How to behave when meeting a sheep dog

Summer 2021 is coming to an end and Italian cities will be remembered for their rediscovery. Many have gone abroad, but the number of those who have traveled to our country is not less. Besides the sea, it has not lost its charm there Mountain With the inevitable Travel In the green

Walking in the forest can be noticed from a distance Shepherds with their shepherds, Lasting transhumans from spring to September. This ancient practice is fascinating, but it requires a lot of experience from shepherds who in some cases find themselves in the face of unforeseen events.

For example, the population has increased in recent years The wolf Is calculated asISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), according to which the species has reached different areas of the boot. The presence of wolves contributes Restore balance In order not to disturb the ecosystem and this coexistence, only in summer, they move away with the shepherds. Dogs Those who protect goats and sheep.

These species have a natural ability to protect the things bestowed upon them, and it is not uncommon for hikers to override them. There are some Behavior Which should be followed when meeting sheep dogs.

Decide in advance which path to take

When you decide to go hiking or mountain biking, it is best to go out before going out Activities In advance Path Travel, so as to avoid crossing the designated places for grazing flocks.

Never pass by a sail

In general, you should always have one when hiking Attitude of prudence And be wary of possible sounds to identify where the flock is and change direction in a timely manner and in accordance with the shepherd’s activity.

In fact, as soon as you leave, It is not necessary to cross the sail Not to scare the animals. The shepherd’s job is to protect the sheep and goats, and when he senses danger, he barks at them.

Keep calm

Sometimes, even if all precautions are taken, the shepherd dog, which he considers to be his territory, may attack and find himself in front of the four legs that act to protect the flock, without the possibility of being found. Change direction.

This is important if you find yourself in this situation Keep calm Because dogs are able to understand movement, which is interpreted as aggression and not fear.

Do not move suddenly or run away

When we have a sheep dog in front of us, besides staying calm, No. You must Make a sudden movementStart throwing stones or running. If you run away, it will look like a prey that will instinctively chase you.

The best thing is Don’t look at it Because it could explain this attitude as a challenge.

Go back slowly

Shepherd dogs must be warned that anyone walking is not a threat to the flock, and even moving a few tens of meters away may be enough to clear that there is no danger.

It is important Come back slowlyDo not turn your face towards the dog until you are far enough away from the flock of sheep or goats.

If the gods are present Children, They should not be lifted or lifted, as they may be considered victims. Always keep calm, you have to stand in front of them and wait for the four legs to calm down. At this point you can start walking again, go around the sail and take care not to cross it.

If you go inside Bicycle, It is necessary to slowly get off the two wheels and move away from the dog area carrying the bicycle by hand. Once you have gone far enough, it is possible to continue the journey, also in this case without going to or crossing the sail.

Do not bring a pet dog with you

Usually when you decide to hike pastures, it is best not to bring pets. In case you decide to bring a pet, it is better not to leave it free, but Put him on a shirt.

If you are in front of a sheep dog, you must always have a calm attitude and perform Slow and measured gestures. For this reason, never pick up the pet, as it will become prey in the eyes of the shepherd dog.

Only one job Standing in front of a pet dog And calm both animals. Once you realize that the four-legged dog and the owner do not represent any danger and do not want to attack the flock, always have a rib with the dog, you must gradually move away from the offshore.

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