“I’ll tell you about Emil Rousseau, his Italian coach, his origins.” [ESCLUSIVO]

D. Spade b. [19] L. Sonego 3-6 7-6 (5) 6-4

Hard Rock Stadium is the 7th stadium in Dale Miami GardensThis Day 5 In the Florida competition, it was strongly presented in blue. However, if the first meeting with one of our ideal holders on the field ends positively with Sinar’s success, the same cannot be said of the second. Lorenzo Sonego, in fact, missed the Italian hat-trick (besides Janic, Fagnini won early in the day) and failed to end the black crisis in which he was drowning. With today’s defeat, The row of losing matches has increased to five – Last win against Dezer in Rio; But if we evaluate the moment of his opponent’s form, we realize that this result was absolutely admirable. Dennis on the other side of the net Spit (n.84 ATP), Who has just returned from a 6-win streak, Which allowed him to win the prestigious Phoenix Challenger last week. Nonetheless, bitterness is very present in the face for the results, analyzing the progress of the meeting. Lorenzo raised our hopes in the first set, played very hard and was assisted by a great service performance that allowed him to maintain a consistently aggressive attitude. Unfortunately, however, everything turned upside down, starting with the second set; The service was constantly shut down and as a result Lorenzo was forced to take a defensive position on the field; Which helped Kudler all-round pressure, especially in this sense the left diagonal was decisive. The American was very good, from this juncture of the challenge, to show the complete arsenal of his solutions. Repeated use of net runs in counter-time, especially with efficient execution on the fly (keep in mind that Dennis has always shown himself very well on the grass, it is no coincidence that his best result at the Grand Slam is Wimbledon Round of 16. 2015) is the first head between the two main characters. Two heads.

Match – The first intense of the match occurs in the eighth game and it is already decisive for the fate of the first set. Kudla service, you reach 30-40 and implement the first break ball of the match here, a blue brand. Sonego, does not allow himself to be begged and brutally takes advantage of the first useful opportunity of the match., Which takes him to serve to keep the set on ice in the next game. Lorenzo, in fact, quickly reached 40-0 with great authority and ended the fraction by saying the first set. After 36 minutes of play we are 6-3. The 26-year-old Turin didn’t give a damn about the first set and even the statistics testify to his great performance with a basic starting point. 8 tails have been cast, with the first 70% in the field and a great 94% concretization. But what fascinates most, in terms of numbers with the service, is that of n. Partial Italy conversion with 3 second balls: a surgical 71%.

The American wants to try to reverse the course immediately in order to recover the hostility, and his approach to partial commitment is very good. In fact, The N84 ATP raises its level and manages to break immediately at the beginning of the set, even at 0A. In the next game, however, Lorenzo reveals all his skills as a pure-blooded warrior; Recover from 40-15 and get a very valuable counter-break point. But the player of Ukrainian descent, with great personality and coolness, turned down the chance to return for the Italians and settled 3-0. But finally after a long time, and many games where we saw an absolutely opaque version of Sonego; Today’s game gave us the best Sony. And so, through the character of Steele, which he has always shown us to partially deal with three of his opponents in a row, the games of the same genre have won consecutively; The score in the evening is 3-3. At the moment we move fast On-serve, As happened in the first set up 4-3 for Sonego – then n. 21 decisive claws in the world – 5-4 for Lorenzo. Also in this case, our standard bearer will have the opportunity to return to the steps that led him to finish the first stage; But this time the break ball faded and Kudler’s advantage was able to save himself and prolong the match. In addition to this very small opening for the Piedmontese, the services have been mastered since the middle of the second set and there has always been a lot of calm with the shift at bat. The inevitable final of this second set is the tie-break. The decisive game opens under a bad omen; A very toxic back line from Dennis’ backhand is printed and gives him a 1-0 guarantee. Sonego present response, with a first-winning outsider; When he takes advantage of the bloody free backhand of Robert Lindstadt’s student (lost in length) at the next point (where a second is needed). Unfortunately, however, the backhand of the Americans was exactly the push that helped him get his first mini-break at 3-3, Lorenzo could not find the depth. Kudla rides 5-3 with a crazy longline backhand at the crossroads. At the next point, however, he lands well beyond the baseline and throws the advantage into the air with a bad straight forward. In 5-4, however, what you don’t expect from a tough player like Sonego happens. The lack of confidence in the end, the fighting matches that saw him lose, the resulting lack of enthusiasm and the volatile positive energy that should be present in this situation; Sonego leads an indescribably damp (first of all match) performance that goes off the net. 6-4, two spade set points. Lorenzo, with the service-direct coordination, cancels the first very well; But he must surrender to the second that spades, being able to play with jokes, do not waste. Great at first, with straight inside-out and deft stop-volley from the forehand to set the attack on time and close the net. Everything will be redone for Lorenzo, we move on to the final partial.

