Cats in comics: From Crazy Cat to Garfield

When the phenomenon of painted characters exploded in the United States, first with the birth of comics and then with cartoons, the farm was still the center of the world. And since the characters that often succeed are those small and intelligent ones that beat the big ones and the bullies, it was a cat that lived on the farm that was the first star.

Felix the CA.t, the name of Mio Mao Sul has been changed De Picoli in KoreaWas created in 1919 by Auto Mesmer In its studio Pat Sullivan. Mesmer realized that the cat was the smallest and freest of all animals. Whose personality may have to take refuge from the troubles of life. There is also a guarantee of food for horses, cows, pigs and chickens on the farm. Not Felix, he had to do it using his own cunning, his innate willpower.

Sympathetic, always smiling in the face of adversity, Felix was a wandering cat whose image inspired Charlotte, Born four years ago. He was not the first important cat in the history of comics: he was born ten years ago Crazy Cat. But liquid sex from cats George Harriman It is a story in itself, symbolic, abstract, all poetry. Crazy with triangles, Mouse ignites (He loves the cat he hates) and the police dog Bull pup, Herriman carries human behavior and feelings elsewhere into a physical. From comics to Crazy Cat movies and then came to us LinusImposed on readers by the director Giovanno Gandini Despite always being rejected in referendums.

“Krazy Kat” by Gerge Herriman, 1910

The historic catfish line leads from Felix MickeySuch as from Sulvan / Mesmar Walt Disney. Who, the victim of a character theft that he was working on (Oswald What is his name?) The farmer realized that there was another animal in the world smaller than the cat and the rabbit, which could best represent the rescue of David in Goliath’s world. And here it is then Baby mouseSweet face like iced cake on it, dog friend FuHorses HoraceCattle Clarbell.

Much of that cat’s felix is ​​transferred to Mickey Mouse. And in the world of rats (where there are no rabbits) there is a great enemy: Wooden legs, The story of a cat painted with a big cat Disney changes. And not just for Mickey Mouse villains. Also for LuciferThe treacherous cats we see Cinderella And those just might be bad honest mom boyfriends, just like that Birba It would have been a cat GargmailThe enemy Smurfs.

It is vital that any coincidence Aristocrats They arrived shortly after Walt’s death: while Disney was alive, the cat had lost the ability to be free to be a lazy bully, enslaved to its own faults and privileges. Compared to Felix, the other side of the coin. And then there’s the farm cat poem with Disney. We change the scenery: here are the city cats.

The first is Tom That chases Jerry Crossing endless corridors, looking for him in the holes under the armchairs and across the walls. And this is the first creation Hannah and Barbara, The mouse always wins, sometimes using the most brutal way: Jerry puts Tom in the fridge on a hard paper, from which he comes out frozen and then in the oven, so that it becomes incandescent. Exaggeration that the greats will pick up Massimo Matioli In its comics Scream mouse Which seems to have given more than inspiration Ghamachi And Fichetto Favorited by Bert and Lisa Simpson.

Sylvester the Cat, 1945

It also works at home Sylvester, inexperienced cat Of Chuck Jones and Fridge FreilingThe proclamation world of every creature is unable to respect the role imposed on it.

Two cats from the underworld in the sixties are very different: Robert Crumb Makes cats that feel sexually liberated (and drug high too). But when he became a “porncut”, he became the protagonist of an animated feature film. Ralph Bakshi (For the first time in history prohibited for minors), Crumb denies him, having been murdered in one of his comic books since 1972. The choice that only adults make. There is also a cat in it Crazy Brothers Of Gilbert Shelton: Is called Fat Freddy’s cat And so he has no name and has a lazy and erratic life like his lord. His bourgeois version is Garfield, the cat who loves Lasagna.

Successful cats stand out DoraemonThe robot cat that came from space to help a shy teenager, the star of 1,345 comics has sold 170 million copies worldwide and Simon’s cat With millions of acquaintances on the web and everything else that signifies such success. Also in this case the cat has the owner’s name: painful, peaceful, he wants to hug and chooses all his opportunities for death. In short, a real cat.

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