Quotes about four-legged friends

Who else but a dog can give you the affection you need? The dog is the most sincere and faithful friend of your life, happiness skyrockets as soon as you set foot in the house or take him for a walk with you. Here are some nice phrases for your four-legged friend!

It is no coincidence that the expression is called ordinary Dogs are man’s best friend. Anyone who has ever loved a dog can be sure of it. It’s impossible to imagine a dog with a dog ‘Spirit And gods FeelingsJust look him in the eye and you will understand what he is guaranteeing you Sincere affection and loyalty. In fact, dogs are also animals Loyal Equal Excellence: She gives a lot and wants nothing in return, except feeding and taking out (which, of course, is also a great habit for walking men!) Read the beautiful phrases, quotes and aphorisms about dogs below!

Positive aspects of having a dog: The most beautiful phrase

There must be more to having a dog in your life Pro Against that and anyone who has ever shared a pet company can claim it. Her only request is to take him out, but it is actually an opportunity for the man and woman to be with him Get some air and clear your head. His Institution He is unique and no human has ever been able to offer the same comfort, support and love as a dog’s sweet eyes.

And the ancient friendship, the joy of being a dog and the joy of being a human being is transformed into a single creature that moves six legs and a tail soaked in dew.
Pablo Neruda

Dogs have only one flaw: they trust men.
Alien J. Finbert

Anyone who doesn’t have a dog doesn’t know what love means.
Arthur Schopenhauer

Gratitude is a dog disease that is not contagious to humans.
Antoine Burnheim

A dog does nothing by closing expensive cars, big houses or clothes … a rotten stick is enough for him. The dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, bright or inexperienced, intelligent or stupid যদি if you give him your heart he will give it to you. How many people can say the same thing? How many people can make you feel unique, authentic, special? How many people can feel you … awesome?
From the movie Me and Marley

The only place in the world where you can meet a person worthy of a name is the sight of a dog.
Roman Gary

One thinks he is taking the dog outside to urinate in the afternoon and evening. Big mistake: They are the dogs that invite us to meditate twice a day.
Daniel Penak

Let the dog be covered in mud, you can wash the dog and you can wash the mud. But those who don’t like dogs or mud … those who don’t like them can’t be washed.
Jack Privert

Dogs need to smell the soil – it’s their way of keeping up to date with current events. Ground is a giant dog newspaper, with all sorts of last-minute dog news, moving to the next ground, especially in case of emergency.
Dave Barry

The life of a dog is very short. This is their only real fault.
Agnes Slig Turnbull

Dogs don’t lie about their feelings, because they can’t lie about emotions. No one saw the sad dog pretending to be happy.
Jeffrey Musaif Mason

There is no better psychiatrist in the world than a dog to lick your face.

I am your religion, I am your glory … If you know, my dear dog, how sad your god is for your death … The gods cry when the dog licks his hand.
Miguel de Unamuno

Feelings towards dogs are similar to those of our children.
Sigmund Freud

The soul of a faithful dog goes to heaven who loves him.
Jose Moinout

Nice phrases about dogs: Daniel Penak

The dog is superior to man and this is proved by the fact that he learns much from us more than we learn from him.

The dog is a gentleman. I hope he goes to heaven, not men.
Mark Twain

A dog’s nose is an engineering prodigy, and it reminds us that there is a world that will never be known to us, at least not as humans.
Roger Carras

If you pick up a fat, hungry dog ​​and feed it, it won’t bite you. This is the difference between a dog and a human.
Mark Twain

Every morning my loyal dog waits in a silent chair, until I greet him fondly. Her body trembled with joy as she received this light homage. Of all the silent creatures, he alone, piercing the veil of good and evil, has seen man perfectly.
Rabindranath Tagore

No one knows how to appreciate the extraordinary nature of your conversation like a dog.
Christopher dies

Men don’t love all the time. They have breaks, moments of crisis, selfishness or fear.
Dogs on the other hand always love. There is no doubt about his love. She loves when she looks at you with her sweet eyes, when she follows you, when you scold her, when you let her go.
Dogs are God’s way of teaching us love.
Fabrizio Caramagna

Fortunately on this planet we are alone, absolutely alone; And in all the life forms around us no one has allied with us except the dog.
Maurice Materlink

Dogs are the only mammals that can really live with us, and not just around us.
Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfeldt

There is no allegiance that does not betray even once, except the dog.
Conrad Lorenz

Look into the eyes of a sleeping dog and be ashamed of your deep vision.
Elias Canetti

And when we dip our mouths in our hands, wishing we were never born, the dogs don’t stand up to their full height, noticing that we wanted it, or they don’t expect it to serve us as a lesson, but they Comes closer. Soft steps. We will go around the world together we will always support each other, right?
Jerome Klapka Jerome

If a dog can’t see you and run to meet you, you should go home and check yourself.
Woodrow Wilson

Funny phrases about dogs

There is no shortage of funny and funny phrases and quotes about dogs, sometimes so funny To raise Mood After a hard day. No matter how much you argue during the day or the stress of the week, your dog will always be able to make you laugh.

