CSAIN, Regional Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. The first test is successful

Reggio Calabria – Regina repeats first leg success and takes Granillo Derby home, thanks Folurunsho converted a penalty kick 37 And Gia allowed more to enter Venturi’s comics at the Florunshow than to push Valuccia a little at the Cupis. Cosenza, which again shows the build-up of the game and with defects in defense and midfield, Two can complain for restless sleep. The first of the free kicks Leotti, when the result is still zero to zero, the second with Larivi who presses the ball on the wood with a left-footed shot from the heart of the area. That episode with full recovery will be discussed Kosenza was awarded a penalty kick earlier, After a contact between Laura and Amion, the race director then removes her after reviewing the film at Var.

Traversa, by Leotti Folurunsho scored from the penalty spot

Bisoli stands to remedy disqualification in the match against Lake. In the midst of injury, suspension and last-minute illness, the Rosoblue coach must redesign Cosenza, starting with the module. An attacking team with a 3-4-3 where Larrivey, Caso and Millico form the attacking trident. The first ring, of course, is Regina And comes after less than two minutes of play. The gel extends the fluorescent to the limit. De Chiara kicked the ball just above the crossbar. Cosenza’s answer comes at 10, always with a free kick, a The former Leotti’s great left hit a sensational crossbar Internal, Mocks the ball and bounces out of line. Both parties play openly with the action of both sides. 13 ‘a Indicate an area for Florinshore Which comes on the sphere, but its turn ends wide. Amaranth’s beautiful combination with a vertical ball by De Chiara in the 21st Those who unloaded the post near Kupiszche, Matosevich takes a patch but the action is ruined due to an offside position. Regina tries to take the reins of the game in her own hands, but Kosenza is better off not being crushed in their own half, even though there aren’t many balls to play for the three in front. Race at 37 ‘was released with a suspicious penalty. Var confirms e Falrunsho converted a penalty A strong, angular right. Cosenza at 43 still at risk The one who loses to Cassor is the one who says. Regina goes on that counter-attack Rivas scored with the right to cross. Network canceled for millimeter offside. We go to rest with a Cosenza under adequacy, concluding only once on a set piece and once inattentive to the defense.

Exciting cross larvae, Laura penalty really not

Bisoli changes, La Morta for Milico and Di Pardo for Region, and Valochiao for Voka (his race disappears) after 10 minutes of error and confusion on both sides. Cosenza should be attacked in equal search, but the only action worth noting up to 70 ‘ A dangerous cross in the Caso area For Larivi. Rosoblue struggled to create offensive activity, in the midst of perennial suffering and even in the marshyan error even the simplest passage. For its part, Regina confined herself to closing all the spaces to try to hit the throw-in with Rivas and Florunshore. The chance to draw came at the feet of Larivi after Cassor’s percussion in the 77th minute. After hitting and hitting the goal line, the ball went to the feet of Argentina, who kicked Left from the heart of the area: Ball printed on the crossbar. It looks like there will be a goal in that match, but 90 ‘. After contacting Amion, Laura falls into the area. Gia first points to the penalty spot, then goes on to review the action in the bar and gets his steps back. In practice this is the last action of a bad derby that Regina won by repeating the success of the first leg.


Regina 1914 (30-02-2018): Mickey; Sionek, Amione, de Chiara; Giraudo (61 ′ Stavropoulos), Hetemaj, Cortinovis (61 ′ Bianchi), Crisetig, Kupisz (46 ′ Adjapong); Florunshow, Rivas (64 ′ Galabinov)
Park bench:
Agletti, Adjapong, Franco, Stavropol, Lombardy, Bianchi, Belomo, Ezaki, Diop, Montalto, Galabinov, Tuminilo
Instructor: Roberto Stallone

Cosenza football (30-03-2018): Matosevic; Venturi, Region (46 ‘de Purdo), Camporius; Situm, Kongolo (72 ‘Carraro), Vallocchia (53’ Voca), Liotti (79’Sy); Case, Larivi, Milico (46 ‘Laura)
Park bench: Sarri, C, Haristov, Vaisanen, Di Purdo, Florenzi, Voca, Garbo, Pandolfi, Arioli, Carraro, Laura
Instructor: Danilo Chiodi

Judge: Mr. Antonio Giua from Olbia
Assistant: Mr. Alessandro Cipresa from Lecce and Fabrizio Lombardo from Cinisello Balsamo
IV people
: Mr. Valerio Maranesi from Ciampino
Room VAR: Messrs. Luca Massimi of Termoli and Pietro de Giudici of the Latin Department

Ammonites: Regione (C), Kupisz (R), Caso (C), Di Chiara (R), Vallocchia (C), Adjapong (R), Amione (R), Larrivey (C), Stavropoulos (R), Sy (C)

Angle: 5-4
Recovery: 1 ′ pt – 5 ′ st

Note: Cloudy afternoon in Reggio Calabria with a temperature of about 14 degrees. Granillo’s land in fair condition. Only 6,000 spectators attended, with over a hundred Kosenza fans. Second Danilo Chiodi was absent from the bench due to disqualification from Bisoli

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