Because it is said to bring bad luck

It is said that misfortune comes when we see a black cat pass in front of us, but are we sure that it really is? In this article we explain the origins of this legend and other curiosities about the world’s most controversial colored felines.

There are those who, when they see that a Black cat He’s crossing the street, he’s changing directions, while other people are looking for cats with dark coats like the night before, so much so that they celebrate them on the occasion of World Cat Day on November 17th. This creature brings bad luck Legend Born in the Middle Ages, but let’s see why it doesn’t really find any basis. Want to know more about cats? Don’t miss this video!

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Black cat features

The Black cat Considered a very elegant animal, although this cat is often in the center Legend And Superstition That purpose put him in a bad light. On the other hand, there are still many people today who are most frightened when they see a cat crossing their path.
To be defined in this way, a black cat must have a single color and uniform hair throughout the body, without any other shade of different color. There are countless species of black cats in nature, but the most well-known (and most appreciated) are Persian catThe Bombay And race British

Cats are predators of very sharp eyesight, in fact they go out at night in search of food: this is why this animal has bright and magnetic yellow eyes. They need to look good in the dark and not miss any prey!
Black cats are healthy, in fact they are much better at preventing infections and diseases than others. Usually they have a sociable, independent, playful and loyal character, but, like all cats, they like freedom.

History of Superstition

The black cat is an animal that traces the origin of the legend back to the date of misfortune Middle-aged, When the men drove off into a completely dark street. Then, the horses were frightened to see the two yellow eyes of a suddenly appearing black cat, and they became enraged and caused an accident, even fatal.

In addition, about 1200, Pope Gregory IX He linked the black cat to witches, which gave birth to ruthless prey against women accused of witchcraft and poor cats. Popular tradition, then, wants them Predict the arrival of pirates, As they boarded their ships and traveled with them to hunt rats on hold. So the idea that the black cat has brought the impending threat.

In countries where black cats are believed To bring misfortune They include, among others, the United States, Spain, and Italy, but not everywhere. In Scotland, Japan and England, For example, it is a symbol of good fortune, so much so that a stay at home is believed to bring prosperity. Inside ChinaConversely, many still believe that black cats are carriers of hunger and poverty, when If Latvia gives birth to black kittens, farmers are expecting a good harvest. The black cat, in short, is one of the undeniable horror images of death in many cultures, but we know that it is a common color of hair.

After all, what is the origin of the legend associated with what this cat bird wants Satan? Probably because the black is associated with mourning and death, while the intense yellow monster in his eyes and something unnatural. Numerous studies have shown that this combination of colors is frightening, in fact psychologists assure us that we are attracted to a white animal. A study published inOpen the Veterinary Science JournalIn fact, it has been shown that black cats, regardless of age, sex or character, are adopted later than everyone else.

When the black cat brings good luck

However, dark cats were not synonymous with the devil in all ages: in ancient Rome, in fact, it was believed that they To bring luck And it was customary to scatter their ashes on the grain when they died; In the ancient EgyptBlack cats and cats were generally worshiped, so many goddesses Bastet She was presented as a beautiful black cat or a woman with a cat’s head.

There are some people who say that dreaming of a black cat is a way of our unconsciousness to reconnect with our animal instincts. If we dream it, then deep down we feel rebellious, independent and brave like this creature. And what about famous children’s songs “I wanted a black cat.”?. These animals have no reason to fear, they are rather tempting and magnetic.


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The story of Edgar Allan Poe’s black cat

The Anglo-Saxon world prefers black cats. Even in recent years there has been a tendency to celebrate Black Cat Day, Or Black Cat World Day. The date is November 17, it wants to celebrate the most abused cats in history and restore its pride. This is a day devoted entirely to these animals, although they often resist dogs, in fact just as sweet.

The image of the black cat, however, occupies a prominent place in literature and cinema, but it is also the author Edgar Allan Poe Which has made the dark cat a reality Symbol of fear And terrorism. Numerous films were made from the story, including director E. Ulmer’s “The Black Cat”, Dario Argento and Romero’s “To Diabetic Eyes” and Lucio Fulsi’s “Black Cat. Black Cat”.

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