More frequent pathologies in dogs

Kelpie Shepdog’s Disease, a breed that originated in Australia A Border Collie and an Australian dingo.

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Before describing the major pathologies whose breed may be prey, it is necessary to make a brief summary of the origins and characteristics of this dog.

Then, We are going to understand what are the diseases of kelpie sheep dog.

In fact, in this article we will try to give you all the useful information, Take care of your dog’s health.

Kelpie Aries Dog Disease

Kelpie Aries DogAs we mentioned, A breed from Australia.

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This dog was bred by English settlers who settled on the continent in the last century.

About it A perfect breed for the leading flockSince it has a lively and resilient nature, But it is also suitable for family life, Because of his incredible attachment to his master.

This is a medium sized dog, With a height of 46-51 cm And weighs 14-21 kg.

Equipped with a medium short hair, straight and very resistant to all weather conditions.

The hair on the head and limbs is short, and the back of the neck and thighs are long..

The color of the coat is from black to maroon Until you can get a beautiful one Ash blue

The Kelpie Shepherd dog, as we said, has a coat that allows it to withstand very low temperatures and if well cared for. Its average lifespan can be 12-14 years.

In general, And A breed with good patience Physics And a healthy and strong constitution. In fact, it is not a predisposition to congenital pathologies.

AnywayLike all other varieties Dogs can be victims of common diseases. Below you will find the most frequent diseases of dogs.


Leishmaniasis is a contagious and contagious disease Caused by the parasite Leishmania infantum transmitted by the bite of small insects.

It is a chronic, especially serious disease that causes progressive damage to the dog. That’s why you have to check.


Leptospirosis is a deadly dog ​​disease caused by a bacteriumLeptospirosi interrogans but a severe zoonosis.

It is spread through direct contact with infected urine but also through indirectly contaminated water, soil, food and litter. Serious Ask your veterinarian Annual vaccination.


Dog rabies is a highly contagious diseaseIs transmitted through a wound, usually the bite of an already infected animal and It can also be transmitted to humans.

It involves the nervous system and salivary glands. Expanding, this is the basic practice of our dog subject Rabies vaccine


Giardiasis is caused by a parasite Which is mainly spread through the feces of contaminated animals.

It is very common in dogs But also among cats And it can be transmitted to humans.

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Other diseases

Other common diseases For all dog breeds, they can be:

  • Allergies: They can be of different sources;
  • Constipation: Usually caused by dehydration, inadequate fiber intake, hair or foreign body intake, aging, tumors, trauma or fractures, spinal diseases, nerve-based large bowel disorders, metabolic or endocrine disorders, weakness, poor physical activity;
  • Diarrhea in dogs: Infections can be caused by internal parasites, stress, dietary changes, inappropriate foods such as leftover or excessive snacks, spoiled food and other organ dysfunction.
  • Boils: It is an infection that occurs when a dog has a deep wound on its body;
  • Conjunctivitis: It is about inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes;
  • Mycosis: It is a disease caused by a fungus;
  • Ear Infections: It is an inflammation of the epithelium that covers the ear canal of the orifice;
  • Periodontitis: A disease of the dog’s mouth.

All of these diseases listed above are common in dogs But rarely is Kelpie a sheepdog victim.

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