A2 – Hurricane Krema, easy win against Castelnuovo Scrivia

An obvious consequence of the challenge that puts the Balduzi girls against the still undefeated leader Kramer; Like the match in the Italian Cup semifinals a few weeks ago, this evening the difference between the two teams seemed very clear from the start and the final result is a faithful picture of the gap that is currently running. Two teams. Autospod which still goes with the orphans of Bonasia, Bonvechio, de Pasquale, Ravelli, Ruli and Guttierez while Diamanti responds with D’Ali, Conte, Melchiori, Papallardo and Vente; Lombard’s speed is able to stop the guests who exit the ground who are 4 ′ Bill an eloquent 14-2 and not even two times out called by the coach of the house. The giraffe was forced to make shots in a very different, unpredictable balance from the intensity and rhythm imposed by D’Ali and his companions, or was forced into many turnovers (29 at the end); Ever since the 40’s arc there was a feeling that the home team could reverse the inertia of the match. With such an imbalance of values ​​it became unnecessary to make the news because the parking graph had already doubled the home team in the first siren (24-12) pushing first, enough, in the game; Above the D’Ali-Vente axis it is the top that, with the successive US Origins game, the author of a great triple double (15 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists), to constantly trigger the long Latvian, just 20 ‘after 17 already. 44-18 of 20 is already a sentence and the home team that manages to create a few flare-ups, one-on-one, at least don’t worry about the guests, who are always in control of their facilities; 62-25 out of 30 do nothing more than ‘keep the distance between the two teams with the hosts who can only find their way to the basket with a certain consistency in the final 10’, also thanks to the inevitable and understandable relaxation. Guests, who lift their legs off the accelerator, lower, at the same time, defensive aggression.

It’s really hard to try to comment on this race without reiterating how big a gap there is between Castelnovesi and Lombard; Taking the initiative in a strategic analysis, we can say that the giraffes should probably have tried to keep the rhythm very low, avoiding chasing the crazy rhythm of the opponent and trying, above all, to defend with equal aggression on the one hand and on the other. Limiting the minimum turnover that was pure life for counter-attacks and the transfer of guests; Almost certainly this was not enough to avoid defeat but it probably allowed Autospad to stay in the game for a long time which took away some peace from Krema, which was always capable instead. Velvet game. Fortunately, the calendar almost immediately offers a chance of release for Caselnovici who will return to the field against Alperias Balzano in less than 72 hours; Of course a different opponent from the leaders but it will need to see a different Autosped.

Automatic BC Castelnuuvo Scrivia – Basket Team Krema 44 – 75 (12-24, 18-44, 25-62)

Autospad: Ravelli * 5 (1/3, 1/5), D’Angelo 7 (1/3 of 2), Rulie * 17 (7/14, 0/2), Bonasia NE, Castagna, de Pasquale * 1 ( 0/4, 0/2), Collie 2 (1/2, 0/3), Barnetti 3 (0/1, 1/1), Bonavechio * 7 (2/6, 1/3), France, Cat * 2 (2 to 1/4)
Coach: Balduzi F.
2 shots: 13/38 – 3 shots: 3/16 – free throws: 9/13 – rebound: 35 10 + 25 (rolls 9) – assists: 10 (pack 3) – ball recovery: 10 (pack 3) – losing Ball: 29 (6 reels)

Basket Team Cream: D’Ali * 15 (6/19, 1/4), Melchiori * 14 (5/8, 1/3), Nori 8 (2 to 4/5), Conte * 6 (3/5, 0/3), Capoferi 8 (2 to 2/3), Radailli, Casillanza 3 (0/1, 1/2), Parmesan, Reggie 2 (1/1, 0/1), Pappalardo *, Guerini NE, Vente * 19 (2 to 8/9)
Coach: Diamanti M.
2 shots: 29/51 – 3 shots: 3/13 – Free throws: 8/13 – Rebound: 379 + 28 (D’Ali 13) – Assist: 20 (D’Ali 10) – Ball recovery: 20 (D’Ali) ) ‘Ali 5) – Lost ball: 19 (Vente 5) – Five fouls: Twenty

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