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The most famous yellow family in the world had about five cats. What are Simpson cats called? In Snowball I, II, III, Coltrane and V. cartoons we Grattachecca …

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Name Snowball (original) Snowball) Refers to five cats owned by the Simpson family from the US television series of the same name. But what do we know about these animals? Snowball Eye Was The first cat Simpsons, Dead At the age of Two years In 1990, only a few survived Flashback But he has been mentioned in numerous episodes. It is White cat with green eyes.
More about him from Marge who said in the episode “A Dog’s Christmas”:Our Kitty Snowball has run away to Cat’s paradise, but now we have a new Kitty, Snowball II. This is how life seems to go

Simpson Plus Scratchy’s other cats

Lisa then says that Snowball was hit by the car of Mayor Quimby’s brother, a thesis confirming that Bert had an encounter with the cat in the episode “Bert was hit by a car”.

Simpson dog
Snowball I (Photo Facebook)

The boy who went to heaven with an escalator met the cat in a cloud and the animal had a clear strip of tire on its body. In “Lisa’s Saxophone” episode Snowball I White and in “Fear Is Ninety III” episode, in a commemorative photo, she appears with black fur.

Snowball II
Snowball II (Facebook photo)

Snowball 2 – It has black fur, but the Simpson family decided to name it in memory of the previous cat. In the ninth episode of the fifteenth season (Robot-Homer) he is hit and killed by Dr. Hibbert’s Mercedes in front of Simpsons’ house. He is buried in the back garden.

Snowball III
Snowball III (Photo Facebook)

Snowball III – Lisa is sad so Marge, following the advice of a manual written by a surfer rabbi, decides to buy a new cat. Snowball III is a cat Brown Which will have a short life since it dies instantly Drowned in the living room aquarium When trying to eat a little fish. Snowball II has also been buried

Simpson cat
Coltrane (Photo Facebook)

Snowball IV – Coltrain – Marge and Lisa go to Katari and there they choose to adopt a white haired cat named Coltrain (like John William Coltrain, American saxophonist and musician). Once you get home, Lisa takes the cat home because she wants to hear a song by a musician of the same name, holding sex.
And mentions a few notes. Frightened by the sound, the cat was thrown out of the window and died.

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Snowball II – Shelter staff and the Simpson family are not willing to give cats; In fact he claims that cats are safer in his hands than “yellow”. Lisa sits in the doorway back home in discomfort. The cat lady Eleanor Abernathy passed by and she threw one of the many cats she had brought with her. It’s a kitty like Snowball II, but Lisa doesn’t want to keep it because she’s frustrated. Cats
He left and crossed the road in danger of being hit by Gil Gunderson’s car. Lisa then decides to take the cat home and calls it Snowball II to save the bowl that bears this name. It has Black furWear a Red collar And was later adopted by another family with a name Comics.

Simpson Scratchy and Chick
Scratchy and Fichetto (Facebook photo)

Ghamachi & Fichetto (Itching & Scratchy) is not part of The Simpsons’ “real” universe; They are actually the protagonists of the favorite cartoons of all the young people in Springfield, including Bert and Lisa. Scratchy is a cat, Fichetto is a rat: in each episode they try to kill each other but the rat always wins. Their real name is Itchy & Scratchy which can be translated as Pruritino & Scratchy.

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