The owner’s daughter was bitten by a domestic dog. Poor animal management?

“Help, my dog ​​bit my daughter’s head.” Christian Costamagna, a dog educator, trainer and trainer and founder of the Compassionate Dog system, recently received a request for help from a desperate woman. A story that, fortunately, did not have serious consequences, but it raises a question that is asked every time we hear that dogs are attacking family members or their acquaintances: how is it possible that a beloved and caring dog can suddenly express aggression? ?

“Controversially, what awakens these‘ animalistic ’and aggressive behaviors in the dog, which illuminates his instincts as a predator, is the tendency of many people to humanize him and treat him like a child. – Christian Costamagna Comment – This creates a lot of confusion in the animal, causing serious stress, which can lead to aggression. I know now that anyone who has a dog thinks this can’t happen to him, but suppose the woman in question has a Golden Retriever, a breed that is generally considered to be humble, affectionate and easily trained, often employed to treat pets. Is done, and not the classic pit bull or amsatof, which breeds aggression. “

Costamagna then underlines that the dog, even if now domesticated, is a hunter and has a very direct way of communicating with it to hunt and kill, which can sometimes be difficult and violent, including roaring. Not knowing and not respecting its nature, not trying to understand it, shocks the dog and creates strong misunderstandings that can lead to attack.

“One of the most common mistakes in dog education is behaving like a child, letting him do what he wants and making it happen. As we said before, there is a lot of stress and difficulty in understanding how to behave within yourself.” Sometimes, moreover, we deny him the usual things for him, such as stopping smelling something, resting in peace, interacting with men with him, and in later cases if you hear the roar of your hairy friend, you often immediately think that it is There are many types of offensive communication and roaring is one of them and should be taken with due caution because, usually, before the bite or another to indicate that if you go beyond the point after which you can expect it. No, but it is a form of communication, which, if read properly, can make the owner understand a lot. – Sympathy Dog Founder Continues Respect, learning to communicate properly and in your own way, paying attention in the right way and at the right time and much more to ensure that the dog can be peaceful and calm, polite and balanced. ” .

However, if in many cases we can talk about the lack of education, there are also dogs that have been brought in by trainers, but in the case of the Golden Retriever such problems are seen. The woman went to several trainers, often receiving contradictory advice: the one who told her that the dog should only be shaken with a choke collar, the one who advised the dog to do whatever he wanted, the one who let him practice, rewarded him with tons. Of sausage, who even suggest killing the animal.

“Unfortunately, I see a lot of colleagues around me who ignore the basics of canine psychology and only increase the confusion between dog and owner. To show how much the dog is compelled to sit, sit down, stay, come, and think that it is enough to solve the behavioral problem and make him polite and balanced. We must teach people to be sympathetic, loving and well behaved towards dogs But it is important to remember that it is a dog, and it is bad for him to deny it, “said Christian Costamagna.

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