“Before and After Adoption”, thus these stray cats changed after finding their home (Picture 29)

Many cats come every year Hosted There is no shortage of people in various shelters around the world who are waiting for a second chance to be happy and fortunately To accept And to open the door of one’s own house and heart for the unfortunate and defenseless creatures.

1 # was found in a cardboard box with his two brothers. The day he opened his eyes I raised him. I never had such a strong bond with an animal until it came into my life (and yes, we keep its siblings too).

Reddit / ell_fin

2 # This is Fefa. When we found him he was almost blind and full of flies

Reddit / colorage

3 # I saw him sleeping under a parked car. Now she sleeps in my bed every night

In Reddit / Nalga

In fact, many of these animals have had to face countless Difficulty And, more often than not, they were saved after being abused, suffering from hunger and thirst, or being. Abandoned In the middle of a street that they thought was their own family.

4 # My sister found it in front of her car and it was here two years later

Reddit / apancoast

5 # He’s my best friend

Reddit / NinjaonHiatus

6 # I welcomed her into my home, took care of her and it was one of the best decisions of my life

Reddit / Loitering Lizard

For this, in addition to being examined visually at the physical level, in many cases they also have an attitude that they show. Disbelief And we fear people. But, fortunately, they are able to get the care, affection and caress they can get from a loving family. MiraclesJust like the images shared by users of a community on the Reddit platform are dedicated to this topic.

7 # What a foster family can do for a sick cat. After 15 years of neglected misguidance, Misza is now enjoying his retirement

Reddit / Disaster_Aside_831

8 # Toby and Quinton were rescued and adopted together. Toby has Ehlers Danlos syndrome and Quinton was toothless. Over time they became more courageous and happy. Sadly Quinton recently passed away, but I’m glad I left her and I know she’s gone knowing we’ll take care of her best friend forever.

Reddit / iwanttoseeyourcats

9 # before and after. What a transformation!

Reddit / RefractionMedad

“Pictures of Adopted Animals Before and After” opened in 2015 and continues to this day 779 thousand The moment that members share photos of their friends they become a part of their lives and after a while, show everyone that love is most. Powerful In this world.

10 # A few months ago a local veterinarian treated this deviant in a bad case of ringworm. Check it out now

Reddit / dela_angelo

11 # When we found her, she was 8 weeks old and had herpes problems. He is now two years old and doing well

Reddit / Armer409

12 # I am very happy with his improvement

Reddit / Nightshark13

In many cases the stories told in this group are true Moving And comparative images prove that a loving family can make a real difference.

13 # Mr. Biscuits turned into two months of love

Reddit / CassieL24

14 # I found this girl near my workplace in November 2019. I posted pictures of her on social media to see if anyone was looking, but no one came forward. I called her hops and now she is fit and happy

Reddit / Soccermom118

15 # When we saw Hilda she was underweight and recently gave birth. In the last 6 months she has transformed into a long haired beauty queen

Reddit / Reflame

16 # I found this kitten abandoned in the middle of a street that was very weak and hungry to escape safely. The photo on the right shows what a 6 day hug in front of the fireplace, lots of food and a comfortable bed can do

Reddit / Closco

17 # She is much healthier now

Reddit / ladypanda28

18 # Two years ago today I went to a shelter and met a cat named Sonny who would not be adopted by anyone because he was 13 years old, he was covered in flies, he weighed less and had teeth in his mouth that needed to be removed. She came home with me that night and it was the best decision I ever made

Reddit / VerrattiShmurda

19 # Frank when he was a few weeks old and Frank a year later. She also posed for a Christmas photo with her friend Teddy

Reddit / LeighAndTeddy

20 # Wally is looking really good now

Reddit / Closco

I saved it at 21 # weeks and 4 months later. He is a bad office assistant


22 # I got this needy girl while I was in Greece, now she’s causing us a little trouble.

Reddit / Silversinflower

23 # My James will never be cold again

Reddit / cocodoor

24 # I saw this little girl fly in the parking lot and cry with a broken leg. Here it is 3 months and 2 after surgery

Reddit / skele_jeans

25 # My cousin saw this 9 pound senior cat available for adoption. After a year of love, food and proper veterinary care, Roger lost a few pounds. He is still a big boy but he is happy and active

Reddit / SinfulGiGi

26 # A year ago Jack was found under a car, only and half frozen. She was 4 weeks old and her mother was not there. Now she’s the biggest and strongest kitten I’ve ever seen


27 # My conversion

Reddit / chickinkyiv

28 # My mom found it in May 2015 and now it’s here

Reddit / Jombo65

29 # Jerry was found with his brothers in a box, covered with oil and flies when he was only a few weeks old. Now, 11 weeks later, she is beautiful and healthy. We raised and adopted four siblings

Reddit / altnerdluser

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