Your dog says a lot about you that you don’t know

C.There are many special connections between us and our pets. In particular, your dog says many interesting things about you in the eyes of others.

Your pet kind of a smaller version of you. Not to mention, the Your dog tells about you Much more than you can imagine.
Personality, sociality, habits, your four-legged best friend is able to give others (understood as strangers) a rather precise idea of ​​who you are.

Where it comes from

LawOriginal Your dog seems to say a lot more about you.
If you bought your dog at a pet store, you are probably an emotional person: you may have seen him through the window and decided to go inside to get him.

On the other hand, if your dog is stray, or if you have adopted him into a canal, you are probably a sympathetic person, as well as an emotional one.

Do you tend to be systematic in everything? You can then go to a breeder to choose a purebred dog with a well-defined offspring.

Physical aspects

You know the animation classic 101 Dalmatian? A specific is shown in the opening scene Match Between the owner and the dog, in terms of physical appearance.
Well, your dog says one thing about you, in fact, it could be: We subconsciously look for a dog that resembles us in its body. In this case, it shows personal ego and at the same time, the importance of the presence of this dog in our lives.

A few examples? Her hair Cruella And Dalmatian …
People with irresistible personalities choose unique looking dogs, such as the Afghan Hound, the Chinese Crested or the Commander.

Small dogs such as Chihuahuas or miniature pinsers are common among people living in small apartments and large dogs are less common in urban centers due to the large space they need.

Regardless of their race, physical appearance is directly related to our tastes and society’s perception of their appearance.


Such a guru, such a … animal. There Personality More about your dog says what your mood is, as this is one of the main reasons you choose a pet. Are you curious? Here you will find all the most common associations.

Political ideology

This may be part of what your dog says about youPolitical ideology Or, at least, the point of view of politics. According to psychologist Jonathan Hedt, in fact, the political system will have a relationship between our dog and our thinking.

According to his theory, more liberal people prefer calm and friendly dogs, such as Maltese, if you have a conservative attitude then you can choose loyal pets like Rottweiler and Border Collie.

Issues related to race

There Breed your dog It says about you if you are a person with “ethnic personality” or “mutt personality”.
They are the authors of many books on the expression, behavior of dogs and their interactions with humans by American psychologist Stanley Coren.

Race personality

“In the past, purebred dogs were a symbol of the owner’s social status. Today I will judge people who, as purebred dog owners who like to plan their lives, are projected for the future. The advantage of a purebred dog is that it’s not just his appearance, Its mood, its behavior can also be predicted.

Mars personality

Mongrel personalities, on the other hand, are more casual and optimistic people, as well as generous, as they prefer to take care of a mixed breed dog to save it from canals or other risky situations.

Where he sleeps

Where he sleeps Your dog? This detail of your dog says a lot about you.
If you are a particularly loving person and consider your puppy a family member, you will probably leave him or her free access to all areas of the home, including your bed.

If, on the other hand, you leave it out, always and in any case, perhaps even tied up, you probably consider it an object of property rather than a pet.

How he eats

The last hour Your dog’s food Say something about you For example, do you prepare food for him with your own hands? Perhaps you are a particularly healthy person, both for yourself and for your pet. Or you are a careful consumer of packaged foods and this applies to both.

If you are particularly curious, you can also read specific books on dog nutrition. Of course, those who buy packaged food are not necessarily uninterested in dog health: it simply means that you can easily trust others.


Size This is a factor that predicts the owner’s personality, so that your dog can tell you how you are doing in terms of order and hygiene.
Piki people are more inclined to choose small dogs.

Larger dogs usually require a lot of exercise, so owners of such dogs should choose to do outdoor activities.
Then the macho factor works: the big dog adapts to the male ego much more than any small dog. Stanley Coren says: “People often choose a dog that reflects their own, their body image. Unruly men or those who think they are strong, dominant prefer large dogs, while women and those with different self-portraits prefer smaller dogs. Of course there are exceptions, and how. “

Canine socialization

The Degree of socialization How much you said about your dog and you said about the company. Friendly, playful dogs generally possess the same traits; Suspicious and selective dogs belong to people who are less prone to socializing, selective or just shy in company, who also need reassurance from dogs.

Training and education

Me too ‘Training Tells about your dog (or lack of it) about you. In fact, expert dog psychologist Stanley Coren says: “A weak or untrained dog advises that the owner does not have enough time to sacrifice or has too much sympathy for other people, ignoring the fact that a poorly trained dog is next. Can damage or bother 6.

Be careful, training does not necessarily mean an expensive course, but teaching your pet to behave properly in the interest of education.

A well-trained dog is, in fact, the ideal of an owner who likes to spend time with him and give him attention and care, but it can also mean that you are a strict person and you have a tendency to seek control.

Care and order

There too Take care of your dog Tell yourself how much you care about ordering: Do you often bathe, comb and even buy clothes and accessories for your pet?
The care and appearance of your dog reflects how much emphasis you put on maintaining your personal image. A well-groomed dog is not like a distasteful dog with a knot in their hair and the presence of parasites.

Your dog’s fur type is also an indicator of your personality. If you are a delicate and tidy person then you can choose short haired dog. Or you can choose a long haired dog just to take care of it and often be able to “style” it.

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