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What are Mickey’s cats called? They are Pietro Gambadilegno (Peg Leg Pit), Trudeau, Gato Nip (Cat Nip), Milton, Figaro, Plotigat, PJ, Pierreno and Pierato. Let’s learn more about these Disney characters.

(Photo by Fabu and the editorial staff)

In this article we look at which cats are (or have been) part of Disney World. You happened to read a comic or watch a cartoon; While Mickey, Mini, Pluto and Pippo are absolute The main characterThere are fewer characters. “JuvenileThe most famous of the felines. Pietro Gambadilegno, Pete in the original language, but also known as Peg Leg Pete, Big Bad Pete or Black Pete.

From Trudeau to Milton: There are other Mickey Mouse cats

Our roundup starts with the awesome Pietro Gambadilegno.

Disney cat name
(Photo by Fabu and the editorial staff)

Pietro Gambadilego – Huge build Mickey Mouse one of the best criminals and Mickey Mouse’s enemies and opponents. Naturally he is short-tempered, rude and disobedient and hates Mickey Mouse for his ability to blow up his stealing attempts. It has a Prosthesis Of Wood Instead Left foot And its nickname comes from here.
Mickey Mouse’s main enemy and adversary is the oldest Disney character still in use, even “older” than Mickey Mouse, who made his debut in 1928, three years later. When he was born in 1925, however, he was not really a cat, but a big bear. . His race? Like many Disney characters, he is one AnthropologicalA huge ethnographic cat.
In comics (especially Italian) it has one Fianc Name Trudeau It’s one Cousin is a scientist Name Plotigat. Here is the Goofy series! Pietro Gambadilegno is a used car dealer, he has one Wife Name Peg Pitt And two children, PJ And Rifle. Wife and daughter are not cats, ethnographic dogs.

Gertrude “Trudeau” – In English translations of Italian stories, Trudeau’s name remains unchanged, but his title is added. Van tub. It is as mentioned earlier Fianc Pietro and how he is in the Italian story Huge construction. She wears a hat adorned with purple or gray hair, full lips and small flowers. In the first stories she had a complete outfit that went down to the ankle over time it was designed with more modern attire and pants. Sometimes she befriends herself with her boyfriend in an attempt to steal, other times she is one Mini’s dear friendAnd. She loves to do snuggles Her boyfriend and ready for her Delicious food.
Designer Romano Scarpa seems to have been inspired by the extra protection and rich woman hired by Arnoldo Mondadori to create this character.

Cat nip – Known as Cat Knip in the original language, its name means “Catnip” as a play on words Cat girl Or Catnip. Mickey Debbie uses catnip in the story to make the cat nip drunk. And Rival Of Baby mouse Inside Thirties. Nip is a tough guy, he lives in a trap hut in the rural district of Topolinia and always tries to tie the tail of his enemy Mickey Mouse, but he is immediately defeated and escapes.

Milton – And Cats Rival Of Pluto Especially for food. It has color hair Orange The head, legs and tail are a little more apologetic and wear a white bib with a black bow.

Figaro – Mickey Mouse cats have a figure. Initially he was Gepetto’s cat in Pinocchio, then he became Mini’s cat. It is a black cat with a white face, chest, abdomen, tip of tail and white paws. She has black and yellow eyes, pink inside the ears, long fissures and protruding hair from the ears (although the latter feature will be lost in the shorts). In Pinocchio, when he goes to bed, Figaro wears a red hat with a pom pom, much like his master Gepetto, while in shorts he has a large pink bow around his neck that forces Minnie to wear it reluctantly. Figaro was animated by Eric Larson; Drawing inspiration later depends on her nephew’s cat personality, however We do not know the species.

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Plotigat – Also nickname The plot This is called the American translation of the story Portis. That’s what we said Cousin (And Crime partner) Pietro Wooden legs. She has an impressive body, a wear Scientist’s quote And the science-inspired adventure of 007 provides Mickey’s enemy cousin with science fiction tools. Anthropological cat, Has black fur, white sideburns like Scrooge but much more messy, after an elongated and slightly square chin and yellow shoes. He is well versed Optics, Chemistry And Mechanics But he uses his intelligence only for personal gain.

Pete Jr. Gambadilegno – Commonly known as PJ FigsL.I am the well-known criminal Pietro Wooden legs And Peg Pitt And the best Max’s friendThe Pippo’s son. A child at Echo Pippo, he was a high school student at Traveling with Pippo and a college student at Extremely Pippo. It has a look Nitol And always wear one Blue jacketA Sweater fuchsia And The blue pants, Makes him look like his father when he grows up. Her sister Carabina, like her mother, is an ethnographic dog.

Pierrino and Pierato – Mickey’s cat roundup ends with two Grandchildren Pietro Wooden legs. Physically They look the same A. Uncle, They wear striped T-shirts and trousers, yellow shoes with periodic orange and teal colored suspenders. Pierreno wears a red crown-shaped headdress, with a yellow visor. Naturally they are Malicious And bunglers.

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