Bernareggio still slips at home against Cremona and continues his black crisis

Bernarezio – Nothing to do. Not even on this occasion. Lissone Interni Bernareggio confirmed his continued crisis by surrendering to the second Ferraroni Ju.Vi Cremona in the “PalaReds” with a score of 62-82. Guests did not have a history of playing by constantly checking scores. And the situation becomes very complicated for Captain Quarterly and his companions with only ten points remaining in the last place that he does not want to get into trouble. And the fact that it was shared with Cesis Gesolo certainly doesn’t make the pill any less bitter.

First Fourth – Bernarezio scores first with Guttierez, then extends to 5-0. Heck brings the guests closer but the hosts go back to the six plus side. Cremona again shortens from the line and in the counter attack of Heck who showed all his talent from the beginning of the hostility: 8-4 at 3 ‘. Coach Mikeloni called for a timeout after seeing the fall of the Reds after a promising start. Ingroso, in the second half, brought Bernarezio to the front but the normal Nasello responded from below. Gutti, from the corner, puts Red ahead but Fumagalli answers and 12-12 in the middle of the quarter. Race balances a game that is pronounced from point to point. New Q&A with Di Meco on one side and Gobbato on the other Cremona tries to increase the engine’s rev and makes a plus five in the first escape. Quartiari tries to bring the hosts back together but Giuliati snaps in immediate response. A bomb from Bona and Nassello again closed the first quarter ahead of Cremona 26-16.

Second Fourth – Preeti guesses a triple at the beginning of the fourth and Capelleti tries to keep Bernaregio in touch with two free players. A triple from Giulietti, however, pushed Ju.Vi more than thirteen. Lyson interns try not to let the guests escape and try to wake up with de Meco and a shot from the line aims at the three of them. The Mickelloni boys showed determination and with a triple from the Capitol they came back into contact with just four points delay: 28-32 after five and a half minutes of play. Giulietti and Bona hit twice from the line to give Cremona a plus eight run. Capitol responds with a bomb but Bona, Bezel, puts two in between and takes the guests back to the open sea. Adamu takes a basket but fails to complete the three-man game with an extra free throw but sends a Torazzo City roster with a score at long intervals woven with a free throw rewarded for a technical foul imposed on coach Mickelloni. 41-33 in favor.

Third Fourth – Heck pulls out the first basket of the fourth. Fumagalli increases the dose with a three-player game and Cremona takes on more field. De Meco fouled Bona and tried to reduce the distance from the line. Fumagalli, however, in the counter-attack, pushes the guests to a maximum of sixteen or 34-50 and Mikelloni decides that there is still time to think about it. Bernarezio tries to establish a relationship with Pirola and de Maco, to which is added a free throw scored by Guttierez and paid for by a technician given to Nassello. Cremona snaps without saving and reaches Preeti, even at number twenty-two. Ingroso tries to make a little repair but a bomb from Pretty takes Cremona to another two-story elevator, with a maximum of 26 guests or 42-68. The fourth ended 69-43 with two free throws by Julietti on one side and Pirola on the other to settle the score clearly for Cremona.

Last quarter – Bernarezio puts his heart into it with Capelletti who brings the team back from the line to minus 22. He is always the one who tries to drag the team with bombs up to minus twenty but Fumagalli responds with the same coin. Ingrosso Bernareggio brings some water together: 54-75 at 6 ‘. Fumagalli, however, immediately responded with two free runs from the line. Ingroso scores four points in a row but Gobato, in four games, puts Cremona at a great distance: 56-81 in two and a half minutes. It is only played to refine the final score: Georgette signs minus twenty or 62-82 with which the game ends in favor of the guests. Juve V’s eighth win in a row, still late at night for Bernaregio.


Lison Intern Bernarezio: Capellati 14, Ingroso 11, De Meco 9, Lanzi 7, Pirola 6, Gatti 5, Marara 4, Adamu 2, Quartier 2, Georgette 2, Isa, Almansi. Coach: Emanuel Mikeloni.

Free Throw: 15 on 21, Rebound 29 (Gatti 6), Assist 11 (Pirola 3).

Ferraroni J.V. Crimona: Pretty 21, Fumagalli 14, Bona 13, Hake 12, Milovanovicz 8, Giulitti 7, Gobbato 6, Vacelli 1, Tonello, Villa, de Martin, Cipala. Coach: Alessandro Croti.

Free Throw: 19 on 15, Rebound 31 (Hack 6), Assist 19 (Preeti, Hack 4)


Samuel Reggio from Ciderno (RC) and Matteo Migliacio from Catanzaro.

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