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The best animated short film will be one of eight categories from Live TV at the awards ceremony. Oscar 2022. Below we go into the details and you can see the cards of the short films nominated for the 2022 Oscars complete with trailers and wherever possible you can see them.

Art by Joanna Quinn

Village: United Kingdom / Canada

Year: 2021

Film director: Joanna Quinn

Producer: Les Mills, Michael Fukushima

Assembly: Mia Rose Goddard

Music: Benjamin Talbot

Duration (minutes): 16

Beryl, a 59-year-old worker, is obsessed with drawing, and his fixation affects the whole family. In addition to her husband Ifar, Beryl’s model and muse, the whole family is addicted to something: son Colin is a technocrat and sister Beverly is a narcissistic, taxidramist fanatic. Apparently obsession has family DNA.

Joanna Quinn, British director of animation, is a highly regarded and important figure in the world of animation. He is internationally renowned for his unique drawing skills, wonderful characterization and his humor. Joanna’s films and commercials have won numerous awards, including 4 BAFTAs, 3 Emmy and 2 Oscar nominations. He has received honorary scholarships and doctorates from four UK universities, including the Royal College of Art in London, and the International Animation Laureate for 2014.

Beast by Hugo Covarrubias

Village: United Kingdom / Canada

Year: 2021

Film director: Hugo Coverubius

Producer: Tevo Diaz

Photography: Hugo Coverubius

Animation: Hugo Coverubius and Matthias Delgado

Music: Angela Acuna, Camilo Salinas

Duration (minutes): 16

The shortlist for the 2022 Oscars is available here.

Based on true events, “Beast” explores the life of a secret police officer during Chile’s military dictatorship. Her relationship with her dog, her body, her fears and frustrations reveal a tragic rift in her mind and village.

We tried to portray it as a regular relationship with a woman and a dog at the beginning of the film, “Chilean animator and director Hugo Coverrubius told Indiever. “More than a pet and like a mate, their relationship is very symbiotic. In our view we have created a fiction based on real events. We have taken mental pictures of him so that you do not know what is real and what is not. And symbolism is much more indirect than direct. Puppets depicting Ingrid are made of resin because it is lighter and more intact. It looks like a ceramic or porcelain vessel but the concepts are the same in the feeling and brightness of the material. She was a woman who had no expression and we also had to present the various abilities of this person with elements. “

Hugo Covarrubias, (Santiago, 1977) is a stop-motion director and animator. He is the founder of the Maleja Theater Company, a pioneer in the mix of theater and animation, where he co-directed the shows “Maleja” and “An Poco Invisible”. Director of the short films “El Almohaden de Plumas” and “La Noche Boka Ariba”. With Zumbástico Studios, he has directed the series “El Ogro y el Pollo”, “Horacio y los Plasticines” and co-produced and directed the series “Puerto Papel”. He was the art director of the “Gender” series, his third short film “Bestia”.

The protagonist of “Beast” is inspired by police major and DNA agent Ingrid Oldrock during Chile’s military dictatorship, which was responsible for human rights abuses at the time. Stop Motion, created by CoverRubius and Matthias Delgado, is a technique based on the aesthetics of the appearance of porcelain dolls. Similar to ceramic. Meanwhile, the set and decor were made with different opaque cardboard to create the glossy contrast of the resin.

Anton Dyakov’s box ballet

Village: Russia

Year: 2021

Film director: Anton Dyakov

Producer: Alexander Boarski, Sergei Selyanov

Duration (minutes): 15

One day, a fine ballerina named Olia meets Evgeny, a rough and angry boxer. The contrast between their world and their philosophy is so intense that the possibility of crossing their path seems impossible. The contrast between the raw exterior and so clearly the sensual interior, the combination of form with matter, the power of a thing that exists. Influence on others and the very possibility of this effect, all these problems, undoubtedly lead us back to one of the most important philosophical problems – “to be and to be present”.

Dyakov told Deadline that he had worked with an animation team to develop the film’s look: “I thought boxing scenes would be the hardest to animate. But in reality, it turned out that ballet was the most challenging thing because when we started animating dancers – even with perfect references, great recordings – the animators tried to come up with something completely different, and we struggled with it. But in the end we managed to make it happen and I am really happy that it went very well. I never expected that to happen. I never worked for it. That was not my goal. So when I got nominated, my phone wasn’t ready for the amount of attention it was getting. And I’ve heard it all. Everyone congratulated me and everyone asked me how I was feeling. And at first I even answered something, I don’t remember, I was so confused. And now when the time comes [è] In the past, I can only say that I am grateful, and that is probably the only feeling I can get. “

A Robin named Patty (Robin Robin) by Dan Ozari and Mikey Please

Village: United Kingdom

Year: 2021

Film director: Dan Ozari and Mikey please

Producer: Helen Argo and Danny Gallagher

Photography: Dave Alex Reddet

Assembly: Chris Morrell

Music: Ben Please and Beth Porter

Duration (minutes): 16

2022 Oscar nominees are available short Netflix

When his eggs accidentally end up in a landfill, Robin is raised by a loving family of rats. As it grows, its differences become clearer. Robin starts the robbery to end all the robberies to prove to his family that he can be a really good rat, but he finds out who he really is.

“A Robin Named Patty” is a stop-motion animated musical television special created by the animated film production company Ardman Animations. Fleeing chickens, Wallace and Gromit – The Curse of the Wire-Rabbit, Tube down, Pirates! The band of robbers And Shawn, the life of a sheep.

Alberto Milgore Windshield Wiper

Village: United States / Spain

Year: 2021

Film director: Alberto Milgo

Producer: Alberto Milgo, Leo Sanchez

Duration (minutes): 14

The full summary for the 2022 Oscars is available Video at the end of the article.

Inside a bar, while smoking a whole pack of cigarettes, a person asks an ambitious question: “What is love?”. A collection of skits and situations will lead the man to the desired conclusion.

“I was born and raised in Spain. I have lived and worked in London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and now Los Angeles. I ride my bike. Among my projects: Gorillaz, Harry Potter, Beatles Rockband and Cinematic Role, Tron Rebellion, Love Death and Robots… I like animation above all art, because it has every art. I have dedicated my whole life to it, so I am focused on bringing better and smarter animations to a more targeted audience. About two thousand and I made the love of my life: Pinkmnan.TV to manage and design the animation I always wanted to do. I got a Prime Time Emmy (2013) and an Annie (2013) for my work as Disney’s “Tron Rebellion” outstanding production designer. I was the production designer for “Into the Spiderverse” until my relationship with Sony ended, but I was grateful for the time I spent there and for allowing Sony to play as much as I wanted. I wrote, designed and directed: “The Witness” is an animated film part of the brand new and successful Netflix Anthology: Love Death and Robots, produced by Tim Miller and David Fincher. And I’m so proud of that. Witness 3 got fucking Emmy. I can’t be proud of this short film: the best animated short film, the best production design, the best animation. The Witness received the 2019 Anio for Best Art Guide. It was a crazy and lucky nation. ” [Alberto Mielgo]

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