One ton of pet food and thousands of doses of pesticides from Ukraine, Leiden –

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The volunteers brought back some friends of the man who was looking for adoption and brought help to the border of the occupied country. Michela Brambilla: “Great effort for the affected population and their four-legged friends

Even in peacetime they were alone in a difficult country, condemned for wandering in search of food and shelter, or, most of all, for living in a canal or caterpillar guarded by benevolent volunteers who could not give them warmth. A family. Thanks to the Italian League’s commitment to protecting animals and the environment, however, dogs and cats rescued on the Ukrainian border will have a different fate, created in embrace and love, with families who will welcome them the rest of the time. Life, away from the road and from war. In recent days it has been a tedious mission run by Leida volunteers who have seen men and women dressed in blue overalls spend more than fifty hours on long journeys to the Ukrainian border town of Pragmatis where the chief was stationed. Reception points for those fleeing the war: with them a ton of food and a thousand doses of pesticides, will be used for refugee animals.

A new home in Italy

“Our volunteer – the Honorable Explanation. Michela Vittoria Brambilla, President of Leida – saw herself in a dramatic and emotional scene: those who gave up their lives to survive the bombing, but did not want to give up their four-legged friends. I would say that this brave woman And men’s stories should be an example to all those who still leave animals in our country, take them to the kennel or even leave them on the side of the road, probably only because they fear that they are a “barrier” to the holidays or to the routine of daily life.

The work of volunteers

Leida volunteers, who arrived at their destination after a day of uninterrupted travel, met and assisted many refugees. The food and pesticide-free van was scheduled to transport the four-legged people rescued at the border. Dogs and cats that came to Italy are now in charge of caring for Leida men and women who keep them at home and look after them as themselves, waiting for them to have a good adoption. “I would like to thank – Michelle Vittoria Brambila continues – to each of these wonderful people: not only those who, with a great spirit of sacrifice, took part in the mission for Ukraine, but also those who took care of us across the peninsula. Our goal is to help them at any cost, and we will not stop in the coming weeks.

The story of Oksana

The story of the two dogs and cats that came to Italy for the mission is beautiful: like Oksana. When volunteers from the Italian League approached her for protection of animals and the environment, Oksana became frightened and withdrew in front of strangers whom she considered a threat. A normal reaction for him who received nothing but harshness and ugliness from men. Although it took a while for her to get used to and show all her wonderful character. Now that he’s in Italy he’s scared when he hears loud noises, because of bad experiences in the past: maybe – who knows? – Remind him of the bombing. Medium-sized, weighing about 16 kilograms, he will find a family in Italy that will help him forget a tragic past of neglect and abuse.

The big cat that looks like Garfield

Named the world’s most naughty cat in comics and TV, with which it shares color, this one-year-old kitten was saved in Ukraine. Really good and sweet, during the long journey he was the only carrier that took him to Italy: despite the fatigue and confusion, he realized that the volunteers were good people who were working hard to give him a new life. Now he enters into intercourse with Stephanie, the volunteer who takes care of him, from whom he receives much affection, and who will soon introduce him to wonderful new people, who will open the door of their home and their hearts for him.

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