50 dogs and cats abandoned under Ukrainian bombardment arrive in Milan, animal rights activists say: hopefuls say yes

Monica, Hannah, Muha, Dasha, Luntik, Rudy, Smurf, Nona, Linda, Nopa, Mimi, Chloe, Luna, Rich, Vita, Cheetah, Lola, Bobo and Eva. The names of 43 dogs and 7 cats taken by the National Animal Protection Agency (NPA) at the Ukrainian border have arrived in Milan after a long and complicated journey. They all have a microchip, a passport and a health book that tells their health history as well as their family and their lives before the war. The NGO, which is part of the NPA with the federation, wrote in a letter to Health Minister Roberto Speranza asking him to “amend the ministry’s note banning stray Ukrainian dogs and cats in Italy, as we know it.” One by one, they were able to rescue the dogs and cats that had been left behind. They then contacted NPA, which organized a rescue mission to bring the dogs to Italy, which was joined by Luciano, a veterinarian from Rovigo, to assist his companions during the voyage. The animals arrived in Milan yesterday afternoon and were hosted by various structures.

“Now they will all follow the health monitoring procedures required by law with relative quarantine and when that is possible we will look for a better adoption for them. We are working on different fronts to contribute to this terrible emergency: from sending concrete aid, to welcoming animals from Ukraine, to working together with organizations.

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