Super sexy Cotton and Gemini

In the ranking of the luckiest signs of the horoscope for the week from March 28th to April 3rd, 2022, we find the wind signs still much more loving and super sexy. Fire signs on the other hand will be engaged in intellectual activity for Mercury in Aries. Here are the subtle prophecies of the week by signs!

In the ranking of the luckiest signs of the horoscope for the week from Monday 28 March to Sunday 3 April 2022 we will still have favorable wind signs by Mars and Venus in Aquarius. Intellectually, the signs of fire can be noticed Mercury, the planet of thought, which enters Aries.

Horoscope, ranking of lucky signs for next week

Let’s not forget that the new moon will be seen in Italy on April 1 at 8:15 am with the Sun and Moon meeting at 11 degrees in the sign of Aries, this is a great time to resume the good intentions of the beginning. That year did not succeed.

12. Scorpio

Knowing your love of vengeance Dear Scorpio, I have to be careful before I sit in the chair and check that you have not put a thumbtack on it since you have to stay in this position for a while. Emotions will be so overwhelming that the urge to throw a punch will not be silenced even if you are given chamomile sacherata instead of spritz.

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11. Taurus

Lazy but lazy you can’t get any lazy! The fact is that you don’t even want to hear what the people around you want to say and you answer “yes” or “of course” without knowing what you are talking about. In all cases, even if they ask you for an advantage, you will find a good reason not to complete it.

10. Leo

The situation improves in the sense that you will be able to communicate with everything that goes through your head with a certain instantaneity and as soon as you open the front door the words will run away like a cat climbing the stairs. The problem is that because of Mars and Venus and even Saturn, all the opposite in your words, we will not find a single mercy. But it is better to go step by step.

9. Capricorn

You can always be faithful and this is a great thing because we lean a little on all your responsibilities as we do with the wall when we first try the inverted positions of yoga. We’re pretty sure it won’t break. This week, however, you can go a step further and reprimand all those who do not show the same determination to follow the goals. You’ll be much worse off than Sergeant Major Hartman in a full metal jacket.

8. Cancer

You will feel a sense of self-preservation and for that you will be transformed into a subtle hedgehog as soon as you see it in someone’s eyes. It’s hard to understand whether it’s about shame, privacy, the need to protect yourself, or the desire to break the ball. In each case, we have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “

7. Pisces

Nowadays everything in your life is at such a peak that if they ask you what your estimated bank balance is you will have no idea. But we hope you don’t get the feeling of any whimsical ability like Paris Hilton. You show a big smile like the supermarket parking lot but you are the worst person to ask for opinion on financial investment.

6. Virgo

You are finally free from the feeling of putting your ears in the pool water and not being able to hear what is happening around you. Your brain starts working again and as a result you immediately return to our familiar wise and hyper organized daughter. The last good is all good.

5. Cotton

It was nice to be the undisputed queen of the ranking of lucky signs but now you have to deal with the opposition of Mercury that will do everything to get you in trouble when you have something to announce. Those of you who are usually the queen of diplomacy and guessing doses without measuring them will now have a feeling of losing control and you will find yourself screaming because the butcher has added too many slices of ham. But remember that (only) slight aggression makes you more sexy.

4. Sagittarius

Love is always a wonderful thing but it’s nice that from this week you will be able to communicate your sweet half to it and forgive the last few days with absolutely unintentional gossip that you have lavished yourself on serenade, poetry, KM WhatsApp Kissed Rime Message even dinner menu To fix I haven’t seen you so sweet for a while but I know we like you.

3. Gemini

Longevity is back to Mercury and will take you to the top of the charts in terms of sexual appeal, which was already as hot as embers of barbecue last week, but in terms of boarding strategy at any starting point. If there is a reward for the impossible, you can be sure that you will win it with some personal satisfaction.

2. Aquarius

Beautiful, good and wise! Even your mother’s dream is perfect that the prince may come charming and ask you for some advice. However, thanks to Saturn that you are particularly interested in starting serious and long-term projects will always force you to choose the evening program that will make the person of your choice happier. I told you you were perfect!

1. Aries

Mercury has come to your zodiac sign and you can’t wait to reveal all your energy and not only physical but also mental energy. In your head, ideas and projects are churned out, like pizza at a village bakery on a Saturday morning. We need to replenish our vitamins and minerals to be with you.

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