22-year-old dies of meningitis, last phone call from bed: “Mom, I’m sick”

TREVISO – A ring on a cell phone. A signal for help launched by the 22-year-old, Marco Innocent, From her room to her mother Sabina Dionysus Who was having breakfast with another girl, Sarah, around 5am on Friday, before going to work.

“I told myself “What do you want, why are you calling me?”. S.I got up and opened the door of his room and saw him Returns the woman He was in bed, Very pale and full of stains. I immediately called my husband. I was going In Panic. Marco was aware, he replied. G.I questioned her and she talked to me. I even took a picture of her to show the doctors because I was afraid the scars would go away before we got to the hospital. I thought it was an addiction, a kind of allergy, I never thought about meningitis. Never. We took him to the hospital and that is what happened.

Malaysian and nausea

They are sharp and indeterminate Memories of itMarco’s last moment at home, in the village Salvarosa. He had been ill since Thursday morning. Earlier, nasal bleeding, which was not an exception for him, had already occurred due to weak capillaries in the past. Then nausea, retching. The desire for a Fiji drink to stabilize the stomach a little. And then hunger.

On Thursday he began to feel sick, threw himself on the sofa and got a three-line fever Mom explains D.She knew she had a headache, But nothing special. I gave him a moment, but I asked him before I ate anything. He took some apples which he later suffered Rejected. We thought it was covid, Although he was vaccinated with three doses. But you never know. In fact, I told him I was going to get a tampon the next day. Then I went out. He asked me for a coke, I brought it home. He wanted to eat an orange, he was hungry. I recommend something dry. And then he went back to KraCKers with blueberry jam, I still remember it.

Last match

Impossible then for one Football enthusiasts Like Marco Innocent, miss Italy’s match against Macedonia. So he sat on the sofa and watched the whole football match, just in the end, disappointed like other Italian fans in the performance of the national team. Then went to bed Dad will remember Dennis Innocent But he was not good Too bad To worry us.

Marco went to bed with the bowl because Coke didn’t put that weight on his stomach either. At 37.6 he had a fever Mother continued He went to bed with the basin next to him because he was afraid he would not be able to get up and want to relax. I was very worried, since they were little, if they were sick I would take them to medical care. But the situation did not seem so embarrassing, we could not even imagine. After the tragic awakening, there was a crowd At the hospital. Where the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Roy, a full-blown meningitis of a bacterial type, took the life of that happy young man, amicable and beloved by all. Now I am Taken Investigation dll’Usl To understand where the infection started. He was very elegant, he cared for everything, he washed his hands 70,000 times, he opened the door with his elbow, he was very careful. He cared about personal hygiene, always sanitizing everything Explain to parents I explicitly exclude that he drank from someone else’s glass, he never did. Not even at home. The most likely guess for us is that he found it in a place where people are Mass. We exclude that he may have taken it to the gym, he recently joined it and it is a very controlled place.

A cat named Hernandez

Marco was influenced by Innocent Emotions. Above all, for one For football and Milan. Her bedroom wall is filled with posters and pictures of her statue. Inside the drawer, the Milan shirt contains the names of the players who made the history of the club whose members were 22 years old and with whom he went to follow all the matches. An emotion that led him to give it to her Black cat With green eyes, his favorite player is named after Theo Hernandez. He asked about the names of our coaches and players but also about how we moved from one league to another. Explained by his sister Sara, 20 years old We were very attached when we were little, we used to party at our grandmother’s house and we used to create confusion and disaster together. Then there is the interest with growth Changed, But we are always very respectful of each other. We were united and there. On Friday evening Salvarosa’s friends flew a lantern in Marco’s memory and accompanied him on his journey. Will have to wait for Monday for the last farewell date when the green lights will be given but they may already be held on the first days of next week.

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