Roland Garros, 7 June 2021: A historic day for Italian tennis

2021 is the year of Italy in men’s tennis. For the first time, two Azzurri have finished the season in the top 10. Matteo Beretini, the first Italian to finish three seasons in this elite since the computerized rankings in 1973, finished at No. 7. Number 10, then, is the genius sinner. South Tyrolian is the player who made the biggest jump in the top 10 in the world at the end of 2021 compared to 2020 (an increase of 37 positions). And the youngest in the top 10 at the end of the season after Juan Martin del Potro in 2008.

Lorenzo Musetti, along with Beretini and Sinar, transformed Roland Garros into an awareness tournament, the first Grand Slam since 1962 with three wins in 16 rounds. The scoreboard tells a story of history: three Italians against Fab 3. Beretini against Roger Federer, Museti against Novak Djokovic, Sinar like Rafa Nadal in Paris a year ago. All three challenges are scheduled for Monday, June 7. The day Italy takes center stage in a tournament where the representatives of four Grand Slam countries (Australia, France, Great Britain, USA) are not seen in the second week.

Beretini did not hide a certain satisfaction in being considered “the spiritual guide of our tennis.” Many see me as a stimulant. I want to think that I have a good story, not just tennis, but the story of a boy who believed in it and reached the highest level. ” Arrived. ”After discussing the matter with my team, I decided to retire from Roland Garros today. After two knee surgeries and over a year of rehabilitation it is important that I listen to my body and make sure that I don’t push for recovery very quickly, “said Federer, who set off for his 2021 good. Wimbledon.

That June 6, the turning point in Italian tennis, was basically no turning point for forcing a Federer to extend his personal cahier de Dolence, bending his back and leaving the scene. After Corado Barajutti, Gianni Cuselli, Uberto de Morpargo, Giorgio de Stephanie, Bepe Merlo, Adriano Panatta and Nicola Pietrenzelli, Bertini is thus the eighth blue man to advance at least twice in the slam. This is just the first indication of what will happen with the first historic final for the Italians in the most prestigious tournament in the world, in Paris and then at Wimbledon.

Lorenzo Musetti and Janic Cena remain on the field, against the two legends at the time, who made 37 slam at the time, aged 36. Suffice it to say, the challenge of the top two teens in the world rankings is to shake your wrist. But youth is also a weapon of exploitation, that is, lightness, the responsibility to survive as an opportunity.

In the first slam of his career, Carrino Musetti, ranked 76th in the world on the eve of March, was honored by Roland Garros headfielder Philippe Chatterjee in the eighth final against World No.1. The mission is on the verge of impossibility. Djokovic, the champion who has been at the top of the rankings since 1973, suffered his last defeat at the 2010 Belgrade Tournament. And then he retired Philip Krajinovich. Between that defeat and the match against Musetti, in eleven years he has lost only twice to players his age to rejoin ATP as the “next gen”: Alexander Zaverev and Stefanos Sitcipas in the 2018 final of the International BNL D’Italia 2017 in Canada.

For the two sets, Museti looks really close to repeating their own exploits. Carrino, who has trained several times with Djokovic in Monte Carlo, plays brave and creative without falling into disrespect. And at 19, it’s not easy to be on this side of the border in one of the first great games in a big stadium and especially in the first Grand Slam of the career. At noon he woke up with a dream in his eyes. Musetti 67 67 61 60 Retiring under 40, Djokovic will go on to challenge Beretini. The first quarter-final at Roland Garros, and the first challenge against No. 1 in the Grand Slam, attesting to the Romans’ dignity, were defeated with some regrets but as before they were aware that they were able to play at No. 1 without any sense of obligation to take extra risks. A luggage of trust and safety that led him to the Wimbledon final, again against Djokovic and with the European national football team at Wembley on Sunday on a bus discovered in Rome.

Sinar found Nadal for the third time. The first, Roland Garros in 2020, lost three sets for applause but avoided praise. They trained together for two weeks in Australia during compulsory quarantine in early 2021, then met again in Rome. Young Janick challenged him to try to do what he needed to do to win, and not just to prove that he could be at the level of the Greats. He lost again, probably less clearly but survived worse.

In retaliation in Paris, Cinar looks less immature, even from a physical and muscular point of view, close to the 150 high-level games from which, according to coach Ricardo Piatti, the players begin to be judged. After the first set, Cena is paying for the realization that his real desire to win will remain unsatisfied.

Nadal hit only 8% of the time with his foot on the pitch, compared to an average of 22% in the previous round: a technique he often used with big hitting players, the players have heavy fundamentals from the bottom up. Cena went off the first set, and from there the game effectively ended. But at the same time a great new success story has opened up for Italian tennis.

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