Galdas Organized to Help Ukraine: How to Help

The first “mission” will begin on Friday, April 1 and will allow you to conduct the next three planned experiments and plans over the next weekend.

Galdas Organized to Help Ukraine: How to Help.

Galdas Organized to Help Ukraine: How to Help

“Nothing is lost with peace, everything is lost in war. War against God and crime against man »St. John Paul II

We acknowledge and declare: “Some of us think that there is nothing more that can be done to help those who are suffering because of war today.

To this question, the friends of the Ukrainian Association “ZLAGHODA”, who live in the tragedy of war every day, answered that aid from the border of Poland and Hungary with transit difficulties, mostly aimed at those who are successful is intended for extraordinary aid work. To flee the country. However, many people are unable to leave Ukraine, either because they are ill or because they do not want to leave their home; Others try to do so, but they too fail for bureaucratic reasons and stop for hours in long lines near the border, most of whom are women and children.

So we were asked to help deliver first aid kits and medicines directly to the Ukrainian territory, and at the same time to go with the health and education workers willing to stop for a few days for help.

Together with the IES group, which also works in the field of health and support and of which Guldas is a part, we wanted to accept the application: we will bring first aid kits, medicines and necessary medical equipment directly to the Ukrainian territory and we will stay with the medical staff. And educational support that seeks to help people voluntarily.

Several volunteers have already made themselves available for crossing the Hungarian border in Jhony, and with the help of the collected help go straight to Chop Hospital (Uzhhorod district, about ten kilometers from the border).

The first “mission” will begin on Friday, April 1, and will allow you to conduct the next three planned experiments and plans for the next weekend, especially with the volunteer partner on site for one week.

All this will be done in cooperation with the Ukrainian and Italian governments, with special focus on the security of the initiative *.

Starting with this activity, we offer everyone to contribute with a small concrete gesture that helps to alleviate the body and soul of many people who are suffering in war today. We, the refugees and survivors of this war, are reminded that life is not ours, it is a gift, it has been given, and only by changing can we be surprised and welcomed. Our own needs and desires for happiness. This proposal allows us to make ourselves available to everyone.

Thursday 30 March

The school will organize the first collection of over-the-counter drugs (for which no prescription is required) to which we attach a list divided by category.

Collection includes placement on premises

8.00 to 9.00

A collection point for drugs divided into sections.

For the convenience of the collection, we are therefore requesting those who wish to join this initiative

Purchase of drugs belonging to a single pharmaceutical department

(Or split by pharmaceutical category).

At the entrance, in the yard, staff and volunteers will be able to easily show everyone where the collected medicines should be kept.

We can also collect medicines for those who are unable to do this in the morning

2.30pm to 3.30pm Gym (via Pompeo Leoni 2).

We point out that Pharmacies in Viale Toscana 17 Pharmacia della Rogia – has given its consent to the initiative and will apply 20% on our list of drugs who will indicate the collection of Galdas as a reference “.

* NB. Those who wish to contribute to the organization of the four trips can send an email directly to the following e-mail address: and give suggestions or suggestions in support of this initiative.

It is possible to support the trips with a financial grant to the Fair Welfare Foundation (IBAN IT97Q0306909606100000076668) by writing in the description:

Galdus-Ukraine. How much of the collected medical equipment (defibrillators and drugs that cannot be purchased at the pharmacy) will be used for purchase.
List of medicines required for Chop Hospital in Uzhhorod district of Ukraine


Hydrocortisone – Cortidro

Gastrointestinal drugs

Lactic fermentation (eg: enterozarmin / lactofluorine)

Imodium – Buscopan – Geffer – Malox – Large enema – Micro-enema (for adults / children) – Persinid (et similia)

Anti-inflammatory antipyretics

Tachipirina / paracetamol (tablets / suppositories / syrups)

Tachiflu – Nurofen Syrup for Children – Ibuprofen (OTC) – Oki Task (Ketoprofen) – Moment dol / Naproxen


Amuchina – Betadine


Canesten – Fitostimolina – Connettivina – Voltaren Gel – Arnica Gel – Foil


Eyelid Bandage – Euphrelia Soothing Eye Drops – Inidagil – Stella – Iridina – GSE


Response – Fexalegra

Supplementary part

Potassium and magnesium

Rectal cream (hemorrhoids / pain)

Cream for hemorrhoids

For women

Dry – wash – ovaries for women

Sore throat

Medications for bronchitis (such as Benagol, Borosilin, Froben spray)


Oral Hygiene / Aphthae

There Canal Pharmacy Near Pompeo Leoni Headquarters – viale Toscana 17 – Participate in the initiative by applying a 20% discount on each product: In addition, showing a tax code or health card can contribute to deducting medical fees.

Hours 8.00 / 20.00 Mon to Fri – Saturday 9.00 / 18.00

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