Fedez and his illness live

Again, social networks are a scene of intimate and especially subtle expression.

Many VIPs now prefer social channels to communicate with their public, confess with their fans and share their life direction, their health, their family, their preferences.

The end of this long and very long list was FedEx, with an abrupt video message, launched on the web, where recent discoveries prove that he has a serious health problem that will take him a long way. Treatment and recovery.

Just a few days after the confidential message, where, at the time of the consolidation, it was not clear what his health problem was, but unfortunately, it was easy to believe from the used voice and his obvious fear of sharing in the heart (and with the camera) open, an oncological For the “disease”, the rapper told his followers that he had performed a surgery in San Rafael, Milan, to remove a rare neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas, which lasted 6 hours.

In short, not really a walk!

The response from social networks was immediate and, unfortunately, inevitable.

For so much solidarity and closeness to the common man, an indigestible dose was added to the system’s haters who accused Fedez of being a privileged individual who intervened in strict terms, for the money that allowed him. A direct shortcut to the operating room, also to the hospital chosen by the rich, adjectives in every possible way to choose to share this aspect of his life as well.

In fact, FedEx is not the only one who has chosen to do so.

Social media is now an essential part of everyone’s life and for VIPs it remains a window from which to learn and speak about themselves in a spontaneous and “habitual” way.

The red carpet and the naturalness of some of the heroes in the glittering world of entertainment, sports, and music, who speak of themselves with such naturalness, does not come as much of a surprise for the accusation of hiding the heinous earnings behind slander in the words of likes and advertisements. Banners that scroll quickly and almost invisibly for observers and curious followers, as well as for privacy that is needed for certain moments … for the need to remember oneself in pain … for the desire to isolate oneself from the world and concentrate on the goal of war. .. to direct yourself to the Valley of Terrible Discoveries just created and find a new center of gravity …

Then, in reality, when you find yourself immersed in the ups and downs of the news of the outcome that confirms the disease, no one knows how and what relief they want to get … even to share with many cancer patients who are living the tragedy of a painful process. By the way, long and sympathetic to those who are in the same ward, in contact with the same therapy, in the same bed, fighting for life and those who find themselves in FedEx a bit. It’s probably a great thing to normalize a tragedy and get closer to those who live in it.

Of course, social networks are a source of income at a particular level, but the practice of hate, always and in any case, plus in horrible moments of pain, is never acceptable.

During wars where hatred is born and infiltrated, we have seen what it can create, to do so much damage to the mind of a single person and in a catastrophic way to decide the life of a people and the fate of a nation, even for the “end” Setting a date, perhaps in early May, coincides with the abolition of the Nazi regime in the oppressed democratic innocent Ukraine, as well as all the forms of hatred we have identified. In the last century, don’t lead anywhere they actually give birth to misery and suffering.

Social hatred is a sign of the flow of disease, values, principles and feelings in this century … How can you wish for the death of a person because he was richer and more fortunate in his life? Or will he be forced to keep quiet about his life and his illness because he can buy luxury cars and villas?

Sickness, pain, suffering unfortunately does not look at the wallet and FedEx wanted to show it when he opened it and told himself, he was not looking for choices, because there is no chance that cannot be counted or money can be taken in case he turns upside down. Accepted. Fear, despair, uncertainty, confusion, despair, panic for suffering and the same inevitable emotional state for one’s own inevitable fate will happen and will happen to everyone.

VIP or NIP disease comes and always finds someone unprepared!

Like Fedez, Viali and Mihazlovich (who fights the risk of re-infection), Bariko (official thanks for a bone marrow transplant just a few weeks ago for donating his genetically compatible sister), Nadia Tofa (who took part in the fight with him) in public, though on camera Leaving us after always showing herself to be positive and combative), Elena Santarelli (tortured and hated by Storm’s eyes and her son’s terrible illness), decided to describe this episode of her life, the results of which are still beginning, perhaps at the beginning of a therapeutic path. … I also imagine the dilemma of whether or not to share with a partner, whether to say or not to say, to talk or not to say and then perhaps the ease that characterizes them in terms of using their medium and engaging in the world of selfies and stories, including They are masters of the world, in world panorama, with great ideas from Ferguson.

Of course, with her thousands of tattoos there was a bit of arrogance with the image of the long scar in the middle of the abdomen … there this choice might have weighed a little more on me but they are samples of pictures and shares so it falls into their contact form strings which at the same time become life choices. Got up

Here it is not a question of showing a designer slip or an expensive bag, but a question of fragility, a weakness, a fall-sharing, for which I find it really hard to criticize a choice that I would define as humanity … formless, beautiful and Very famous …

The real inhumans are those who hide behind innocent keyboards, turning their words into a very dangerous weapon to arouse hatred and disgust for the slightest reason!

Moreover, in the context of Fedez, we find with sadness the fear of reconsideration of Sinisa Mihazolic who bravely won her battle against leukemia and has now retired again to fight the second round and she too has chosen the press conference. The catharsis of the self is essential to be ready to fight in the face of words and evil in order to inform everyone and oneself as well.

A catharsis that FedEx probably felt the need to reveal to everyone a painful part of themselves …

The inhumanity and cruelty of the keyboard lion, which should rightly be disqualified from the keyboard “inhuman”, (because lions are still proud, arrogant and gain all-round king of forest and animals, honor and power, for charisma and nature) qualification, therefore, all these cowards For the very royal ones wish death and misery for those who can only look luckier than them.

In reality, discourse is much more complex, sociological, communicative, social, because it has the responsibility to distort some of the realities of social networks, to obscure them, and to promote a certain itineraries that conflict with freedom of expression. Must be both through creating beautiful photos and a beautiful image.

The problem remains the great regulatory vacuum, the lack of a legal discipline that is effective in hitting and taking these anonymous bastards because words, accusations, threats, verbal violence remain criminal in all cases, punishable by law, for which no argument can be found. Extremely democratic “freedom of thought” that we still belong to, this difficult landscape where we now live, in the name of which indefatigable and impeccable critics swear from PCs or smartphones and, perhaps, if any of these many villains are “free on foot” If done, he will be careful not to repeat the criminals!

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