Enters heaven for partiality. If you enter with qualifications, you will be out and your dog will enter your place.
Mark Twain

Carefully trained people can be a dog’s best friend.
Corey Ford

Dogs have to believe that dogs are a real beauty when they see some of the monuments they do business with.
Jules Renard

My dog ​​as a dog is a mess,
But as a person he is immutable.
Johannes Rau

The more I know about men, the more I love dogs.
Madame de Savigne

Personal freedom is the greatest blessing for a human being, for a dog it is the last word of despair.
William Leon Phelps

If you have a dog, you have a friend, and the poorer you are, the better that friend will be.
Will Rogers

I want to know the music that beats my dog’s tail that measures.
Evan Edward

You can talk nonsense to a dog, and he’ll give you a look that says, “My God, you’re right! I never got there.”
Dave Barry

If you think the dog can’t count, try to keep three cookies in your pocket and then give Fido only two days.
Phil Pastoret

A person’s religion is of no value unless his dog and cat also benefit from it.
Abraham Lincoln

If you don’t have a dog – at least one – there’s something wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.
Vincent van Gogh

The great joy of having a dog is able to be a fool in front of him: he will not only rebuke you, but he will do the same.
Samuel Butler

Have you ever entered a room and forgotten why you entered? I think that’s how a dog lives.
Sue Murphy

Sometimes it is difficult to know who is in charge of the family: husband, wife, mother-in-law or maid. But the dog, he, is never wrong.
Marcel Pagnol

The dog is the link to our paradise মতো a beautiful afternoon sitting on a hill with a dog, like coming back to Eden, where nothing was boring to do – it was peace.
Milan Kundera

Dogs love friends and bite enemies, unlike humans, who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate in their relationship with objects.
Sigmund Freud

Dogs have a kind of penetrating spirit that relieves people who are starting to dry out.
Elias Canetti

Nice phrase about dogs: Corey Ford

Nice phrase about dogs: Corey Ford

Nice phrase about having a dog

Adopt a dog This is a beautiful gesture for your four-legged friend and for you: you save him from the road or from the canal, guarantee food, friendship and safety; At the same time, the dog becomes your best friend, never leaves you alone and offers you the most enjoyable and genuine company you can get. By adopting a dog you will get yours Life’s best friend.


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Dogs are better than humans because they know but do not say.
Emily Dickinson

The greatest love is a mother; Then a dog; Then a woman’s heart.
Polish proverb

A dog can hear, even read. Not books, everything is possible without him. Dogs can read people’s hearts.
Fabrizio Caramagna

Sometimes I wondered why
Dog life is very short and I’m sure
That it is a kind of compassion for the human race;
Because if we have to break up with a dog then we have so much trouble
What will happen after being with him for ten or twelve years?
What if we live twice as long with him?
Walter Scott

The best test for choosing a puppy is to look in the mirror honestly.

My little dog – a heartbeat in my legs.
Edith Wharton

Our friend the dog is not allowed in the store, while the man who is the wolf to the man is cordially invited to enter.
Eric Chevillard

Dogs are smarter than men. They do not pay much attention to the issues. They do not waste their days hoarding property. They don’t ruin their sleep by thinking about how to store the items they have and how to find the items they don’t have.
Eugene O’Neill

The dog tells us: “Take care of yourself. Put your hand on my head and I’ll remind you how to do it.”
Fabrizio Caramagna

The dog knows, but he doesn’t know, he knows.
Pierre Telhard de Chardin

For the dog, man represents what God should be.
Holbrook Jackson

Who knows the dog that goes out with me every day wonders at the color of the clock, if it measures minutes and days, or if he is just happy, except yesterday, except tomorrow, only now, in his timeless place.
And when I measure life in bitterness or joy, success or failure, he lives a hundred years in one day.
Fabrizio Caramagna

Lord, let me be half human like my dog.

A dog is man’s best friend, but not the other way around.

Look at that poor dog. Call him, give him some of your snacks, give him a pat. It is the Lord who sent it to you so that you can do a good deed to one of His abandoned animals.
Don Bosco

Here is buried the body of a man who possessed beauty without arrogance, power without arrogance, courage without violence and all the qualities of man without his virtues.
Lord Byron, for his favorite Newfoundland Botswine

The dog is the only animal that has seen its god.

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