I run to you, Ricardo Milani: “Not worthy of disability or indifference”

She is a wealthy entrepreneur, selfish, liar and self-centered, willing to do anything to win a woman over, even pretending to be in a wheelchair. He is a committed, sensitive and cultured violinist who plays tennis, who really moves in a wheelchair due to an accident. They are two heroes of romantic comedy I run to youProduced by Vision and Wildside, and a remake of the French film Debut in Tout Le Monde. He is now in the movies, after a series of suspensions due to the epidemic, with an unprecedented duet: Mariam Leon and Pierre Francesco Favino (to complete the cast: Vanessa Scalera, Pietro Cermonti, Pillar Fogliati and an extraordinary Poglias). Ricardo MilaniDirector, screenwriter, such as hit writer Everyone is crazy for loveOn TV, and Like a cat on the ring road Or Welcome President On the big screen. The only common denominator? “Embarrassment does not mean exaggeration.”

How do you deal with a subtle problem like disability?
“The initial thrust was to be able to make a film with a subtle theme, to try to make the audience laugh and reach out to as many people as possible. An issue that is not discussed in our movies.

Embarrassment is the key to talking about everything?
“As soon as this project started, I wanted to involve associations that work with people with disabilities. We had people who were masters of the subject, they became our mentors. And politically wrong from them came to us, something that at first completely surprised me. Children with disabilities who mocked themselves, children who were unjust, conscious and free, children overwhelmed us with their jokes. And they taught us that things should be said by their names without filters.

What else has he learned?
“I took a deep breath in their desire for normalcy. They seek naturalness in the eyes of others. And not the righteous attitude, or the worst one of indifference.

Why Mary Leone and Pierre Francesco Favino?
“I first met Pierre Francesco and then Mary. They were two very different people in life, but they were also two very different actors. And I like it a lot because it means that the movie still retains the magic of encounter.

Some of those who wrote on the net, even before the picture was released: “It would be nice to see a really disabled girl.”
“Since I’ve been doing this in all my films, I’ve always tried to keep credibility on stage. That’s why I’ve always focused on the preparation of the actors, their skills. In the history of cinema, whatever the actors pretended to be, their preparation was important, there were people with disabilities who helped and supported Mary.

Do you really believe that Gianni can change?
“I think life can change direction, and I believe that some episodes can be decisive in the way of change. When life puts you in front of things, even in a strict way, you gain a little awareness. Observing the social life of this country, certain things. Realizing the severity of the moment, I always think that people can be aware of something and from there we can start again.

I run to you He started filming it before Kovid. Did he ever think that one of his films would ever be blocked by an epidemic?
“Absolutely not, then it happened to everyone. I will take this film with me. For this reason, it was marked by the passage of a time from a normal age that the history of humanity will always remember. We had to stop when there was only one day left of shooting.” The day we recovered four months later. And I remember the first time I left home. “

Although unlike many of his colleagues, he wanted to leave the advance on the platform and wait for the movie to be released.
“I did it because I believe it is important to protect the social life of all of us. The platforms helped us a lot when it was requested in an emergency. At that moment we bought everything from home to food, clothes, but now we have to go back to social normalcy. We have to go out, share.

Remember going back to the movies for the first time?
“I took my daughter, we went to see a cartoon. We wanted to go back to the movies first, to get back to normal. “

You have to choose one, which one, which film do you like the most?
Normal unknown. It was published the year I was born and then it made a big difference to me. It needs to be popular, talking to everyone, telling country dramas to the tune of comedy, this is my favorite movie. And that’s what I try to say.

Inside I run to you No wife, Paula Cortellesi.
“I’ve done some films with Paula, others won’t, it’s so normal, I don’t see anything weird in them. We’ll be back to work together, because I want to work with Pierre Francesco and Mary again.

In this film, however, there is the great Piera Degli Esposti, who then left us last summer.
“It was great to work with him. We often worked together, we shared friendships, evenings, mountain nights, we had a great time together. Pierre was very funny, he had a refined, very high sense of humor. One of the things I would take with him was the jokes he told us that night. He had a lot of fun watching this movie. My only regret was that I hadn’t seen him before, I wanted to see him at the cinema. I carry this little extra pain with me.

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