolutionize green and the environment, according to Letieri and Digilio. A revolution that, on the other hand, thanks to funding from the NRP, should be highly guaranteed for a region that has been heavily tested by pollution and desertification. Yet the regional majority is the same that in September 2021 drafted a preliminary document on national legislation for the transfer of European directives on waste management planning activities and the “circular economy” package, which aims for significant reductions. The use of landfills is committed to a progressive reduction in the use of landfills.

Clearly, – following Green Europe’s explanations – President Bardi, after asking his council to comply with EU regulations on environmental regulations, had to respond to requests from oil companies outside the region to dispose of about one million cubic meters. Waste hill above waste soil, near the municipality of Guardia Particara, affected by population and desertification. The driving force behind the choice was the low population density. And while the cat is biting its tail, the region continues to support deals with oil companies. The companies that (almost) continue to set the regional strategic agenda in the general silence of all political power, establish their own use and the area to be vacated for use.

GREEN EUROPE – Verdi Basilicata believes that this is a “massive demonstration of the failure of environmental and economic policies implemented by the Bardi junta, even against national restoration and resilience plans, especially in the field of waste”. Note that adapting the Regional Waste Management Plan to comply with EU Guidelines 2018/1147 (Best Available Strategy, BAT). Enabling Conditions for the Use of Integrated Funding “.

Green Europe – Verdi Basilicata, – they added – on behalf of the region and the citizens of the Guardia Perticara, the neighboring community, environmental groups and all Lukanians who have the right to reside. The environmentally healthy and welcoming region, capable of answering the needs of local entrepreneurs, the agricultural and tourism occupations of this land. Ev Basilicata also told the center-right majority that the region should immediately proceed with the amendment of the Single Territorial Approval Provision (PAUR) which, thus, predicts an increase in landfill disposal after 2030. We also condemn the Bardi Council’s effective action against European directives on environmental issues. We ask – as Diegelio and Letieri conclude – that the measure of approval for the expansion of the Guardia Particara landfill will be reviewed or completely revoked. We also invite political opposition forces to join us in demonstrating a clear and distinct position of opposition to a regional system that denies the necessary stability of the region.

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