N. Ranking 21 tries to rearrange his ideas, goes to the locker room and tries to find the order and consistency of the first set. The first game that is already a chimera, Sonego screams and decibels increase significantly, but despite recovering from 40-15 in the end he managed to unlock the set positively by winning a very heavy first game for convenience. Matteo Beretini’s coach: Vincenzo Santopadre (as proof of the good relations between the Romans and the Turinis and their respective teams) to encourage him at every point of Sony; Also considering that Gipo Arbino did not follow his player in the North American away game. The importance of this first game is evident in all the overall power of inertia in its next. Sonego, Indeed Brekka (15-A) flew 2-0 in the match for the third time. Unfortunately, however, the Italian tennis player lost part of the surgical condemnation that allowed him to dominate the first set, and instead of confirming the extension, he returned Dennis to the game and invalidated his serve. The latter of the second set is able to run the match on a more favorable plan; Where the Turin player’s tenacity has waned and at the same time Cudler’s presence on the network has increased, which has quickly used his descent to advance counter-time to the level of available solutions. In addition, the 29-year-old American left side continues to be destroyed; A quick performance – showing impressive arm motion – gets him 3-3 The strategic description presented carries the most mature fruit for Kudla in the seventh game which breaks the balance of the deciding set. Lorenzo, in addition to the difficulties he encountered due to his opponent’s larger technical background, has seen a decline in survey performance since the start of the second set, and all of this manifests itself in the worst possible way to enjoy a break. He regained his composure from 30-0, committed suicide under strong pressure from the opponent and sent Dennis 4-3 and serve. Playing on the American mustache velvet at the moment, gives the spectators some spectacular points: first on the 30th-15th of the seventh game the pressure is applied to turn the head from the right side; Sonego then works to lengthen the game in the following game by pulling out two more insane solutions from the cap with the forehand, winning an exchange with the ball and finding an angle that cannot be tightened with the wrist alone. But the margin with which Dennis is expressing himself is very thin, the boundary between a free and a winner is very thin; The backhand at the junction of the lines that interrupted him, this time forced him to face a very dangerous break point. But Kudla, strong in the moment of confidence, playing with great courage, broke the chance and stopped the ball of the first match after just two hours and thirty-one.

These are the words of Sonego, collected by our correspondent Vanny Gibartini at the scene:Unfortunately I could not close the match in two sets, the control of the game was always in my hands without a small pass at the beginning of the second. Then after the break point fades 4-4, on the tie-break I miss a damp one that spends my set. Nonetheless I was able to get off to a good start in the third set, but he climbed a lot higher. In general it was a match that was played on a few points, very balanced; Maybe he was braver than me because he came from a very positive moment And it certainly gave him the strength to come forward and take the points forward. Now is the time when I struggle to find the continuity I need to bring it home These matches are determined on the basis of a few points; You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Now I will train for the soil, I will play in Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Rome; But I will also try to rest because this season of season in North America is not easy for our Europeans, since we have arrived.Or From Europe. I also traveled through South America; There are many trips, so there is a need to recover from these efforts which can sometimes affect the outcome. “

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