What is the value of a dog’s life?

What is the value of a dog’s life? We mean literally. This is the story of Hannah and little Azir. A story that is theirs and a reflection that everyone has.

Let’s get started. “Even before I had a dog, I had a name,” Hannah Smadars wrote in the magazine Texas Monthly – Aussie, Augustus’s younger, because I fell in the summer Lonely doveAnd I fell in love with the story’s cowboy Augustus McCrae. “

Together with the boyfriend they decide to take an important step, Adopted their first animal. On October 28, 2021, they drive to the San Antonio Canal, where a 10-week-old puppy is waiting for them. “My boyfriend and I spent the last 3 weeks separating the days from our meeting,” says the girl.

Between the couple and the little dog It is love at first sight: “It was smaller than a boot, I know all pet owners say their dog is perfect. But Aggie really was.” Became the center of his world. She feels that joy is growing inside her and she imagines a future with Azir. But fate has other plans and, above all, Texas laws still know how to be conservative, and alas, not just animals.

What is the value of a dog’s life? Spoiler, a little

A few hours after the adoption What they never imagined happened. While Smothers and his fianc are out for a walk, Augie is attacked by a large black dog. Haste proves useless to the veterinarian, The baby died almost immediately. “I don’t remember the hour after it happened. – The girl says – We stunned the vet. Augie’s little toys have all been there since we left them that morning. I stumbled down the stairs and burst into tears. ”

At that point one triggers Solidarity Network, The couple’s neighbors take steps to find the owner of the black dog. Smadars gather troops and call a lawyer: “OhNow that we’ve found the manager, I wanted to know what my options were. ” An aspect of America that was not unknown to Hannah Smuders: In Texas, as well as in most states, Augie’s life didn’t have much value. “According to a 1891 Supreme Court ruling, dogs are considered ‘chattels’ in the state, a term often used to refer to cattle, wives and slaves.” All Smothers can ask for one Compensation for material damage, cost $ 50.

Wounded by the loss and frustrated by the system, the couple moved to Austin, ready to start again. “We had a perfect dog for a day and a half – Smadars concluded – it was probably not very valuable in the eyes of the law, but it was worth everything to us. “

What will happen in the European Union?

Fortunately, the lawsuit does not apply to EU countries. The standard of living of animals is present in most parts of Europe Among the highest in the worldWhether it’s domestic or breeding ones.

As reported by the Animal Equality Italia website, 1999 is a prime date for the protection of animals. For the first time, in Amsterdam Agreement, We refer to them as “sensitive animals”: We acknowledge that animals are capable of feeling feelings and emotions. The ’99 protocol was then incorporated into Art in the 2009 Lisbon Treaty. 13, which defines the functioning of the European Union. Thus, a genuine legal recognition is established, which obliges states to respect the rights and duties towards these sensitive animals.

In February 2022 Italy went one step furtherInsert protection of animals (environment and biodiversity) Two articles of the constitution. “A goal that has been awaited for decades, a dream that will come true,” he declared on the pages. Della is the best in Korea, Michela Vittoria Brambilla, President of the Italian League for the Protection of Animals and the Environment. For Brumbila, there is a need for change between “gaining the constitutional recognition of their protection and making the fight against crime more effective.”

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