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Enough Take care of our Skookum It is essential to ensure that the four-legged is always clean, healthy and peaceful. How to take care of her curly coat cleaning, oral hygiene and all aspects related to her care? Let’s find out in this article.

Skookum Coat Care: Brush and bath

The coat of specimens of this species is very special, as it is wrinkled.

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In reality, however, in spite of the original coat, special care is not required for the care of Skukum’s fur.

That should be sufficient Brush the cat 2-3 times a week To keep the coat soft and healthy, avoid the formation of knots and hair balls.

During the molting period, however, we need to increase the frequency of this operation due to the increase in cat hair loss.

A little trick to make sure his coat is always shiny? Dab it with a solution of water and vinegar.

So, pay attention to the four-legged diet: the use of quality nutrients will also affect the appearance of hair.

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Cat wash yes no no?

Cat bathing also falls under the care of Skukum?

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Not at all: It’s not just a stressful operation for cats, but domestic cats are very careful about their personal hygiene.

For this reason, our furry dog ​​should only be washed in case of a real emergency, such as after a long period of recovery that the animal has not been washed.

How to proceed in this case? First, we only need to use detergents made for cat skin.

Then, Attention needs to be paid to water temperaturePrevent cats from getting burned or cold.

Finally, after washing the animal with soap, we need to make sure that the fur drying is complete.

Otherwise, in fact, we risk that the cat will get sick.

Skukum ear, eye and dental care

Taking care of the health of the oral cavity of Skookum in the best possible way is essential for the well-being of cats.

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The risk, in fact, can create four-legged gums and dental pathology, such as stomatitis and gingivitis.

The best advice is to clean the cat’s teeth every day using two possible solutions: toothbrush and toothpaste for the cat, or a sanitizing spreadable cream distributed to his teeth.

Skukum’s eye and ear care is also very important. Excessive secretions can, in fact, lead to the onset of infections such as conjunctivitis and otitis.

In this case, a practical resort would suffice Remedy it yourself: We can dab cat’s eyes and ears with a gauze soaked in mild warm water.

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When to tick your cat’s claws

Finally, we need to answer one last question about scum care: is it necessary to cut cat nails?

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The answer depends on the characteristics of our four-legged friend.

If it is a young and active cat, it will not be needed: the cat will take care to sharpen its claws during intense play and climbing sessions.

Otherwise, if our pet is older and leads a sedentary lifestyle, it may need to intervene.

How to proceed? To provide ourselves with a nail clipper, we have to Apply light pressure to the cat’s pawSo that its claws come out completely.

After that, cut out the light colored part of the nail, which is not vascularized.

Be careful not to go too far: there is a risk of injuring the cat.

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