The Aristocats, a fantastic Disney cartoon, is celebrating 51 years

“The Aristocrats”, the twentieth, extraordinary Walt Disney classic, fifty years old.

It is the latest film project approved by Walt Disney and first produced after his death on December 15, 1966. Aristocrats – Original title Aristocrats – An animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions, the original version featuring the voices of Phil Harris, Eva Gaber and Sterling Hallway.

Directed by German director Wolfgang Reitermann, who animated major hits, including Disney Princess (1959), 101 Dalmatian (1961), Sword in stone (1963), Forest books (1967) and Robin Hood (1973), released in U.S. theaters on December 11, 1970, distributed by Buena Vista Distribution.

It was a huge success for both the audience and the critics, giving the movie history a consistent look and cult character. The story is based on a script signed by Tom McGowan and Tom Roy. The story was initially different and there were many changes to the original script from Walt Disney. It took four years to make the film with a budget of four million dollars.

Five of the nine “Nine Old Men” – such as Walt Disney jokingly called them – worked on the film. The Nine Old Men were its nine historical animators Walt DisneyFrom the creator of the most famous work, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) a The Adventures of Peter Pan (1953).


We are in Paris in 1910. In the villa of the retired opera singer Madame Adelaide Bonfamil Live a cat by name Zanderel woman And his three puppies Minu, Mattis And Budget. One day the cats disappear by butler Edgar, Who thus wants to be the sole heir to the fortune of a rich woman Named a stray “Irish” cat Romeo And other animal friends will help the aristocrats go home and hunt down the rogue butler. The will was rewritten to exclude Edgar and to include Romeo, who lived with the family after winning the Duchess’s heart. Madame eventually decided to open a charitable foundation by donating a home to all the stray cats in Paris.

The real names of the three kittens are homage to the singer Maria Callas (Marie), to the painter Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec (Toulouse) and its composer Marseilize Hector Barlioz (Berlioz). In Italy, more well-known names have been chosen: Minu (Soprano) For Mary, Mattis E for Toulouse Budget For the Barlios. In the Italian version Mario Maldesi He took care of the dubbing and Roberto de Leonardis Some dialogue. Famous voice actors working in cartoons: Renzo MontagnaniPusmontise by birth and Tuscan by adoption, Romanized RomeoAfter years of playing Guido Necchi My friends; The rat Gruer And George Hautcourt There were voices by Oreste Lionello; Melina Martello Gave voice to the Duchess and Emanuela RossiHistorical voice of Italian dubbing, small one Budget.

Historian wrote the soundtrack Brother Sherman At the end of the contract with Disney. The soundtrack is the main piece All the judges, Alleluza!, With the scene where the Duchess and her puppies meet the trumpeter cat band Scat catRomeo’s friend.

Definitely the link in between Aristocrats And the world of music is very tight. Scat catFor example, it was designed and built to give voice Louis Armstrong (1901-1971). Unfortunately Trumpet was ill and could not cope, and the role was assigned to the actor and singer, who was sarcastically called Scatman Crothers. Musician cat Cat hit Finally represents a real caricature John Lennon.

The cartoon tells a fresh and flowing story, ideal for the best Disney narrative style, which makes the experience very enjoyable. Like any Disney classic, good examples and positive emotions reign here. Animals against men and, moreover, music as a metaphor for the universal language that is capable of uniting everything and everyone: different races and different social classes.

Numerous references have been learned, such as the note played on Little Budget’s piano, a name that pays homage to the well-known composer and is heard in the living room of his concubine Madame. Classical music in the feature film alternates with the metropolitan rhythm of jazz, a new irresistible trend born on the streets. Conflicts between stray and domesticated animals create irresistible, great solidarity.

From a design standpoint, “smatitate” is an integral part of the show, clearly standing on the “clean” line. The backdrop adapts to this artistic impurity, making the views of Paris as attractive as they are full of hatches. The format adopted is similar to most of the films of that year: a Open mats, It is a film at 4: 3, made in such a way that it can be projected at 16: 9 without losing the basic parts of the drawing.

The Disneyton Studio They started sequels Aristotle Cats2 But this adventure did not see the light of day, due to the executive push of the Disney Company in the middle of the process.

AristocratsAt that time, it had no rivals. Memorable characters such as two English geese Adelina And Gondolin blah blah Visit their drunk Uncle ReginaldoA “military patrol” consisting of a team of cat musicians led by Judge Scott Kat and even two haystack dogs. Napoleon And LafayetteSatirical and janny figures.

Romeo’s personality, however, gives the film an edge. Comic time, his hysterical, heroism and charisma make him the ultimate hero of the story, taking him to the Walt Disney character Olympus.

His rhythmic homage to the refined Duchess, sung in strict Roman dialect, is memorable:Come here from Rome / I was shocked. / And in France / I have been for a long time already. / But also as an immigrant, / I have not changed. / I know Romeo, / Its Mejo del Colosseum

It is impossible not to love Romeo and Aristotle, whom we imagine sheltering in Madame’s big house with all the stray cats in Paris, rejoicing and loving at the sound of that cradle.

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