Pinocchio, 40th in skis, final at the beginning of Abbotton

It starts on Sunday and will run until Saturday, April 2nd. More than 1,800 athletes are expected on Mount Pistoia

LawAbbotton For is turbulent Pinocchio finishes in Ski 2022Listed Sunday 27 March to 2 April Saturday Upstairs Mount Pistoia. A very special version, not just for a global context, and above all, because it is Number 40: In fact, four decades later, in the early eighties, initiatives were organized in every part of the planet in honor of the 100th anniversary. Pinocchio’s Adventure Collodi, the most translated Italian book in the world. Many also had a ski race for children, which was the idea Pinocchio Ski Club With Pescia’s Carlo Collody National Foundation And local authorities: It was the first Pinocchio on skisWhich continues to pay homage to the most famous puppet of all time after forty editions, where thousands of Italian and foreign athletes participate each year.

“Pinocchio on Ski is now part of Italian skiing history and world famous, but it also represents a moment of growth for many young athletes who compete for the first time in a high-level competitive context,” he said. Franco GiacciniPresident Pinocchio Ski Club And patron of Pinocchio in skiing. A very current example Sophia GogiaRecently graduated for the third time World Specialty ChampionPinocchio Sugli, who began his professional career at the Sci, testified for himself through a video posted on his social networks, comparing pictures of 2022 World Cup deliveries to Pinocchio’s stage awards on skis 20. Years ago: A Great Emotion », Giachini concludes.

In the images in which he appears as the first person, few years but always with the same passion: over the years Giaccini and his team have had the pleasure and honor of rewarding many more famous names who measured themselves against Pinocchio Sugli as young. Ski. This is in the case of the Great Italian champions of yesterday and today, including Federica Brigonon, Marta Basino, Francesca Marsaglia, Irene And Elena Cartoni And Max Blardon. There are also many international stars, e.g. Lara Gutt, Ilka Stuheck, Eva Maria Brem, Anna With-Fenninger, Victoria Rebensberg, Tina Weirather, Henrik Christophersen, Marcel Hirscher, Ivica And Jenica Kostelick.

It is no coincidence that in 2017 Tuscany region Decorated FISI Tuscan Regional Committee Dignified award Pegasus for sports, Has been awarded “for its work in the field of youth sports, in particular the Pinocchio Sugli Institute of Science” and the region has hosted the 40th edition of the presentation. The President Eugenio Gianni, Who has always been a supporter of the event, said: “Pinocchio is now an integral part of the Italian sporting tradition and represents a growth opportunity for many young skiers. Tuscany must be proud that this important event, which now takes place in all major Italian ski resorts, was envisioned in our mountains four decades ago. “

“The slopes of Abbotton Coutigliano are now the capital of Italian skiing. At the Italian Children’s Championships, with 800 boys from all over Italy on our mountain slopes, I will follow Pinocchio Sugli science, one of the five most important races in the world with athletes from around the world.” President of the Municipal Council Diego Petruchi.

“We are proud to host boys and girls from all over the world in Abbotton – they declare Marcelo DantiMayor of Abetone Cutigliano, e Andrea Formento, Tourism and Sports Counselor – Administration is always active and participates in Pinocchio’s organization: in fact, at the same time of the competition, there will be events across the region, the first tribute we wanted to pay to Zeno Colo marking the 70th anniversary of the Oslo Olympic medal. We will meet again at Abbotton Palatine Hill at 5.30pm on Saturday 26th March to remember our great champion. This year, moreover, each anniversary becomes even more important as it is reinforced by the title of Tuscan City of Sport for which we are proud and for which we have many events planned throughout 2022.

“Carlo Colodi and the Pinocchio National Foundation support and promote a variety of sports aimed at the world of children, from golf to tennis, cross-country skiing – he announced. Pierre Francesco Bernachi, President of the Carlo Collody National Foundation – Requests for support and patronage reach us every year, as well as for sharing the educational values ​​that sport has always been a carrier of. And we took the first step into the world of skiing with Pinocchio, who we’ve been with since the beginning of this successful event. Thanks to the passion of organizers like Franco Giaccini, this is an event that has grown year after year, managing to engage a new generation of young skiers each year. So we pay special attention to the event and every year we renew our support with conviction.

For National Final 2022 (March 27-30), organized in collaboration SAF – Abetone Funivie Company And Abbotton Cutigliano Municipality, More than 1,800 athletes are expected in the Pistoia Mountains: they are eligible for regional elections across Italy. The little ones in the Baby and Poppy categories will compete to win Pinocchio D’OroWhen older boys and students are competing for a place Team Italy And quotes in dignified Pinocchio’s Roll of Honor.

The Italian team will face the best skiers in the children’s I and II categories from around the world on this occasion. International Final 2022 (April 1-2), which traditionally carries Abetone 30/35 foreign nationals. You have to animate the part Distinguished guests And Pinocchio VillageWhich will arrive in Abbotton after the Italy tour: 2022 The tour has stopped Prato Nevoso, Moena, Sappada, San Vito de Cador, Cereto lagi, Bardonecia, Paso del Tonale And Rocaraso.

Final Program 2022

Sunday 27 March U9-U10 (Children 1-2) GS test on individual tracks
Monday 28 March U11-U12 (puppy 1-2) GS test on individual tracks
Tuesday 29 March U14 (boys) SL test – U16 (students) GS test
Wednesday 30 March GS U14 (boys) test – SL’s U16 (boys) test
Friday 1 April International Final Day 1
Saturday 2nd April International Final DAY 2

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