Two university students rescue dog trapped in avalanche (video)

A ski trip is about to turn into a tragedy when a snowstorm buried the pet dog of some skiers, immediately the two boys are in a desperate search for a dog and their desperate rescue efforts by Go-Pro resume.

Avalanche Dog Rescued (Screen Video)

Two college students, Bobby White and Josh Trujillo They were skiing Birthwood Pass Inside Colorado On December 26, when they were hit by an avalanche. In addition to a family, they had their favorite pet dog on the track It was dramatically overwhelmed by the wrath of the snow.

Bobby White As reported by Reuters In fact, he later insisted: “We were skiing on soft terrain where the slopes were not steep enough to slide when we saw a large snowfall on a different slope about 1,500 feet away from us.”
The boys are both 22-year-old students Colorado School of Mines They were able to go safely, but they noticed that there were other people on the track, so they went back Provide immediate assistance.

Luckily there was a team of skiers present on the slope Is able to escape, The only person who was in danger and failed to escape the snow was the dog Apollo who was trapped in the snow.

Scott ShepherdA 42-year-old dog owner and father of 3 children was skiing with his family and a 2-year-old Chesapeake Bay puppy, with the whole family snowing. Quickly began to slip And when everyone survived the terrible snowfall, The dog was dragged into the snow.

The man fell silent He frantically tried to get to the last place he had seen the dog And with that the students heard themselves screaming from the video “It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.”Where did you last see him? “DDog owner heard responding to video “Go to top “The speeding boys tried hard to find the dog, apparently without success.

We searched for about 20 minutes, At which point the chances of survival begin to plummet. “. The 93% avalanche victims If the inside is drained In fact, 15 minutes is a chance to survive But the rate decreases dramatically with each passing minute.

Dogs rescued by avalanche

Avalanche Dog Rescued (Screen Video)
Avalanche Dog Rescued (Screen Video)

In fact, one of the boys almost resigned and screamed as he tried to rescue his belongings from the snow. “I think we have to get out of here.” “That dog is dead. That’s why I don’t like dogs in snowy terrain“But now that he seems to have resigned to the dog’s cruel fate, he noticed something. It was the tip of the iceberg. Apollo, One fine day the snow was already melting and the dog was breathing even though it was covered in ice.

Guys who found it and started it Crazy digging in the snow To save his life. “I found it! I found it, I found it, I found it!One of them shouted. “I see. He’s still alive!”

The dog, thanks to the help of the boys who continued digging, freed himself and showed no signs of trauma. Slight injury to the leaves. Has come out of a terrible situation The dog immediately ran towards its owner.

The man who was grateful to the boys actually said: “There was no way I could find it in time to get it out because I was still on the slope, making rounds.” “I think they saved his life, and I can’t thank him enough.”

Fortunately, the dog and everyone on the track survived the avalanche, which could be fatal, two university boys have proved. The real heroes who did not stop looking for the dog despite the limited chance to find him alive.

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