Pet dog and cat hair can ruin your washing machine. Here’s how to avoid it

One of the most annoying problems for owners of shedding dogs or cats is the constant removal of clothes. Hair, in fact, a little bit, can get stuck to jeopardizing the proper functioning of the washing machine. For this reason, the US Consumer Report Portal has created a short guide with useful tips to avoid this problem. “Removing pet hair from most clothes is definitely a challenge,” Laundry Appliance manufacturer Speed ​​Quinn’s spokesman Randy Radt told. “Once you add water to the equation, it becomes much harder.”

How can they ruin the washing machine

The mixture of water and pet hair is made of glue which sticks to the side of the drum of clothes and washing machine, Drain pump clogging. Wet hair powder can prevent proper drainage, which puts pressure on the plumbing in your home. This is why it is important to reduce the amount of pet hair in bed and clothing before placing it in your laundry washing machine.

Helps brush your pet every day

For clothes, the best way to remove hair is with a lint roller or duct tape. However, where your dog or cat sleeps, pet hair can accumulate, whether it is your bed or theirs. And if your bed is your pet’s bed, its hair can get stuck in the fibers of your sheets, blankets, and clothes.

Here are some tips to clean your bed or pet hair from them.

Your bed

Wear a rubber glove, Moisten it with water and run your hands over the sheets or blankets. The hair will stick to the glove, making it easier to lift and drop the hair.

To remove as much hair as you can, follow these steps:

Before washing, run your clothes or bed in a 10 minute dry cycle without heat. This will loosen the pet hair, which ends up in the lint trap. Keep a sheet for the dryer, This is because any build-up of static electricity can keep the hair tied to the fabric. Then take the clothes out of the dryer by touching them, shake them well to remove the remaining pet hair, then throw them in the washing machine. (Clean the dryer filter after each load And drain the drain every year, or more often if you notice that the dryer takes longer. This can happen if you regularly put your dog’s bed in the dryer).
Add half a cup of white vinegar to the machine wash cycle. Vinegar is a natural softener that helps loosen pet hair.
Clean the washing machine by running the wash cycle without laundry. At the end of the cycle, clean the machine drum with a damp cloth.


Here’s whatAmerican Cleaning Institute To clean a pet bed:

Use a vacuum cleaner, a lint brush Or with special attention to duct tape, corners and around any buttons or quilting to remove as much fur as possible from your pet’s bed.
Remove the bed spread, If possible, and use a stain remover on any dirty or unwanted stains.
Check the label For washing instructions, then load the cover or the whole bed into the washing machine (if it doesn’t fit, the bathtub will be fine). Washing in hot water can help kill any bugs and eggs that may be in the bed. (In most cases, the extra washing cycle of a washing machine works best for washing stubborn pet hair.)
If the bed is suitable, dry it in a dryer. A dryer sheet helps reduce static electricity and removes residual hair. Clean your dryer lint filter half way through the cycle, because the clearer it is, the more hair the filter can capture. If you keep the bed dry, place it in a well-ventilated area to help prevent mold and mildew.
Next, wipe the drum of the washing machine with a damp paper towel to remove any lint.
If you still see lots of hair inside the washing machine, Let the air dry, Then use the soft attachment of the vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining hair.

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