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Deputy director Omar Shilasi has been asked in a new episode of the series dedicated to the heroes of the undisputed queen of the theme song for the series and cartoons, from Lady Oscar to Ochi de Gato, from Gem to Polon. Between one song and the other, re-suggested by his concert, memories, intimate reflections and future plans.

Christina D’Avena The protagonist of the new episode “Story Live”A series of interviews with the heroes of the show Sky TG24 (Special). Deputy Director of the guest magazine Omar ShillachiPowered by Francesco Venuto, The undisputed queen of theme songs for series and cartoons, from Lady Oscar to Cat’s Eyes, from Gem to Polon, also speaks for itself through the little-known episodes of her professional and personal life. In one song and another song, re-enacted by his concert, memories come up (“I gave my first audition in Bologna because it was Antonio Friars who gave my name for Bambino Pinocchio written by Augusto Martelli and came to the hit parade.“), Intimate reflection (“I still don’t know if you can feel perfect without the kids. My insider Peter Pan was telling me ‘don’t worry, you have a lot of time left’, but it wasn’t …) And plans for the future (“I want to be back on TV, I miss him so much“).


Christina D’Avena, 10 Famous Cartoon Songs

Explaining the success of forty years, Christina D’Avena, who has collaborated with dozens of musicians and artists and has been the soundtrack of an entire generation, points to the fact that “cartoons create a flashback to one’s youth” and if “I never felt trapped in the world of cartoons, But I’m sorry to hear from time to time that the animated cartoons were B-series songs, although they were written by artists like Massimiliano Pani, Piero Casano (Matia Bazar), Gianfranco Fasano. It’s a musical genre, not a song. ” A long road that started with an absolute debut at the age of three in Gecino D’Oro, then with the first single piece and Picolo Coro del’Antoniano, until the more than seven hundred pieces explained. Regarding artistic choice, he said: “That was my destiny. Everything that has happened to me from the first moment to this day has come without finding out. Let luck take my hand. ” “I really like what I do – he explains – that I’m not tired of trying anything else. Also, if I want to try my hand at pop, for example, I can do it without leaving my comfort zone. I also think that my audience will not do very well if I leave it. I would never do that. “


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About his youthful life, he said: “A very close family, which has given and taught me a lot. I had a beautiful childhood and a great adolescence “. He revealed that he studied medicine (” I want to finish, I just missed my final year exams and everyone wanted me to sing the song “Smurfs”) because he loved it and Because his doctor father wanted it to end (“he wanted me to), but he was still a fan of mine”), and his death ten years ago – he admitted – “a pain that never goes away”. Path led her to become more angry (“Before I become more tolerant, I’m sorry, and I want to be able to change that”). I want to lift my world. However, never go further. He admits that “an eternal child, my Peter Pan often comes out” and admits his biggest fear: “The plane scares me crazy.” Like both love and friendship. Betrayal in the case (“This is the one that got me very, very much.” Hurts badly “).

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