Copenhagen Zoo: Marius panics after killing four lions

More than a month has passed since the murder, and the next dissection, in front of the eyes of the whole world, the baby giraffe Marias, was sentenced to death for the need to reduce the risk of intermarriage.

The zoo, the capital of Denmark, is still stained with blood. This time, a whole family of lions was killed, four correctly, a sixteen-year-old male and his fourteen-year-old mate, and two cubs just a few months old.

The cats, killed last March 24, were reportedly executed to pave the way for a new lion at the facility. The newcomers – according to zoo officials – could not stay with the two old lions and their ten-month-old cubs. So, not finding another zoological park equipped and willing to host animals, the zoo decides to kill the four cats, first letting them sleep and then killing them with a deadly injection.

Contrary to what happened after Marius’s horrific murder, the cats have not had a public autopsy this time around, and their carcasses will be partially sold to institutes of scientific study by any zoo animal.

The new lion will be introduced to other large cats at the zoo and will be able to mate with two lions that have recently reached the maturity required for breeding. “These animals are highly categorized and involve important changes with the arrival of a new specimen in the group that need to be handled with care. The new lion – explained by the zoo curators – would win over the small and strong, old pair of lions and kill two young at the first opportunity.”

A new wave of outrage has begun among animal welfare organizations around the world.

Ilaria Ferry, scientific director of the National Animal Protection Agency, protested: “More than the zoo, the Copenhagen facility seems to have turned into a slaughterhouse.” “Naturally – the scientific director continues – evidenced by the wave of outrage caused by Marius’ death, international public opinion does not believe in baseless and fabricated logic and is unwilling to tolerate such violent, cruel and useless gestures. It even wants to claim a species conservation function operated by them; which obviously has nothing to do with captivity. “

In the run-up to the European elections, the ENPA took the opportunity to call on future candidates for the European Parliament to “stop barbarism and put an end to the whole of Europe, zoos, dolphins, aquariums, circus captive structures”; Structures that often do not even comply with national and international regulations. The killings in Denmark are no longer tolerable and are in clear conflict with the civilization that Europe wants to be.

Former Minister Michela Vittoria Brambilla, a well-known animal rights activist, also intervened: “New, unreasonable animal slaughter at the Copenhagen Zoo, where two adult lions and two cubs were killed because ‘space was needed’, animal captivity (and 25 This makes it even more urgent to find out the question I have raised in recent days, not just a re-introduction of the need for European law against certain promises made by candidates in the May election. What kind of species were they, what was their health, what was the motive behind their decision to kill them? ” Also taken by, according to which one thousand and five thousand animals in three European zoos every year. The exact number, explained by the EJA director, is not certain, “because in many cases the cause of death is not indicated in the death record” and it is reasonable to assume that all these killings were not carried out because the animal was seriously ill and not recoverable. “

For the Copenhagen Zoo and everyone in the European Union, “now is the time to review European standards, which are very respectful of institutions of the nineteenth century, such as the Matrix and the zoo.”

Of Claudia Pizarroni
March 26, 2014

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