Pinocchio’s friends cartoon appeared at the comic festival

The doll launches a skate, a bridge between Tuscany and California to represent cats and foxes in a spider

Paula Tadeuchi

LUCCA. Pinocchio runs a skate, cats and foxes on a pink spider, and Gepetto has a magical toy. Then there is the Frida doll, a tough and fearless pirate. Here is the world of “Pinocchio and Friends”, a new cartoon that premieres today on the second day of Luca Comics and Games, dedicated to the International Festival of Comics, Games and Animated Films, which is set to be a central historical event until Monday. Lucca immediately on the outskirts.

The appointment with the cartoon – by Rainbow in collaboration with Rai Ragaji – will be at the Central Cinema at 2.30pm where the public will have the opportunity to watch some episodes and meet Rainbow Dance dancers Pinocchio and Frieder Mascot. Sailors. Also present in the room were Luca Milano, director of Rai Ragaji, and Ignatio Strafy, founder and president of Rainbow, an Italian company that has made great strides for children, including “Winx Club”, “Mia and Me” and “44 Cats”. . At the same time, the American preview of the cartoon will be held in Los Angeles, in Little Italy Square in the district of San Pedro, as part of the Ittv, Italian television festival.

The two “squares” will be connected so that the public of San Pedro will also be able to see and greet Pinocchio and his friends. In addition, Straffy will be awarded the Kineo / Ittv Award in recognition of his visionary ability to identify creative projects capable of capturing the attention of a global and diverse market using cartoons-entertainment to advance social messages. ” Basic “

Strafi’s new creation is a fun and original adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s famous Pinocchio, one of the most beloved fairy tales of all time. Colloid’s DNA remains with his classic characters – from hero to gepetto, from talking cricket to cat and from fox to blue fairy – offering them, however, with the addition of a contemporary key and wild frida, inseparable and daring Pinocchio’s friend, to the real pirate-like board. Always ready.

The whole essence of the fairy tale remains, a universal story full of values ​​like friendship, sharing, inclusion and which in this new edition speaks to children in an innovative and thoughtless style, encouraging them to follow their dreams with the whole story. The children of Twist and Turn will thus be able to share Pinocchio’s curiosity and love for adventure, entering a world where technology seems to have taken over, but direct experience makes a great discovery every day. With Frida and Gimini Cricket, the protagonist forms a trio that is always ready for action: no place is too far away for them, no challenge is too difficult. Together they will visit incredible places like the Magic Forest and the sea, meet friends and foes, but always manage to get out of the situation.

And the story created by Collody thus remains a timeless daydream, even if Pinocchio now roams the streets in his skate, the cat and fox fleeing in a pink convertible ship, and Frida knows everything about smartphones and technology.

In the new cartoon, indeed, there is the modern world, but it is still from the magic – especially from Gepetto’s wonderful workshop – that it all begins.

“Pinocchio is one of the most beloved characters in Italian fantasy literature – says Strafy – and to give him a new lease of life I have waited for the right moment to take care of the details and the quality. We are now happy to reveal our contemporary Pinocchio to the world The center addresses in a light and educational cartoon.Families will love to watch this thrilling series on TV and the little ones will find their new hero in their character.

From Monday, November 29, “Pinocchio and Friends” will air on Rai Yo: a total of 26 episodes every twelve minutes. Starting in the international market in 2022, as has already been the case for “44 Cats”, the Rainbow cartoon has been created for pre-school age in Rai Yoyo and for broadcast to more than 150 different broadcasters worldwide. Among other things, “44 Cats” was awarded the Best Animated Program for Children of 2020 as part of the sixth edition of the Content Innovation Award, an initiative of British magazine Tbi that celebrates innovation in the global television industry.

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