Novak Djokovic: “My position on the vaccine is open. Medvedev? He’s a great man.”

Novak Djokovic He returned to speaking in public after a complex incident involving his omission Australian Open: In the meantime, he has done so in an exclusive interview BBC, But this time it was a live broadcast. A few days after returning to the circuit (he will be ranked No. 1 in the ATP 500 in Dubai), he spoke to locals in Belgrade. RTSThe Serbian television broadcaster talks about what happened to him in Australia and how the incident changed his perception of the place, which, unlike anyone else, gave him a lot of satisfaction throughout his career. “I will not forget – World’s first tennis player released – I have felt the most beautiful emotion in my life in Australia. Despite the events of this year, Australia remains the place of my heart and with which I feel a great feeling.: Winning an important tournament nine times is something that will make you look positive forever and there is no bad year that can erase the sweet memories of the past. I can’t wait to be able to return to Rod Laver Arena to compete again. “

But what did Djokovic do on the final day? Rafael Nadal And Daniel Medvedev? Did you enjoy the match on television? “No, I admit that it was very difficult for me psychologically to attend the meeting – Serbian said-, But my wife and son saw the whole challenge and had a lot of fun: Jelena was on Medvedev’s side, while cheering Stefan Nadal, one of his idols. On the other hand, I was rather neutral: even if it was gone, I could have lost something, be it a Grand Slam record or first place in the rankings. I try not to get too excited about what’s happening on the pitch, because it’s never good to cheer for or against your teammate., Regardless of the relationship can be established with each of them. With Daniel, in particular, I have developed a deep and sincere friendship, I often trust her and we talk a lot to each other. He texted me 45 minutes after the final rate in Melbourne, I did not expect him to write to me so soon: what we said cannot be disclosed, but we gave each other hearts. He is a genuine and open-minded person, even if he is often not the perfect example of political correctness, but I am and I do not want to be. “.

Outside of the vaccination discourse, on which everyone can have their own opinion, Djokovic’s real fault was his positive participation in Kovid-19, in an interview with L’Equipe. The Serbian, however, immediately admitted that he had made a serious mistake and stated: “It was definitely a mistake and I apologized to the reporter several times for what I did: we postponed the interview several times and I just discovered that I was positive after his plane landed in Belgrade. I thought the priorities were wrong. And I admit.” That I was selfish in that situation I know that not everyone will forgive me and that I will accept criticism

The response from colleagues has been countless, many of them on the same side as the No. 1 in the world: “Some colleagues – Knoll said – They didn’t want to comment or criticize me because they didn’t like the whole development of the story: I accept all of this, even though I wanted to tell my voice what was happening. Although there are many who have always been with me and supported me in many ways, starting with Nick Kyrgios, who surprised me and Alice Cornet, Those who have decided to speak out for me Many people have supported me personally and made me really happy. “

Finally, a final comment about the Covid-19 vaccine: “I am a professional athlete and I control with obsession everything I eat or whatever enters my body. If things change up to 0.5%, performance may not be as good as in the past. Especially at my age. Regarding the vaccine, at the moment I have chosen to be careful and not take the serum, I am taking some time and will probably be mentally open to change my decision.. For now, I will accept the consequences of not vaccinating. “

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