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Of Simona Lorenzetti

Angelica Musi, mother of four daughters, never understood why Alberto, a university professor and politician was killed: I’m going for her too, I’m the mistress of my life

The first day of spring 2012. Intense winds, the sun illuminates the roof and makes its way through the windows of the house and the shadows of the city. At 7.50 am, a man walks in the center of Turin. Wearing a black motorcycle helmet and a dark trench coat, he has a package tied in his hand. Corso Siccardi first appears, then disappears into the eyes of those who saw his annoying walk. At the same time, Alberto Musi left his home via Barbarux 35 to take his three daughters to school. At 8.01 the helmet-wielding man returns to Stamptori as he turns right through Barbarux: he stops at 35. He rings on the intercom: there is a package. The door to the historic building, set on an alley chessboard with porphyry floors, opens. Three minutes after that trail, Musi came back, probably forgetting the tablet. We don’t know, we never know. As he enters the narrow hall, he notices that someone is knocking at the gate leading to the cellar: What are you doing? The man wearing the helmet turns and shoots with a .38 caliber: he hits her in the right arm and back, hitting her on the head.

Hydrogen peroxide

The bomber went off like a ghost. Angelica Musi in the kitchen with the babysitter and one-year-old daughter. Still wearing his pajamas, he sipped his coffee and read the newspaper. The screams of neighbors who help her husband get her attention. It was a crazy morning, I thought about it several times. I did not immediately understand what had happened. I walked into the yard: Alberto was aware he was talking to me. “Angie, they shot me,” he said. Angelica takes care of her husband in the neighborhood and goes to instruct the nanny. I returned with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Looking back today, I realize how inconsistent and ridiculous my response was. Shortly after Alberto lost consciousness: it was so far away from us that I thought he was “resting.” Don’t wake up anymore. And he died on October 22, 2013, after a year and a half in a coma.

A mirror life

Ten years have passed since the surprise attack. Musi was a lawyer, a university professor, a politician: he had a mirror life. The police investigation investigates every aspect of his professional and public activity: dissent, frustration, petty jealousy. Until the silhouette of a vague man appears.

Francesco Farch was arrested in January 2013: an accountant born in the province of Vivo Valentia 62 years ago and then moved to Turin. Prosecutor Roberto Farlan describes her as: a two-faced genius who substitutes the expense of real acquaintances with gross arrogance, elegant and refined attitudes towards arrogant and conceited behavior …. There was a need to take a break. It has become the destination of strange characters, even the mediums who wrote me. There was a moment when I thought it would be best to leave Turin. But this sleeping city, sometimes depressing, actually showed me a lot of affection. A woman I know sent me a certificate: She planted a tree in my husband’s name in the garden of the righteous in Jerusalem. On the evening of the sentence I received a bouquet of flowers, the sender was “a grandmother”. Shy and reserved, away from the Angelica Anniversary speech: ten years … it seems far away to me, yet a thought that is always alive. I focus on good memories, we have a lot. Alberto was always a positive person who knew how to look to the future with optimism. He had a clear view of things, I compared him a lot, he says.

Beautiful memories

Cato cat rubs his tail against the sofa and then silently disappears. A captivating painting depicting an ancestor of the family is looming with a stern look. Life is never easy. You can try to handle it. But if a man decides to give himself a weapon and commit a crime, I cannot put myself in his place. I can stay close to my daughters and remember my husband properly. He created the Angelica and Alberto Musi funds with Uficio Pio of Campagnia de San Paolo. This project contains a summary of my husband’s policy. He was a dreamer, a positive person, able to overcome the difficulties of the moment. That was my vision of the real world. The fund provides scholarships for inmates attending university and computer centers in prisons: Twenty-five have been awarded. Those who enjoyed it did not return to crime. We give them the opportunity to free their lives through study and work, leaving behind a difficult context. In my view, the real compensation is to bring a rescued person back to the streets. Prisoners don’t force me to think about who attacked my husband, but people who are involved can do it. This is the goal that a victim must seek. I certainly don’t think this will happen to our prisoners.

A man sentenced to life

Farch is serving a life sentence. In all three cases, he has claimed to be a scapegoat to quench the city’s thirst for justice. But there is no doubt for the court. He is the man shot by a pizzeria camera under the victim’s house: his body size and his lewd movements also match. And then there are phone cells and smartphones that were mysteriously off for three hours. The Calabrian fixer was allegedly killed for hatred, animosity and revenge. Three times – say the sentences – he felt betrayed by Musir, who ignored his expectations: rejecting the coalition’s candidacy for head of the city list in 2011, lacking support to find investors to take over the railways, transport company Arenaways and, finally, a professor at Palermo University. Did not sponsor the son of a former minister. He has always denied it and this is the only part missing from the story.

Concert by Caposella

I don’t know if confession or forgiveness can change anything. Over time, I stopped asking myself these questions. Restorative justice works very well for victims and offenders: I always remember the Calabrian and Pinelli widows who met. But it is not possible for us. There is no hard feeling in his voice. I don’t hate him, I don’t hate anyone. And above all, not a person like Farch who determines my state of mind. I am a very free person and in control of my life. I want to follow a path, meeting him is not important. But he never apologized to me. If he had, there would have been a place, but not so. It is clear to me that he has made a big mistake and will have to pay for it. In May, Vinicius Caposella will commemorate the tenth anniversary of a concert attack in Tetro Regio, Turin. It is used to raise funds. I am not the widow who needs a plaque to remember her husband. He is always with us, with the optimistic outlook of the world he gave me and I want to let my daughters know.

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