Kuroko’s Basketball Last Game Review, one last match can’t be missed

Kuroko’s basketball It’s a manga Spoken Written and drawn by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. It was first published in a magazine Hear the weekly jump A total of 30 TacoBones (published here in Italy by Star Comics) in December 2008, then became an anime in April 2012, produced by the first season. Production IG (Known for such work Haiku!, Psychological pass Or Ghost in the Shell) There are currently three animated seasons taken from the manga, each with 25 episodes.

Kuroko’s Basketball The Movie was announced in 2015 which, after three seasons of anime, was a short film of three major series. The next one, Kuroko’s Basketball The Movie: The Last GameThe last film released in the story whose plot follows the page Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s spin-off: Extra play. Manga consists of two volumes Generations of miracles Eventually reunited into a single team ready to face an apparent American basketball team that, from the start, wasted no time mocking the whole Japanese scene. According to the announcement, Kuroko’s basketball movie is now available on the Netflix platform.

The starting flute

Kuroko’s basketball story centers on the opening words of this latest film Super exhibition match of street basketballOrganized game in Tokyo that sees the heroes StrokeA team from a Japanese university consists of some recent third year graduates.

Familiar faces we’ve already met in three seasons: Kiyoshi Miyaji (Shutoku), Shoichi Imayoshi (Too much), Shota Higuchi (Rakujan), Yukio Kasamatsu (Kaizo), Kenichi Okamura (Eosen), This team’s current name comes from the acronym of their old high school team. Their opponent, on the other hand, is Jabarwalk, the American basketball team that is famous for being formed. Talented guys who have had the opportunity to play and even surprise NBA players. During the aforementioned matches, it became increasingly clear how the Jabberwocks behaved and how they clearly intended to make fun of their opponents. Their ridicule and ridicule Without any restraint, they finally achieved a landslide victory without slipping another discriminatory penalty against their Japanese opponents. This arrogant provocation would trigger a Japanese counter-attack that would bring together celebrities led by Kagetora Aida. Generations of miracles To take revenge against those arduous rivals full of shameless self-confidence. Thus begins the game which, for the first time, sees the miracles of an entire generation come together in a powerful team. Vorpol SwordsReady to take back the stolen pride.

Clash of the Titans

In the three main seasons of the series we got to know and see all the boys of the miracle generation work and study them individually, while the young Kagami and Kuroko They continued to improve their game by winning match after match until their due win against Rakujan. The final round of the Winter Cup.

After three short films in the series, this latest film gives an opportunity to review the old rivals together to achieve a single goal and how everyone grew up emotionally and emotionally and without seeing the real reason behind it. They play basketball. So it is hilarious to see them interact with each other like a real team: the rivalry between Kagami and Aomin and their satirical jokes about how Akashi has found a balance in spite of his previous status.Absolute King“, Midorima and its ever-failed superstition An ideal of teamwork that has become even more entrenched in Kuroko’s heart. All the features that enable their team to win against a common enemy called Jabarwak. On the other hand, it became Jabbarux The ideal opponent The miracles of this generation are extremely powerful, integrated and with multiple aces on their sleeves which they will gradually show during the game, will put the heroes in trouble on multiple occasions.

Last game

This latest film from Kuroko’s Basketball gives a worthy conclusion to the series, resolves old pending issues and gives our favorite heroes a kind of happy ending.

Although Kuroko’s basketball remains basically a spokesman Half way between realistic and abstract, Which does not reveal itself too much in introducing all the rules of basketball but focuses above all on the hero’s game ideology, it remains a quality product that knows how to excite fans of this genre. In the film, in contrast to the three seasons, it no longer focuses exclusively on the game between Kuroko and Kagami, but on the miracle of an entire generation. They will not be less Special techniques The guys that will once again appear as perfect copies of what during the match, Akashi’s Emperor Eyes, Kuroko’s Phantom Shoot, Midorima’s very precise 3-point shot, Aomin’s incredible agility, Murasakibara’s monstrous physical strength and Kagami’s extraordinary jumping ability. All skills are ultimately given in the service, not of the individual Pure and more real team play.

Outside of the full classic clichে in suspense where the heroes express all their determination by scoring the final decisive ball in the net just 10 seconds after the end of the game, Kuroko’s basketball last game presents itself. A believable graphic in bright colors Which perfectly recalls the old seasons and which goes into the nostalgic notes of the OST e.g. Glorious day by GranrodeoThe band that has been part of the anime since its inception.

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