Diabetic: Cartoon violence is an evergreen

The Boys’ spin-off, the diabetic Garth Anis’s Gore Universe involves some animation studies.

These pulped, anthropophagous mutations, super power useless and deadly. That Garth Ennis He liked to defile the superhero ornament which he was already quite clear The boysBut Diabetic Exceeds himself. Eight episodes below just fifteen minutes each for the concentration of extreme violence, insanity and unprincipledness. Moreover, the patriots and butchers have already accustomed their viewers to scenes where blood and gut splashes, stains fall and transforms the drama into a strange picture. This power The boysSeries available Amazon Prime Video Which has convinced viewers for years that the concept of “superhero” is by no means linear. If the heroes in the world of DC and Marvel tend to solve crises and crime without bloodshed, in the case of Ennis, more realistic and ruthless, it is not.


But today’s issue is different. Diabetic This is the latest in a fairly large array of cartoons that tone Gore The product forms the heart. Not only that, without reaching this extreme result, the cartoon (something) has always shown a fantastic attack and defense system. Critically, this trend has created a niche for itself with the birth of so-called adult animation. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Cats, rats and homeopathic violence

When i The Simpsons were at the height of their critique of Western society and customs – more or less in line with the early formation of our millennium – a repetitive and meta-lingual cartoon. Scratchy and Fightto. Itching and scratching, in the original version, was a cat and a rat, a clear reference to some famous pair of cartoon opponents. Needless to say, the two slaughtered each other in episodes, free from any immunity when it came to showing the skin body, intestines, bones, eyeballs and other facilities. Pushing his foot a little on the accelerator, Matt Groening observed with adult disbelief that the average product was served to children of that time and how it had gradually accustomed them to the level of violence. Think of the indiscriminate use of different caliber weapons leveled by Tadeo (or Thaddeus Platz) of Looney Tunes, against the intelligent Bugs Bunny, complete with a chase trap between Tom and Jerry (a cat and a rat, actually), Willie the Coyote. In search of catastrophic fall beep-beep.


Drop by drop our generation has assimilated a certain sadism, the taste of watching the characters shrink too badly. Except give the whole thing back in the next episode. Simulated pain, pain without consequences. Crime without liability. Has it made us a ruthless generation? The successor will judge.

Just before Diabetic, Bugs Bunny and Growing

Seriously, it would seem that the need to tell the smallest traumatic story was born long before the cartoon. Originally designed to target children, these have accumulated a legacy of fairy tales (which were much more blonde before Disney treatment). So we acknowledge that the tendency to die, as well as the erotic, has always been part of the narrative, beyond the innocence of the target audience. So no, we millennials aren’t worse than the rest (read more about it if you’re interested These are not children’s stories – the dark side of Victor Laval’s “New York Tale” and many more fairy tales.)

In fact, if we look at history in the long run, the sweet and extra protective turn towards children is relatively recent. With the American inspiration of European fairy tale fiction, cartoons have gradually emptied themselves of the most urgent elements, which have gradually lost their place and gradually faded. Or, better yet, engrave “approved” spaces. The content provided by the TV shows the greater caution and general responsibility of the parents when the stage of complete fascination towards the magic box that entered the house after the Second World War is closed. A phase of strong critical consciousness begins (in the contemporary world, sharpened and developed on social networks), and parents no longer look favorably on their children being chased with shotguns and explosives.

Today we have adult cartoons

Here is our happy oasis, for those who want to escape the censorship of respected adults. Cartoons “for adults” is a very interesting creative field for those who want to experiment. If there is still someone who allows himself to be trapped by the medium, traditionally associated with very different content, like cartoons Diabetic They help to break all preconceptions. Not so much for the quality of the product (on which I will spend the last few words), but for the way they increase the bar of irrationality. Millimeter after millimeter of insanity, indecency and obscenity, otherwise a welding boundary is widened to meet a relatively new goal, to innovate a medium.

In contrast to even more niche products (see if you’re interested in the genre Mr. Pickle Always on Amazon Prime, but don’t tell anyone I recommend it to you), Diabetic Depending on a well-known brand, that The boys, And explores the characters and possibilities that are “too much” for even a notoriously off-limits series. All this set up an operation Ridiculous Some of the stars were also present Christian Slater, Seth Rosen, Giancarlo Esposito, Simon Pegg and Aquafina – who also wrote an episode – and the same Garth Ennis. In addition, those who have already hung out for the genre will acknowledge the intervention of its creators. Rick and Morty, And other animated series – actually – “for adults”. Thus a group of enlightened people is emerging who are increasingly focusing on genres and moving away from the general trend towards live action (fortunately). With all Also very good results. The potential effects range from extremely deep and dramatic themes, as it looks beautifully Bozak HorsmannOr verse Flight of science fiction Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Does violence hide the medium product?

The latest series mentioned have been hailed as popular, brilliantly written, and indeed have a great following. Diabetic However, it is part of a sub-genre of genres, such as “ethnographic series with various guest studies that are already known and preferred by the public”. This sub-genre guide is excellent Animetrics 2003, the most recent (and less excellent) since Star Wars: Visions (You can find it on Disney +). However, Diabetic There is clearly a certain modesty of intent behind the excessive mask. Only a few episodes (probably one) that they put out of the ultra-violent entertainment are really worth watching. For the rest, it is the chase of a tragic scene, or the provocation supported by a solid structure. And it’s one of those “adults who doesn’t censor Tom and Jerry” speeches, just the opposite.


Which is just a franchise Diabetic Notably, The Boys is a clear plot, a beautiful analysis of the characters, an interesting story that will work with less pronounced death pornography. Precisely for this reason, in fact, it works, because it can be pushed without an excuse. Similar discourse applies InvincibleThose who leave no details in the case of murder, genocide and show of company. DiabeticInstead, it remains on the list of a fun series, a hit and run without any aftermath, a promotional launch before the new season of The Boys rather than a standalone art product.

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