Russia-Ukraine war, Bed’s Odyssey says pet detectives rescue 45 cats from Kharkiv bomb [VIDEO]

The song we all sang when we were kids, “44 cats in a row for three with the other two” could be the soundtrack of the mission. Said Baid In Ukraine: To bring small cats to Italy from a canal Kharkiv Survival of the fittest.

Manzar’s pet detective, famous in Italy, left Italy at once to search for the lost animals of dogs, cats, rats, birds and other species. tir Food, cage loading, Pet carrierleashes and The medicines. And he’s back with 44 cats plus one: L’Moon, a suckling puppy, rescued from the cold and starvation by a jolt.

Let’s go back to a few days ago, when the expert jockey (his other profession at the Milanese San Siro Racecourse) decided to start an expedition to rescue the animals of Ukraine in a very short time. Since the outbreak of the war to the present day, many reports and requests for help have come to Saeed through his social pages known and followers. “I moved immediately. Because a month after the conflict started, much can still be done to save animals that have no food or have been abandoned due to the situation.”

Saeed seeks help from one of his volunteer friends, Sara Brambila Of the association New life Beasono’s and he immediately provided the warehouse for her to put the food aside. While he was there, Saeed kept blankets, pillows, thermal clothing, mobile phone charging devices and other items useful for refugees: the mission wanted to help men and women in distress. Then he turned around Simona Buffoli, Charlie Doug is the camp instructor, who offers him to join his already organized truck for a unique expedition. The result of all the free, voluntary work.

The journey and the journey goes smoothly. Oksana is in a van at the back of the truck, a Ukrainian who may have been working as an interpreter for some time in Bryanja, and is in contact with Olga, the owner of the cat breed, a specimen of the endangered ‘Maine Kun’ species.

Later bombed from Kharkiv Day off Taking refuge in a cellar with the animals, Olga is trying to reach the border between Ukraine and Hungary in a van with 45 cats. Purpose: They find a home in Italy, when she leaves her husband at home. Unfortunately, ten cats in his canal have already died and twelve have been assigned to pathfinders. Travel over thousands of kilometers to reach the Hungarian border.

“When we arrived at the border with Ukraine, I left Oksana there, showed my passport and went across the border to meet Olga,” he said. But once he reaches the breeder, Saeed discovers that he can’t take the cats out of Ukraine. The Some basic documents are missing. In addition, the veterinarian is not there to ensure the health of the fur. It will only come the next day.

“I was really tired and depressed,” he said. He then followed the advice of local volunteers It starts again. This time for the border between Czechoslovakia and Ukraine. From there it’s easy, they explained to him.

The new appointment with Olga is not good for Czechoslovakia. To make a statement in three languages, we need to put microchips on cats that they don’t have. It has to be that Someone certifies that they have been vaccinated. Some things are solvable, others impossible without the presence of a veterinarian.

Said and Olga then settled in the van, turned on the heat and pass Some part of the night with the cat, Warm the car well and then go to sleep a few hours in a nearby refugee camp. But they bring with them L’Moon, a puppy who is now at risk of dying from the cold. She’s really tired.

Early the next morning, the pet detective is already waiting for the vet to do the paperwork. But, while he waited, he brought food for the dogs he saw around him. Some take them and give them to those to whom they also give food. The smallest? Try to hand them over to the refugees lined up to cross the border. So it is certain that they will be handed over to the volunteers. The situation is really serious, day and night: “There were tired mothers with children and adults. And puppies and kittens in shoulder bags. Then I gave them a pet carrier. “

The veterinarian, when he appears and notices the situation, offers Sed to release all the cats in his office to feed and rest them. Meanwhile, the trainer friend and Oksana took steps to unblock the situation and call the Italian embassy.

Finally, when all cats are refreshed, micro-chipped, and vaccinated, it is seen that A document is still missing Transit that certifies the destination. But you can’t stay for a day or two. Scene twist: Veterinarians find bureaucratic clues to get cats out. Little L ‘Moon too. Right now.

Now there are 44 cats and puppies Bergamo Temporary accommodation with their concubine. But for Said Beid it doesn’t end there. He wants to return to Ukraine as soon as possible to help cats in an abandoned shelter in Kiev.

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