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If we had been told a few years ago that Italian tennis had won a few Slam semifinals, a title in the prestigious Master 1000, the winner of the NextGen ATP final, eight players in the top 100 of the rankings, and won several tournaments, we would not believe it. This would seem like an exceptional result to us, almost unattainable, out of our reach as we have used it for decades to lean on cows, almost too thin at times.

Alone More than three years ago our tennis seemed to be in a moderate crisis: The three tennis players in the top 100 are not exactly in the first row (Fagnini, Seppi, Lorenzi), the absence of spare parts behind and the youngsters who were not there or who do not seem to be able to enter tennis. A few years have passed and now everything has changed and the possibilities are looking pink, to say the least.

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Italian tennis is making new progress Matthew Berettini From Rome and Janik is a sinner From Sesto Pusteria. Young, strong and have a bright future ahead, but the good news is that there are many more young players behind them who could explode in the next few years and a bunch of good players who can snatch anything. Satisfaction. In short, we are going to live a golden age of Italian tennis, the epidemic allows.

Top man, we said, Matteo Beretini: The 24-year-old Roman boy had a great 2019 season that ended US Open semifinals (Defeated by Nadal) and qualified for the ATP finals. Also won two tournaments worth mentioning and other relevant placements. Matthew had some physical problems in early 2020 that prevented him from competing and getting other results from last year. As a result of the break we should have given back to Matthew who has recovered from his illness, at least that’s what the game looked like these days.

Berrettini represents a A tennis player who has never been seen in Italy. A large man weighing 195 cm and 95 kg who made and straightened his deadly weapon. For us “Terioli” Matteo also represented a perfect innovation and his modern game is perfectly suited for today’s tennis. We were not able to shoot a service among our compatriots 220/230 km Up to the hour and throw straight as stones. The work of thanking coach Vincenzo Santopadre was nothing short of exceptional.

Roman has become a dangerous player for everyone as he progresses in every sector of the pitch. If he is able to file a few small errors and improve the response (especially in the backhand) and the mobility, then nothing will be left out and you can play for a really heavy title. The future is for him and we just have to wait and see.

Which may have a brighter future Janik is a sinner From Sesto Pusteria, a city of less than 2,000 spirits, is a stone’s throw from Austria, and in fact the region is theoretically
It certainly belongs to the Austrian neighbors because it is located to the east of Sela de Dobbiaco, a physical boundary and watercourse. Can we say that for once we had a shameless fate? Yes, we can. The possibility that a South Tyrolian ski resort a few meters away from Austria would provide us with the best tennis talent on the world stage was virtually non-existent.

Perhaps a skier like our Patrick Holzer, also from Cesto, and winner of two World Cups in the 90’s, but could ever afford a tennis player. And yet this story is real. Jannik obviously started with skiing and can’t wait to say that he is very strong and has won several races. Tennis as a kid is a summer pastime, but soon you’ll find an impressive comfort in the shots that take real cannon shots out of his skinny arms.

Fortunately, Seppi’s historic coach Max Sartori noticed him, who took him to Bordighera’s Piatti Tennis Center in the summer of 2014. The Bergamo Challenger rarely knew him until the explosion of February 2019 where, as an outsider, thanks to the wild card, he won the tournament. From there it would be a Rosenian Crescendo and Janic the best teenager in the world rankings to date. The 18-year-old South Tyrolian, who will turn 19 on August 16, is already ranked 73rd in the rankings.

Unfortunately a long break from the season prevented him from climbing which could probably take him to the top 30-40 already, but as he said His coach is Riccardo PiattiDuring this long period, the sinner has been trained a lot especially physically and will be very ready to start the season again. We have already been able to notice this with our own eyes at the game performance in Germany, where he conducted Defeating two top 15s like Khachanov and Bautista Agut.

Being superstitious and why hiding is meaningless Jannik is almost certainly the strongest 18-year-old seen in Italy And the break through the highest level seems to have all of the elements. Obviously you shouldn’t put too much pressure on such a young man. Sina’s strong and precise rebound has two basic features, above all the backhand is a natural and technically perfect shot. It has already proven extensively that it can make a win after a win against anyone.

Improvements to the service will be sought, yet a little more non-stop, in the strategic management of points and the ability to change the game a bit more, especially on the net. Everything given at a very young age will be corrected and in fact it can be said that if you are so strong as a young man and have so much room for improvement, they say elsewhere, the sky is the limit.

We should not forget everything else and especially Fabio Fognini. Ligurian, who has just turned 33, is ranked 11th in the world and underwent a clean operation on both ankles during the stop period. The goal is to get the clay back in shape. Fognini has been living with these ankle ailments for years and now it is hoped that they have been completely cured and if it really is, we know that his tennis is capable of absorbing high-level.

They may not be champions, but they have everything to be a great player Sonego, Travaglia, Caruso and Mager In the current top 100 with everyone 36 years old Andres SeppI tend to achieve good results in spite of those who have fairly serious chronic physical problems. Let’s not forget about Marco Chechinato After the semifinals at Roland Garros two years ago and the best ranking at No. 16 is going through a crisis from which we hope it will come out quickly. Considering the young age (27 years) and the ability that Sicilian can play tennis, we have no doubt that Marco can get back to a good level.

We weren’t Eight Italians in the top 100, But the good news does not stop there. There are actually a bunch of kids who will be able to replenish the blue patrol in the next few years and someone from there
This seems to have top notch quality

That’s the first name Lorenzo Musetti , Born in 2002 from Carrara. Champion at the junior level where he won a slam and was ranked No. 1 in the world. Although a player with crystal talent
Especially mentally immature. At the beginning of the year he was showing significant improvement, so much so that he reached the 284th ranking, the best in the 2002 world rankings.

Musetti perfectly embodies a classic tennis, with one hand backhand the ability to inflate your eyes and stroke the ball is really rare for young people nowadays.
Behind him Julio Zappieri The 18-year-old left-handed boy from Latina plays strong tennis with very good qualities. Unfortunately, some physical ailments slowed him down a bit
Last pre-epidemic month.

We have 16 year olds behind these two kids, she will be 17 years old in August, Luca Nardi A highly promising player from Pesaro who won a future tournament in Sharm El Sheikh in March, before everything was shut down and the circuit closed, and who had a three-hour stand against No. 53 on the ZzzQuil tennis tour of Perugia a few days earlier, lost by 64 runs in the third. Showing flashes of brilliant talent. I say quietly, but it also seems to be the pre-determined way.

The list will include boys who are less well known at the moment, but certainly more likely, such as Matteo Gigante, born in 2002, who has noticed himself in recent weeks.
Italian tournament, junior Flavio Coboli and others.

In short, ban superstition and deal with it without too much noise: perhaps The coming years will be a real golden age of men’s tennis in Italy. We have never had so many leading players and we have never had such a big generation change with so many boys ready to reach the top 100. It will still take a little patience, because the recovery of tennis is not yet imminent and because young boys, you need to know how to wait without putting pressure on them.

Having absolute heroes today like the aforementioned Beretini and Fognini will allow everyone to grow without the spotlight thrown at them and will certainly be an advantage. Moreover, having many players can create a nice competitive environment among Italian players which will inevitably lead them to encourage each other.

We waited many years, but finally it seems our turn has come and as he said
That man “It is too late to get good results

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