Escape, Interview with Director Jonas Poher Rasmussen

Making movie history doesn’t happen every day. He certainly didn’t think so Jonas Poher Rasmussen When he started thinking about the project a few years ago Run awayAnimated Documentary that has been collecting awards around the world for over a year and became February 8. The first film in the 94th edition of the Oscars to be nominated for Best International Film, Documentary and Animated Feature Film..

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An extraordinary result, which follows i Three awards at the European Film Awards And Double BAFTA nomination. 75 awards have been collected in twelve months Run away, Which tells the story of Amin (the name is fictional, to honor the privacy of the real protagonist), a university professor who lives in Denmark and is about to marry his partner. Shortly before the wedding, the past returns to visit her, forcing her to return to the years of her youth, when she arrives in Northern Europe after a long journey from Afghanistan, hoping for asylum. Run away It is an escape story that becomes a hymn to life and freedom.

Rasmussen doesn’t like to think too much about rewards. “I’m working on a new project and I want to stay focused7, but there is no doubt that the satisfaction is much greater, especially in a genre, animated doc to clean and repeat that beautiful cartoon is also made in Europe, as the Irish factory has already shown. Cartoon saloonWhich with last year Wolfwalkers Nominated for an Oscar for the fourth time against the American Giants.

Run away

We met Jonas Poher Rasmussen to tell us how this short record film was born. March 10 arrives in Italian cinema Distributed by iWonder Pictures.

Jonas Poher Rasmussen, let’s start with: How and when was Flea born?

I met Amin 25 years ago and he told me his story almost immediately. However, the idea of ​​making a film was born only eight years ago and the actual production started in 2016.

How did you work on the creative process of the film?

Everything is based on what Amin has told me over the years. I wrote the screenplay based on about twenty interviews and from there I created a first structure which I later enriched in management. When you make a documentary you have to rely on the material you have, in the archives and in the shots. Thanks to the animation, I was able to create the scenes I wanted with much more creative freedom.

What was the initial need that persuaded you to tell this story?

First of all Amin is a friend of mine and I felt that he had to face his past, free himself to move forward with his life. After living in Denmark for a long time, with home and life, I realized that he still could not live in peace, as if he were still running away from something.

This is the aspect that engages the viewer the most.

True, it is difficult to separate the planes of existence of the story. I believe that Run away It is a universal story because we all, at a certain time, think about our position in the world. Clearly, the fact that Amin has spent his entire life as a refugee is fundamental in the film, as it relates to his sexuality, but what connects the audience is the awareness of self-discovery.

A psychoanalytic session for those who made the film.

Absolutely. I have a house, I am married, I have two children, but I still do not know where my place was from a creative point of view. To achieve Run away It dug me inside myself and I realized a lot.

How is Amin today?

She’s fine, she’s happily married to her mate, they’re gone, they have another cat, because what you see in the movie unfortunately no longer exists, and finally she feels really free. And after all, the movie has been out for a while now, he thinks he can openly share the stories of his life and that’s what makes me happiest.

Run away

Last question about your next project.

I am writing a screenplay based on a graphic novel Desert And the true story of the author’s father, Hafdan Pisket. I don’t want to make a documentary about it, but a fictional film, always animated.

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