Basketball: Milan returns to the top, Brescia never stops

Rome – Milan have returned to the top with Vertus after losing to Fortitudo Bologna, with Brescia rising to third place with their sixth consecutive win of the season. Two highlights of the eighteenth day of the Basketball Championship at Serie A, a round marked by many returns in the fourth round. Fortitudo and Cremona are in line, paired at ten points, with Versace pushing himself on a sprint over Trento to rise to 12th.

AX Armani Exchange Milan-Fortido Kigili Bologna 74-64

Milan gripped the defense to beat Fortitudo and reclaim Vertus Bologna at the head of the championship, even if the game was on the verge of a 40 ‘balance, Olympia were able to take home the match thanks to its Italians. Which excluded Delaney, Uncle Rodriguez, Grant and Hynes. In addition, in the first quarter, Messina lost to Kell – the tests that will determine the extent of the injuries tomorrow – and Baldaso, Alviti, Meli and Biligha, in addition to the pieces of the competition with Cantile and Detom, an all-Italian quintet with Detom, to prove important.

Bertram Derthona Basket Tortona-UnaHotels Reggio Emilia 93-98

The return day opened with Regio Emilia’s big shot, able to re-emerge from Darthona-14, grabbing the extra with a triple from Stratins and dominating overtime. The hosts dug into the fourth quarter, with Tavernelli’s four-point game leading Tortona to a double figure for the first time, then being extended by Canon with four consecutive points. The return of Reggio, combined with 82 by a Stratins bomb after a delivery from Cincinnati, snatched all the power from Bartram, and Unahotels was able to escape in overtime to stop the conversation with Olyssevius and Thompson.

Openjobmetis Varese-Dolomiti Energia Trentino 90-89

With a partial final of 19-6, Versace achieved a daring success against Trento. The cover man is Marcus Keane, author of the last 5 points of the OpenJobMates match, with a bomb from the corner and Trentino Illusion Saunders with two decisive free throws 1 second from the signed end. L’Aquila throws a game at 71-83 that has virtually already won. Versace recovered it through a skilful performance of a throw-in that gave Kin a momentary +1 triple in the final, thanks to Saunders Flacadori’s illuminated help from the throw-in. To decide the match, Saunders’ own foul on Keane’s triple from a distance: two out of three which is enough and goes on to win the match.

Carpegna ham pesaro-nutribute Treviso 105-108

Treviso, who was reduced to a minimum after overtime at Pesaro, was able to establish himself, inflicting a bloody defeat on Vuel, also due to a mistake in captain Delphino’s decisive possession. Only Chilo, Sokolovsky, Jones, Bortolami, Jurkatam and Imbro are available from Manetti. Treviso escapes early, leading 10 (17-27) at the end of the first quarter, the gap remains firmly in the double figure until Camara and Lamb enter the game: 43-47 Half way race we partially and counter partially advance, Vuelle escapes fourth period Goes and it seems like the right escape but Imbrò from the siren, 10 ”sets 92-92 which is worth the overtime with a great triple. And always Embro, with a basket from a lateral distance, signs the decisive extension, because Delphino, in the last action of the match, instead of looking for a triple of the new draw, goes into the intrusion, throwing a chance to increase further. Match.

Umana Rare Venezia-Germany Brescia 82-93

The sixth consecutive win for Brescia, which ensured his great moment in Talaircio: Venice made its way to the final, with Germany watching a partial, decisive game 29-16 in the final quarter. Coach Magro thanked the usual Della Vale and Mitru Long, the combined author of 50 points. Third consecutive defeats for Venice, which is not enough for Ecodas (24 points and 8 rebounds) and Tonat (19 points). After hooking up to the Final Eight train, Brescia continues to fly: trying for the whole match without rear watts, stops for muscle problems and Serela. In the long run, Rare 9 leads (47-38): the advantage is lost within two minutes and then significant partial damage in the fourth episode.

Dinamo Banco de Sardegna Sassari-Happy Casa Brindisi 102-75

Unlucky debut for Alessandro Gentil with Brindisi shirt: Happy Casa Banco de Sardegna has clearly lost at Sassari and the former national team has had to deal with a minor ankle injury. So much fear but no fruit for the player who returned to Perquette during the match. After a good first quarter at Brindisi, Sassari has raised the level of defense, forcing the visitors to just 14 points in the second half and creating success. Coaches Bucci Robinson, Bendjias, Burnell, McCullough and Logan watched the double digits go. The percentage from the guest arc (6/26) is very bad and the combined 35 points of the two Perkins is not enough.

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