Paralympic champion Enza Petrilli is an Orphey guest at the Greek circus tonight.

Circus Greca Orfei will present the final show today and tomorrow before closing Gioia Tauro’s amazing stage. It should be noted that in these days of circus presence in Gioia Tauro, the Mavilla family director and Greek artistic director Orfei not only limited himself to presenting this fascinating show, but also showed great sensitivity towards people. In different ways. Capable, a refugee from the Ukrainian war, brings out many positive aspects of the territory, from social services and from culture to socialization in many other ways.
The same did not neglect even religious worship, in fact this afternoon the show will be attended by parish priest Don Giovanni Batista Tilisi and will be the guest of the show at the Greek Circus Orphey, who will entertain all circus performers immediately after the ceremony. , Saints call for blessings.
The Torianova municipal administration will be present at the evening show with Tokyo archery silver medalist Paralympic champion Nja Petrilli.
Honorable Marcelo Anastasi, former regional councilor of Calabria, will also be present.
In this situation, Mrs. Eagle Mavilla, a member of the direction of the Greek Orpheus Circus, expressed herself as follows:
“I would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to express my views on this tour which has just begun in Calabria.
We came from Sicily, where we spent three years, and even before the epidemic, we enjoyed great success.
However, we must thank everyone, even the Sicilians, who hosted us, who helped us in the two years of the epidemic, who helped all the circus workers, but above all we must recognize our animals, whom we care so much about. That we have helped them for everything and everything.
After our visit to Catania after the Christmas period, I, along with my whole family and our Greek artistic director Orpheus, decided to come to Calabria, because Calabria is very dear to all of us.
Many of us are Calabrian, so we decided to start this Calabrian tour from Regio Calabria. In the Calabrian capital, even if we were in a very remote and very decentralized place, we had success.
Shortly afterwards, we moved to Gioia Tauro and, to be honest, we didn’t expect the success we had in the plain town.
We really love Gioia Tauro because a part of my family lives in Gioia Tauro and so we wanted to make this necessary stop to show our show.
With our circus we started presenting our show on the Tyrrhenian coast, but now we will move to the Ionian coast where we will spend spring and summer.
Of course, there was a tremendous success here at Gioia Tauro, we didn’t really expect it, our stay was supposed to be 10 days, instead we created an extension week, as we were always on the 10 day show, the circus is always full.
You have to believe that in this time of crisis, in the lockdown of war, we did not really expect this success.
Our Gioia Tauro plane has been welcomed with open arms, as we have always come up with high quality shows.
The same Greek Orpheus lived here for many years in Gioia Tauro. This partnership between our Mavilla family and the Greek artistic director Orfei has been going on for 5 years.
He did not really expect this great consensus of the people.
We must have received basic support from one of your fellow citizens from GVC, Clemente Corvo, who has really helped us in all areas, did his best to make sure this tour went in the best way possible and you must believe me at this point, we are almost 16 thousand visitors. We also surpassed the presence of Moira Orphey when she arrived at Gioia Tauro, where she made about 15,000 appearances in the four days of her stay.
I believe that by the end of the Gioia Tauro tour we will have surpassed 20,000 admissions. We are delighted, we have come up with a show of perfect innovation, featuring the Death Globe, the motorcyclist, the hanging wheel and then the magician George’s guest at Italy’s Got Talent, Mr. Gartner’s two Indian elephants, the Lion, the Tiger, the Leon-Tiger. . Francesco Berosini who is a great Spanish temer, and what to say, artists are world famous artists. We have brought here, at Gioia Tauro, the show that we usually present for Christmas and you must believe, we have come up with something more, albeit accepting many sacrifices, as to what periods are. At Gioia Tauro, we went out of our way to offer every day of the week, to give all families a chance to come and see our show during this crisis, because it is worth watching.
Not only did we bring a great show, but we came very close to socializing, inviting Ukrainian children who are under the bomb, associations were our guests, Parish priest Don Giovanni Batista Tlisi will be the guest on Saturday afternoon, our guest on Saturday evening, Paralympic champion Enza Petrilli. In addition, the Honorable Marcelo Anastasi Calabria will be the former Regional Councilor. Many cultural organizations that have helped us, especially the association led by President Nello Stranges and Pierre Luigi Melara, thank them for their logical support during our circus stay in Gioia Tauro.
The municipal administration of Taurianova di Cinquefrondi di Gioia Tauro was present, we really did a capricious job. We really, really gave our best, because both the town of Gioia Tauro and the whole plain deserve it.

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