Fontana is 70 years old and talks about herself, from the birth of the league to the present Qui News cecina

Milan (Italpress) – “I have lived since the beginning of the league, the year before the birth of the Northern League, which federated movements in the regions, such as the Lombard League. I started as a lawyer for the party, even before it was born, I had a wonderful relationship with Umberto Bosi, Roberto Maroni, Giuseppe Leoni. I took part, therefore, in its creation and in the exciting way of the early, almost pioneering period. That is how Lombardy Region President Atilio Fontana told the story in an exclusive interview with the Italian Press Agency, who will turn 70 tomorrow (Monday), a milestone he has reached with a long political career behind him, Lega, the party founded in 1991 with aspirations for independence. “At the time – Fontana continued – the engine was to represent regions and communities in the name of identity. These principles are firm and always guide me in the life of an administrator. These are the principles I have mentioned that are proving more current and stronger. “The current secretary of the league, Matteo Salvini, in reference to the shape of the ‘National League’, even a new name (excluding ‘North’), is the governor of Lombardy, although a proud first-leg. , No doubt. “The evolution of the party is a path that has led us to become one of the most relevant political forces at the national level, and I believe we are achieving the results for which we fought so hard in the beginning. I thank all those who have made their fundamental and significant contribution to this great history. As mayor of Versailles (2006-2016), when he took to the streets against cuts in the desired municipalities of the Berlusconi-Bosi government, and therefore disagreed with his own party in Rome, Fontana commented today: “I have always taken an institutional role in the service attitude As mayor of Varese and president of the region, I believe this is the only recipe that can really help with the heavy burden of responsibility. “There was less service for aid, transportation, the investment power of the municipality. Today we are paying the price for the season that saw governments of different colors as heroes.” On March 26, 2018, Lombardy was elected president, with 49.7% of the vote in a compact center-right, against 29% of the center. “All projects started before Covid was implemented – Fontana continues at Italpress: from infrastructure, to buying new trains to improve mobility, to return visits in 2019 and promise to reduce waiting lists for health services, citizens and businesses for firm action. Simplification of procedures and de-bureaucracy for convenience. Not to mention the race to be won together with Veneto to bring the 2026 Winter Olympics to our region. “The president voluntarily resides at this point.” Think of the phone call: We chose to take the big risk of financing this project almost entirely as a region. Without that risky decision, we would not have the 2026 Winter Olympic Games today. In our history, a completely innovative Olympic and Paralympic proposal was born: distributed in different regions, including two cities, and not always the same. The idea of ​​hosting the first fully sustainable Olympics was introduced using the big challenge it and the IOC (International) The Olympic Committee immediately fell in love with this innovative project. They were intense, tiring but beautiful days until Lausanne’s announcement on June 24, 2019. The whole delegation was overjoyed. We were starting a great challenge. Those moments are hard to forget. I’m proud of it. ” Eight months later the epidemic broke out. “In the first wave we had no instructions on how to deal with a virus unknown to the world, or even weapons to fight it, but we were the first to equip ourselves,” recalls Fontana, who is now “worried and Expressed concern. ” Spending a long night in Palazzo Lombardy “Because in addition to public health, the answers are also related to the Lombard economy, infected by viruses and closures.” Our economic system responded to the epidemic with extraordinary strength and effectiveness in the face of adversity. Predicting that difficult month. Economic data still shows clearly, both in terms of production and employment. In both cases, we have activated, since the summer of 2020, a number of initiatives to accelerate the re-launch of the government’s extraordinary 5 billion euro investment plan – ‘Plan Lombardia’ – at the stage of complementary recovery, credit assistance and subsequent recovery. Looking to the future, Lombardy’s president is particularly keen to address two issues: digitization and the environment. Our goal is to build a region where all regions know how to nurture and nurture young talent. Where everyone has strong elements and digital connections, which allows them to study, work and live well “. Objectives, which, of course, are to “deal with the energy crisis that began last October – of a speculative nature – increased by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, for which we must make new and urgent strategic choices for self-sufficiency.” I feel a lot about this theme which is our future, a near future, not far away. Far from it, since 1970, but politics has not caught up with them. And now we can no longer follow the slogan of convenience, we have to be ‘revolutionaries in everyday life’, everyone has to bring their own bricks to build a ‘safe common home’. The start-up of the earlier Marcolo Con Casson biomethane plant is a concrete part of this commitment, such as support for the renewable energy community and a hideaway at Val Camonica. Creating the Rosen Valley. Here we also plan to build a plant on site for hydrogen production. “On the way to the implementation of the autonomy, not implemented even after the 2017 Lombard-Veneto referendum, Fontana replies:” Are you sure the road is paved and there is no going back. Parliament is involved, studying the regulatory process to get the government back on track. We will look at and evaluate these proposals. We cannot carry a water-based solution and we will monitor. ” In the face of these challenges, however, the Lombardy region’s president is pushing for a possible re-election in 2023. “I can tell you – Fontana concludes – that I have the strength to continue, but I do not have to make this decision. I can only say: the reflection is going on. ” (ITALPRESS).

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