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Dog convulsions are a very difficult pathology to deal with and which must be observed. Let’s look at the causes of triggers, common symptoms and how to act on faith.

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Throughout his life, the four-legged friend may go through dramatic moments and powerful fears that terrify his owner or his family. Fido may be prone to some complex diseases that put pressure on his strength and courage. One of them is epilepsy. Let’s see what happens Convulsions in dogs And how to handle them properly.

Dog convulsions: The main causes and common symptoms

This is considered to be the ugliest and most dangerous phenomenon that can affect your dog. Convulsions can occur for a variety of reasons, and there are common symptoms that you must pay attention to. Let’s go deeper into the article.

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There are times when we think a lot about Health (And for your own life) Dear pet dog, in situations where we seem powerless and can’t do everything in our power not to hurt him.

When a dog has a sudden convulsion, it is normal to panic and not know what to do. But in this delicate situation faith needs clarity and help Of His Master.

Trust convulsions consist of only one Missing Control Of the body, by the way Activities Cerebral Unusual in animals.

These episodes occur suddenly and may be light or Too much SeriousThey can be PartialThen hit a part of the oops or hit the whole body.

There are many and different Reasons Which causes dog cramps. The main ones are:

Symptoms of convulsions in dogs

When convulsions occur, which are permanent 35 MinutesFur may have friends Responsive Or To be Ignorance. If the convulsions last more than a few minutes, they can be severe Effect BailSuch as pulmonary edema in dogs, Cerebral edema, Hyperthermia.

The gods may be present during the attack Signal CautionSuch as stress, anxiety, Fear, Thoughts Or Hang on. Seized dogs can Hide And looks excited, as well as seeking help directly from his Lord.

Other symptoms of convulsions include bowel movements, Difficulty Urine And Compression ai Banana Or ai Muscle.

In most cases, convulsions occur When The dog And At rest Or When She is sleepingThen at night or very early in the morning.

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Fido and epileptic seizures: what to do and what to avoid

Credit forfeiture management is not easy. It is important to have all the necessary information to monitor the attacks and to contact your veterinarian. Here, let’s read more about how to behave during these subtle episodes and what to avoid to protect the dog.

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The age of your dog may indicate the possibility of seizures. If hairy No. There is Still Done YearsConvulsions can occur from a birth defect, e.g. Shunt Portosystemic Or Hydrocephalus.

In older dogs In 1 And 5 YearsProbably a presence Idiopathic epilepsy. When, on the other hand, there is Fido More Of 5 YearsConvulsions are close consequences of other medical conditions, such as stroke and Cancer In the brain.

Help And Preparation On the owner’s side, in times of crisis, they are essential to protect the victim’s dog. It is essential to make sure No. Petni E from height Keep it away From the water.

If they are present Other animals At home, it’s appropriate Drive them away For their safety, the convulsions can be confused as faithful to the grip and Threatened.

Pay attention To observe Credit line situation, accurate monitoring The weather Check the onset and end of the attack and the seizures Partial Or total. The norm is To restart Events Including a video which can then be shown to the veterinarian.

If the convulsions last more than 3 minutes, it will take To check Temperature Line of credit and, if required, Cool With Water Fresh earsOn Stomach And The legs. Contact your veterinarian for emergency help.

All you have to do is avoid it

Very important Maintain Calm down In a dangerous situation, where the animal is very excited and has no control over his body and his reactions. For this reason, it is a must To avoid To call him With To shout And No. Keep it Hand Nearby Near the mouth (So ​​as not to accidentally bite).

Don’t You absolutely have to shake it And No. Throw it Bucket Of water To calm him down. Also, avoid giving him water or any other substance. Fido in crisis will gently get wet and be protected from the risks around him.

These exact actions need to be practiced together with clarity, Call Rescue A veterinarian is a must and must save his life as soon as possible.

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