Cats at home: advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of a cat at home; Laws that protect cats.

Cats seem to be our country’s favorite animal, so it is estimated that 60 million cats find shelter and affection in the homes of Italians. Until 50 years ago all cats lived in a state of at least semi-independence, today things have changed and cats can also live exclusively in the house, so it is good to know which one. The cat is inside Home: Advantages and disadvantages.

Cats, as they are well known, are independent animals that adapt well to the owner’s absence from home for many hours during the day and for this reason they are more suitable than dogs for their contemporary life. Engage in activities that keep them away from home. If you consider adopting a cat you will find that the benefits are very important, the cat is literally good for human health, be it adults, children or even those who are experiencing moments of depression.

Of course, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but there are also some disadvantages that you can evaluate by reading the following article, such as economic costs but above all care and attention is devoted to your cat.

If you don’t think you can take care of a cat, it’s best to avoid adopting or buying one, as Italian law protects pets and condemns the cruelty, abuse and abandonment of our 4-legged friends.

Benefits of cats at home

Unlike other animals i Cats don’t have to be polite, Their behavior at home should not be adapted to the needs of the owner’s schedule because cats are able to ration food independently. Moreover, there is no need to fight to teach them to go to the toilet because their instincts will lead them to use the litter box where they live and to keep the environment they share with you clean.

According to scientific research conducted by the Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition on cat owners, it seems that they are 37% less likely to have a heart attack and this benefit occurs regardless of the age of the owner.

Cats are famous for independent animals that do not suffer in the absence of the owner even if the owner misses many hours for their work activities. Cats adapt to any type of homeWhether it’s a big house with a garden or a small town apartment.

If you are a certain age then you need to know this Cat companions are good for adults. It appears that medical visits to an older person are 15% lower than those who own a cat or other pet.

According to research by the American Geriatric Society, older people who care for a cat are encouraged to follow their daily routines and generally prepare enough food and go out for a walk to take better care of themselves.

A study conducted in Arizona by the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine found that 41% of people who have pets at home, especially a cat, report that they sleep well with their pets. Apparently, therefore, Cats induce sleep And help to make the night more comfortable and peaceful.

Cats save lives Literally: their sense of smell is, in fact, able to smell gas leaks and timely warn the owner that he will be able to avoid impending danger; In addition, episodes in which a cat seeks help, for example, its owner’s epileptic seizures, are not uncommon.

The Cats are useful for children In different ways; Contact with cats allows children to develop a strong immune system, especially if coexistence occurs in the first year of life. Studies show that as children get older, they will show more responsiveness to different topics Illness Reducing the need for antibiotics. Another plus for children Reducing animal allergies, As the risk of respiratory disease is greatly reduced, as well as other causes such as ragweed or grass allergies. Eventually, children in contact with cats become more curious about nature as a whole and develop a greater ability to be interested and pay attention to certain things like adults.

Everyone knows that purring is a stress reliever Natural; Scientific research supports the fact that cat owners, in fact, are able to reduce stress levels by eliminating the risk of vibration and noise depression emitted by cats. Furthermore, the reassuring effects of purr, in addition to reducing the violent reactions of those who suffer from strong nervousness, help people to associate with more pleasurable aspects of life and to move towards more balanced and satisfying social and interpersonal relationships.

The The antidepressant power of cats It is so effective that it is able to support those who have experienced recent grief; Indeed, those who have a furry friend are lucky enough to have a chance Quickly overcome grief Compared to those who do not have.

Cons of a cat at home

Even if I. Advantage From The presence of a cat in the house They are certainly bigger than the inconvenience, it cannot be said that there is no responsibility and inconvenience that should not be carefully assessed if you are going to take the puppy with you. In this, undoubtedly, is Take care to give your cat. You should always provide him with clean water and food suitable for his specific needs (age, breed, weight or any health problem), take care of your cat’s hygiene and its places, guarantee him proper physical exercise and pay attention. For his education.

Among the main obligations you have to meet Make sure your cat is healthyOf course there is Periodic visits by a veterinarianThe vaccines you need to take and the medicines you need to take in case of any health problemsMicrochip installation.

The Sterile cats There may be some problems: Women are restless during hot weather and you may have to face it all night long meows Continue, while I. Non-castrated men They can be disturbed by constant wailing and mark their area with urine spray.

You need to prepare one Cat proof house. For example, to avoid damage, cover electrical cables and, above all, to burn and burn cats, eliminate poisonous plants (such as common poinsettia) and provide cats with some catnip plants, taking care not to accidentally stop your friend. Drawers, bags or washing machines and dishwashers, carefully turn off detergents and chemicals that cats may swallow curiously, protect the porch and terrace to avoid the risk of falling, and so on.

The Cats live at home They are more easily disturbed Half-freedom cat Or, in any case, they have a garden at their disposal, so you need to provide games and scratching posts to bite them so that they can sharpen their nails without endangering the whole furniture, but above all it is important to grow. Even the duration of activity in the air is open to stimulate the animal and prevent its onset Behavioral pathologies in cats.

If you decide to adopt a Kitten An important factor to remember is not to underestimate The economic cost of a cat: Le Food costsLinen, toys, microchips, litter and everything needed to keep a cat at home should not be underestimated, the estimated annual cost is around € 600 but in the first year of life some extra costs or health problems can reach 1000.

Don’t forget that one Cats live about 15 years And some life choices will inevitably change, for example, if you are accustomed to traveling for long periods of time, you may need to review your travel time or arrangements because these cats do not particularly like to be confined to the house and travel.

After all, you have to think that when it leaves you at the end of its life cycle, the pain of losing your cat can be as strong as the loss of a good human friend, so don’t underestimate the pain of losing your cat.A cat’s practical and emotional commitment.

Laws that protect cats

In Italy, where the law protects cats, our country is actually ahead in protecting cats Pet rights Since it is the state in the first place that needs to be promoted and controlled Animal protection Condemnation of cruelty, abuse and neglect.

Anyone who agrees or agrees Caring for an animal Considering the physiological and moral needs of affection and considering the race it belongs to, it is directly responsible for its well-being and health. In Master’s duty Of Cats Not only does he have to provide adequate water and food, but he also needs to be careful to ensure that he has the necessary health care, adequate physical exercise and regular cleaning of accommodation to prevent them from escaping and being guaranteed. Third party protection from aggression.

Keep in mind that if you decide not to bring a cat home, but want to take care of the cat colony around you, the image of the “female cat” is not just a private matter, but an official one. It takes the place of a real “teacher”. This person is equipped with a card that qualifies him as an operator Cat colonyIt is responsible for taking care of it and is recognized by the company for veterinary health protection in the area.

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