Outbreak among 2,000 hamsters in Kovid, Hong Kong. Cats at risk at zoos in South Africa – Asia

The growth of infection is still irresistible France, Reached 464,769 in 24 hours. According to the public health report, the number has risen sharply to 36,000 last Tuesday. The test positivity rate – reported by Le Figaro – is still rising, reaching 23.9%. Out of every 100,000 inhabitants, the infection rate is 3,063. Today, however, the government says it is “optimistic” about the slowdown in the epidemic, above all the “stability of the resurgence” and the “more advanced” Delta variant.

Even the big cats at the zoo South Africa Those who care for them are at risk of contracting Covid-19, according to a South African study published in the journal Viruses. Researchers led by scientists at the University of Pretoria Three coronavirus-positive lions and two puma were found, Including clues that refer to the positivity of people with whom they have communicated. The incident “poses a risk to large cats in captivity,” said the study’s authors, which began last year after three lions at a private Johannesburg zoo fell ill with shortness of breath, a cold and a dry cough. One in three had pneumonia, the other two recovered after mild symptoms.

Infectious even among animals is Hong Kong, where the authorities Hong Kong A pet store in Causeway Bay has decided to kill more than 2,000 pets in response to a coyote outbreak involving hamsters. An employee and a customer who came in contact were infected with the virus, and health officials said tests of 11 hamsters taken from the store were positive, as well as environmental samples from the company’s warehouse. Anyone who has bought a small rat since December 22, the RTHK network reported, has been “strongly invited” to return it for testing. Whatever the outcome, it will be deleted. Meanwhile, the health authorities said Beijing Omicron, which appeared over the weekend, has announced confirmation of two more cases of infection with Covid-19, which was linked to the first infection of the variant. Speaking at a briefing, Pang Jinghuo, deputy director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing, explained that two new cases – from January 17 to 18 – had been confirmed – the mother of a January 15 Omicron case and a colleague. , Everyone is living in Haidian district. Following the second case, the Haidian residential complex where the infected lived was temporarily closed and further tests were started for all residents, including 16,000. The additional outbreak in the capital comes just two weeks before the start of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, raising new fears. Yesterday, the Chinese Post Office blamed Canada for the first Omicron infection in a letter, ordering all letters from abroad to be sterilized.

After two days of ‘blackouts’, due to technical issues in the face of large amounts of data, the Ministry of Health announced tonight that January 16 was there In Israel January 17 62,210 Kovid infections and another 65,259 people. Earlier, the ministry added that the number of critically ill patients had risen to 498: more than twice as many as a week earlier. In a press statement, experts predicted that the wave of infections has now reached its peak and will begin to decline from next week.

The Japan By updating the record of the number of infections from Kovid, over 27,000 nationally for the first time since the onset of the epidemic, confirming the advancement of the Omicron variant and the alarming arrival of the sixth wave of the virus. Although with values ​​much lower than in Western countries, the previous record was set shortly after the Tokyo Olympics in August with 25,992 positives. In addition to the capital – which has risen to 5,185 cases in less than a week, the city of Osaka is also concerned about 5,400 new infections. The Japanese government, according to the public broadcaster NHK, is preparing to declare at least 12 of the island’s 47 prefectures ‘near emergency’, allowing governors to impose further restrictions on commercial activities, tightening rules in public places.

There Germany The incidence of the virus has reached a new high with 553.2 new weekly infections per 100,000 inhabitants, but actual values ​​may be higher as testing capacity in laboratories is now limited. This has been reported by the Robert Koch Institute and DPA. In one day, Rki reported 74,405 new infections, but the actual number could be much higher due to the spread of Omicron, which puts laboratories at a limit on their screening capabilities. “In the north of Germany, testing laboratories are already at their limits. Now we have a 30-40% positivity rate here, something I have never seen before,” said the president of the German Laboratory Doctors Association. Babrowski. Meanwhile, more than 90% of coronary infections have been detected due to the Omicron variant, experts continue.

Inside Russia In the past day, 31,252 new cases of Covid-19 have been recorded, the highest number in a single day since December 6, the Novaya Gazette reported, citing data from the National Anticoronavirus Operations Center. The disease has killed 688 people in Russia in recent days, according to the center. Earlier in the day, 30,726 new cases of Kovid-19 and 670 deaths due to the disease were recorded in Russia, according to data released yesterday morning.

New York And other states along the northeast coast of the United States have seen a sharp decline in covid in recent days, and according to experts, the Omicron variant is about to reach the top of the new wave. In New York, the weekly average dropped from 40,000 cases on January 9 to 28,000 on Sunday, while hospitalizations remained stable below 12,000 for the second day in a row.

New spikes of infection Slovenia, Where 8,681 new cases were found out of 13,803 tests in the last 24 hours, with an always extremely high positivity rate of 62.9%. This is a new record for daily cases since the epidemic began two years ago. Ten have died since yesterday, the local news agency STA reported.

The Brazil In the last 24 hours, 74,134 new infections and 121 deaths have been recorded, which has risen to 23,074,791 and 621,166 since the onset of the epidemic, according to the National Health Secretary. Although Mondays are days with less notice due to the weekend, yesterday’s numbers continue to show an accelerated pace of transmission across the country. During the last seven days, there has been an average of 73,728 infections per day. The death toll averaged 154, at a steady pace, but lower than in the past. According to Conas, the first two weeks of the year have brought the country back to the level of June 2021 in terms of infection.

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